Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Doctors PI Program?

A program to get personal injury cases because of your clinical excellence. The program is engineered to sustain your success for a lifetime and have the referral sources run after you because you are the solution. The program also expands your referral sources to lawyers, MD Specialists, MD Primary Care, Urgent care Centers and Emergency rooms.

Why is this program unique?

Personal injury success is not based on the success of marketing. The personal injury marketplace changes every time a court renders a new decision and/or the carriers take a different tactic in how they attempt to limit payment. This program is updated almost daily and keeps you ahead of those changes. No one in the industry keeps you up to date on changes as we do.


What dictates success in personal injury? 

Success in personal injury, along with success in personal injury marketing (PI Marketing) largely depends upon how the medical-legal community is trending. As we have clients in 47 states and Dr. Studin has lectured to over 250,000 lawyers in 33 states with no presentations every month, we are able to continually see "future trends" and prepare for


Is this a marketing program? 

No & Yes. Although marketing is not what creates your success in personal injury, it is how to help expand your practice base once you have created an admissible infrastructure along with the requisite credentials ad knowledge. Our marketing programs are simply the best in the nation for personal injury and are centered on your clinical excellence.

What is the cost of the program? 

The fee is $199 monthly with a 1-time set up fee of $225. If you have a mature practice, there are no other fees other than post-doctoral courses if you need the knowledge and credentials. 

Is there a length of stay requirement in the contract?

No, this is a month to month program. If you do not feel this program is for you, quit at any time with no risk. However, our average client says with us for over 9 years because they want to!


How long does it take to start getting new cases?

It takes on the average about 10-12 weeks to build your infrastructure. New cases usually start at that point.


Do you market my practice for me?

No...and you do not want us to. We teach you how to get the referral sources running after you. This way, should you ever terminate our relationship, your referrals never stop for the balance of your career.


How much time do I need to invest to make this work?

We have designed the program to take 15 minutes a day for 10-12 weeks to build your infrastructure.


How do I get help if needed?

Simply call us. We are available 7 days a week, and you can call as often as need.


Is there a set appointment time to call weekly?

No...that is counterproductive and counterintuitive. If you call every Monday at 3pm, what if you have a question on another day? Call anytime and as often as you need when you need an answer. Real-Time works.

How is my clinical excellence going to get me new cases if I am not going to market?

We have numerous “clearly outlined programs” on how to get your referral sources to run after you. The day you run after them…You lose! We are going to use a combination of programs that have been market tested and are all reproducible.


What if I need clinical help?

Included in the program is a spine specialist to help on any clinical issues. In essence, you have a clinical consultant to call anytime, inclusive of reviewing MRI’s with you.


Do I sign up with an experienced doctor only to have a consultant assigned to me who is less experience?

No, you will be working exclusively with Dr. Studin who is a 38+ year practitioner.


Can I be successful in personal injury if I do not have a CV or narrative?

Although those are tools that are required, part of our job is to teach you how to create those tools and guide you through the process. The process is much easier than neuro-anatomy, and we all got through that!


Do I have to pay anything in addition to the $199 once i get started? 

The only additional costs you could incur is if you need to take coursework to get formal credentials. Our post-doctoral courses are not included in the program. However, if you have a mature practice (HIPAA forms, evaluation templates, SOAP notes, etc...), you shouldn’t need to purchase anything else.


Is the Colossus training included in the $199?

Yes. We teach you the entire Colossus protocols and how to implement them into both your reporting and then how to communicate that with the legal community. 

Do I need to buy any expensive equipment?

The most expensive piece of equipment required is a 2-piece inclinometer. A hand-held one is the minimum requirement and should be in every office as a doctor's essential tool regardless of personal injury.


What if I have multiple doctors in my office? 

The cost is the same, and each additional doctor is charged a 1-time $75 credentialing fee.

Is there a help desk? 

Yes, we have a full-time program coordinators and an entire support team for any technical issues.

Is the program hard to follow once I get started?

That is the easiest part. Once you start, you get a playbook that guides you "step-by-step." You also get complete written instructions on how to proceed at the beginning as well as verbal instructions to support the process. And as always, you can call to clear up any lingering issues.


Are there any compliance reviews involved? 

Yes, the very first thing you do, once you get started is to send us a copy of your records and we do a compliance review.

How often in the program updated?

The core of the success of this program is that it updated almost daily. Most personal injury programs "tweak" their program as new research becomes available. Although we do that, the real changes are necessitated by the courts who dictate what constitutes success in personal injury. Dr. Studin is continually in front of both plaintiff and defense lawyers where he learns the significant rulings in the courts, which then mandates how we change to meet the most current standards in the nation. Anything less puts you behind the curve and becomes nothing more than practicing with yesterday's paradigm and will eventually "derail your success." This program is designed to ensure your success for the balance of your career.