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"Doctors PI Program"


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This Program has already helped doctors get 70,000+ PI referrals
There is no city too large or community too small for success

Cost: $199 per month plus $225 set-up fee
Quit at anytime for any reason, NO contract!


Attract new personal injury patients...EASILY

Proven nationally & effective since 1989
  1. Step-by-Step Program on how to get lawyers to run after you
  2. 33 years of experience that certifies marketing, dinners and  advertisements are a waste of your money
  3. We give you letters of protection, liens and other legal instruments to ensure  payment
  4. Get MD specialists to refer to you
  5. Lien negotiation program
  6. The latest medical research continually given to you in "lawyer friendly " formats
  7. How to use your own patients as leverage with lawyers to get new cases
  8. MRI Training
  9. Narrative Report training that was crafted by 100,000 lawyers
  10. Diagnosis/coding training
  11. Audits performed on your documentation
  12. We give you SOAP note templates that have been used in 100,000+ patients successfully
  13. Online CV builder included
  14. Online Directory included
  15. Staff training
  16. Communication systems and forms
  17. 24/7 spine specialist on call for consultations
  18. Learn how to use your credentials and clinical excellence to get referrals
  19. Unlimited telephone support
  20. Detailed "how to manual" updated daily (700+ sections)..simple to follow
  21. Complete program to get lawyers to run after you

Why this program works and although copied, cannot be duplicated: changes weekly.  

The core of this program was developed through Dr. Studin presenting nationally to 100,000+ lawyers, both plaintiff and defense who have shared the needs of the courts during those presentations. Dr. Studin continues to formally present to lawyer groups and updates this program daily/weekly. Therefore, he is exposed to the "ever changing" needs of the courts and it is those needs that drives the success of any doctor in the personal injury environment. Without that direct input, it is simply how a doctor, or group of doctors or business  people interprets the needs of courts and lawyers, which cannot be the foundation for success in the personal injury marketplace.

You Do Not Get:
  1. Advertising Pieces
  2. Marketing Pieces
  3. Technology to "Bust" the insurance company computers
  4. Techniques to get lawyers to fancy dinners and ball games
  5. Insight into the insurance industry to teach lawyers
  6. Ideas and techniques from doctors who have been successful in their own practices or learn from colleagues (I call that "failure through inbreeding.")

All of the above are "Smoke and Mirrors" and the surest way to destroy your practice over time


Credentials: Read the CV of the doctor teaching the program by clicking here

Formal credentials dictate your long-term results

First...after reading this section, please go to the toolbar on the top left and click on "About Us." I urge you to scroll to the bottom and read my CV. I have spent a lifetime understanding the medical-legal arena and fighting for chiropractic and your right to succeed. Unless a consultant or self proclaimed "guru" has the knowledge base, experience and diverse resources at their disposal, they are nothing more than "smoke and mirrors" potentially leaving you with a legal mess by offering poor advice.

However, although I have been successful at personal injury for 32 years, I am not that smart...really! No chiropractor is, no matter the rhetoric or advertised claims. I travel the nation having already lectured to 70,000+ personal injury lawyers from coast to coast and have learned from them what the standards of the courts are. I continue to travel the country lecturing and learning from the lawyers as those standards literally change from day to day and year to year based upon court rulings. It is those rulings that drive this program to be updated and/or changed on a daily or weekly basis as success in personal injury is predicated upon meeting the needs of the courts through admissible documentation and staying ahead of those changes. It is your awareness and ability to adapt to those "ever changing standards" that will cause the lawyers to continually work with you provided you have the requisite clinical knowledge and admissible credentials. 

What happens in California today, will eventually effect Arkansas, New Jersey, Maine, etc... next month or next year because we all deal with the same legal tactics of the carriers nationwide. You have to be ahead of the changes to stay competitive for the lifetime of your practice. This program is not a "get rich quick" program. If that is what you are looking for, please call me and I will give you the phone numbers of many of those programs who charge high fees, because they know the relationship will be "short lived." This is also the reason that our business plan allows you to quit any time you want.

This is a month-to-month program, but our average doctor stays approximately 4 years because they want to stay current with the changes in the industry. Therefore, my success depends upon your perpetual success. 

The #1 Question: If you do not advertise, market, take lawyers out to dinners and ball games, you do not send newsletters or fliers, then how are you going to get the referral? 

