Pathway to Success


Lawyers PI Program


This program teaches you how to get referral sources to run after you. Lawyers, MD PCPs, MD Specialists, ERs and Urgent Care Centers. It is a comprehensive program that costs $199 monthly with no contract; Quit Anytime. 


Primary Spine Care 14 


Our most advanced information covers the "Accelerator Program" that has become the standard for referrals nationwide. PSC 14 also covers making documentation very easy, ensuring 100% reimbursement and how to avoid audits and lawsuits. It is May 6th and 7th - Live Online, with 15 CE Credits and 8 CV Citations. Get the information months before your competition. 



The industry's most advanced X-Ray digitizing system allows you to demonstratively diagnose and anlayze spinal biomechanical lesions and create pro-rata impairment levels. This technology also automates pre-existing disc pathology to allows the doctor to age-date injuries. 


Academics - Academy of Chiropractic's Online University

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Perhaps the "highest level" of courses in the profession is housed under "one roof." Most of our courses are approved in every state that allows online academics. Each course has a specific purpose, depending on your career focus. 


Qualification Programs

Trauma Qualification  - TAP HERE

MRI Qualification - TAP HERE

Hospital Qualification - TAP HERE

Primary Spine Care Qualification -  TAP HERE

Evaluation and Management Qualification - TAP HERE

Expert Witness and Documentation - TAP HERE



Mini-Fellowship in Neuroradiology MRI Spine - TAP HERE

Mini-Fellowship in MSK Extremities - TAP HERE


Fellowship in Primary Spine Care


Perhaps the highest academic honor in our industry. The Fellowship is certified in joint Providership with the State University of New York at Buffalo, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Office of Continuing Medical Education and Cleveland University Kansas City, College of Chiropractic. It is a 2-year program that will open almost every door based on your credentials and clinical excellence.