THE ANSWER: Listen to the audio above and then call me...I will tell you our business secrets because it will not work with you if you have not properly set up your infrastructure. 

Never ask for a PI referral won’t need to


                                     What's New?  

The Critical Component of PI Success

The only constant in the Lawyers PI Program is it NEVER stays the same. The courts change, we change. We market test new ideas, products and services for you to deliver...and we bring them to you sometimes multiple times per month. 

Megatrends by John Naisbitt in 1982: This is the name of a book written many years ago and was a glimpse into the future of business, life and how we should prepare ourselves to function to ensure success and happiness. Much of what was in that book came to reality and those that prepared for the future succeeded. Those that didn't spent most of their time trying to catching up. 

This program and your affiliation with us gives you that edge. Because we currently have clients in 43 different states and lecture to lawyers in 23 different states, I get to see what is happening and what the trends are in the chiropractic and personal injury-legal professions, court rulings, legislation and insurance tactics. Although I don't claim to see everything going on, I see enough to see where the industry is "trending" and can make recommendations so that you are prepared for success in the near and distant future. This holds true not just for your personal injury practice, but your entire professional career. 

I laugh when I see most of my competitor's make recommendations because they feed into what people believe to hold true that works. As a result, they are making recommendations that were successful 5, 10 or 20 years ago, but the "death knell" of a practice today. If you do not keep up with the changes, you are destined to a lifetime of mediocrity and that is unacceptable to me. Unless you are in the courts nationally learning today's standards, you cannot see where we need to go as a profession. That is the foundation for a successful personal injury practice.   


The following testimonials have been written by doctors nationwide. Whether you join our program or not, by simply reading through all of these, you will learn more about personal injury or No-Fault than most doctors know in a lifetime of their careers.

NOT REALLY...There are no just haven't figured it out yet!

Here is the "not really" secret of why so many can’t create a PI practice, while so few can. If you want to grow your practice and remove the frustration of being "stuck," please sit back and take a moment to read. 

     I have been a practicing chiropractor for 32 years and have owned and managed many practices in many different disciplines of healthcare. As a result, I have learned the secrets of success in healthcare. The truth is there are no real secrets, only formulas for success and conversely, formulas for failure. I offer, at a very fair fee, to teach you how to grow your practice, not just during our relationship, but for the lifetime of your career as a chiropractor. I share the same success principles with this program that I suggest you, the chiropractor, and any doctor does with the lawyers; have your work be admissible and be the “best-of-the-best” through clinical excellence. You shall win if you have the right programs and protocols in place.

     Now, for a very big secret...Even if you have $10,000's to spend on a regular basis in personal injury, marketing, newsletters, advertising and fancy steak dinners, they do not work as they are a failed paradigm. If they worked, everyone who ran an advertisement or took a lawyer out for drinks and an expensive dinner would have a huge PI practice and very few do. Marketing and advertising will drive a few patients into your practice from the lawyer, but once the lawyer sees your work, that usually means you are a one-and-done. They send you 1 patient and are done with you…forever!

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     For success in practice, it takes more than marketing. The biggest problem is that you will get the referral; remember, it is always easy to get 1-2 referrals. It's what you do with the referral that will determine your future success in personal injury. In order for the chiropractor, or any doctor, to be successful in personal injury, there must be 2 components involved, admissibility and clinical excellence. Your work needs to be in the correct format for the courts to accept it into evidence so the lawyer can use it in his case and you need to be the best clinically. Clinical excellence in personal injury has nothing to do with the chiropractor’s ability to get a patient well through adjusting or any modality you use. That is the given and the lawyer expects you to help the patient.

     Clinical excellence is about being a true specialist in disc pathology, spine pathology, neuropathology, crash dynamics, triaging the injuries, MRI spine interpretation, and the doctor needs to have formal credentials. The lawyer has many choices for referrals and your competition is not other chiropractors, it's orthopedists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, etc. The chiropractor has to have the knowledge base and the credentials through formal education; that is admissibility. The chiropractor has one very big advantage over those other disciplines; they all see the patient once or twice, yet the chiropractor treats the patient 3 times a week for many weeks and understands the continuity of care.

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     Should you, the chiropractor, be that clinically excellent doctor, have your work in an admissible format and understand from a first-hand perspective the continuity of care, you win. All that is missing is a system to get the lawyer to run after you because the second you ask for a referral, you lose. Every other doctor in the community is begging for referrals, unsuccessfully. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect different results…You will lose, too. You need to get the lawyers to run after you.

     The most important part of our relationship will be consultations that are included in the monthly fee. These consultations (over 600 individual lessons and growing, are in a cookbook format that will guide you) will teach you how to speak the language of the lawyers, how to create that paradigm shift so they run after you and when you get a referral, you will know how to triage and care for the patient. I will also share with you many strategies in other areas of your practice from internal and external practice growth ideas to increasing your profitability. If you follow our protocols, your practice will increase in income per patient, not that I will show you extravagant billing strategies, but if you do personal injury or any financial class and document properly using accurate coding and backing it up, you will get paid.

     In addition, I will constantly share with you what’s going on in the profession to help prevent you from being exposed to retrospective reviews by the insurance industry. I have clients nationally that communicate with me regularly. I share information with my active clients, usually on a daily basis, so you have the information 6-8 weeks before you read about it in the professional journals, with suggestions in how to avoid problems. You get to stay on the cutting edge and be 1 step ahead of the majority of the profession.

    The truth is, we do not market lawyers at all and neither will you because it doesn’t work. Through market research we know there is a much more effective way of gaining the legal community's confidence and trust. It involves getting them to consider you, the chiropractor, and getting the referral over the medical specialist without asking. I want to make sure you heard that…Get the referral WITHOUT asking; they have to run after you and we will share with you that formula. It’s very easy. 

    Lastly, you get me...a coach to call when you need me, on any practice or clinical issue, and that is included in the monthly fee. It's not that I am smarter than other consultants or coaches or even you; it's just that I have been there personally, building my primary practice of 650 visits per week while also owning 3 other practices, consulting medical doctors, hospitals, dentists and imaging centers on reimbursement strategies and having made more mistakes than most. The end result, I have learned my lessons well and I want you to win by sharing the solutions with you. 

     In addition, I have spent time over the last decade learning how to interpret most diagnostic tests that are involved in spinal related trauma, so you get to confer with me, link up via computer and review films and seek advice on treatment strategies. This is all part of the program. Also, you get me not just to convince you to sign up as a client and then “farm you out” to another less experienced consultant. You get me and my 30 years of experience and no one else. Even if you choose not to join the Lawyers PI Program, I still welcome your phone call if you need help because I love doing this stuff…because it’s fun!

     Below is a link to join if you choose to and all of the obligatory testimonials and inflammatory stuff that I am supposed to use. The one thing that I urge you to do that will completely explain the program is to listen to the the audio at the top of the page, even if you do not join the program. It will give you the reasons why lawyers will work with you. Please take the few minutes; it can change your career by giving you answers as to why. 


Cost: $199 per month plus $225 set-up fee 

What is the Doctors Personal Injury Program?

The Doctors Personal Injury Program explained, from building and infrastructure to personal injury marketing (PI Marketing) to "responsible type" Colossus reporting to the courtroom. Read and Win!


Why this program works and cannot be duplicated: changes weekly.

Personal injury marketing (PI Marketing) is not based on the success of the marketing. Personal injury marketing is what you do after you have created an admissible infrastructure. Read and Win!

National Trends dictate success in personal injury: The Critical Component of PI Success

Success in personal injury, along with success in personal injury marketing (PI Marketing) largly depends upon how the medical-legal community is trending. Those trends are directly related to the courts in all 50 states. Read and Win!



The marketing program is designed for personal injuyr marketing, MD referral marketiun and marketing your pateints and the community for referrls. It is powerful and unique in the industry. Read and Win!


The following testimonials have been written by doctors nationwide. Whether you join our program or not, by simply reading through all of these, you will learn more about personal injury, personal injury marketing (PI Marketing) or No-Fault than most doctors know in a lifetime of their careers.

Click Here to view the testimonials

"THE SECRET" of why this program works so well

What are our secrets? Why does personal injury marketing (PI Marketing) work, or not? when does personal injury marketing work? Why have the doctors in the program gotten well over 100,000 referrals directly from lawyers without ever asking for the referral? Read and Win!