Why this program works and although copied, cannot be duplicated:
Because...it changes weekly.

The core of this program was developed through Dr. Studin presenting nationally to 100,000+ lawyers, both plaintiff and defense who have shared the needs of the courts during those presentations. Dr. Studin continues to formally present to lawyer groups and updates this program daily/weekly. Therefore, he is exposed to the "ever changing" needs of the courts and it is those needs that drives the success of any doctor in the personal injury environment. Without that direct input, it is simply how a doctor, or group of doctors or business people interprets the needs of courts and lawyers, which cannot be the foundation for success in the personal injury marketplace.

The following are a waste of time and money UNLESS you are fist positioned properly:

  1. Advertising Pieces
  2. Marketing Pieces
  3. Techniques to get lawyers to join you with fancy dinners and ball games
  4. Insight into the insurance industry to teach lawyers
  5. Responsible "Colossus type" reports
  6. Ideas and techniques from doctors who have been successful in their own practices or learn from colleagues (I call that "failure through inbreeding.")

All of the above are "Smoke and Mirrors" and the surest way to destroy your practice over time UNLESS you are positioned properly.


Credentials: Read the CV of the doctor teaching the program by clicking here

Formal credentials dictate your long-term results. Both you and the person teaching you must be credentialed to be ultimately successful in personal injury as a rule. Practice experience isn't enough and if your "coach" does not have the requisite credentials, it often equates to you holding the proverbial "bag" because the coach is long gone when issues need to be unraveled.

First...after reading this section, please go to the toolbar on the top left and click on "About Us." I urge you to scroll to the bottom and read my CV. I have spent a lifetime understanding the medical-legal arena and fighting for chiropractic and your right to succeed. Unless a consultant or self proclaimed "guru" has the knowledge base, experience and diverse resources at their disposal, they are nothing more than "smoke and mirrors" and potentially leaving you with a legal mess by offering poor advice as articulated previously.

However, although I have been successful at personal injury for 33+ years, I am not that smart...really! No chiropractor is, no matter the rhetoric or advertised claims. I travel the nation having already lectured to 100,000+ personal injury lawyers, trial lawyer associations, bench bars and every other legal forum from coast to coast and have learned from legal community what the standards of the courts are. I continue to travel the country lecturing and learning from the lawyers as those standards literally change from day to day and year to year based upon court rulings. It is those rulings that drive this program to be updated and/or changed on a daily or weekly basis as success in personal injury is predicated upon meeting the needs of the courts through admissible documentation and staying ahead of those changes. It is your awareness and ability to adapt to those "ever changing standards" that will cause the lawyers to continually work with you provided you have the requisite clinical knowledge and admissible credentials.

What happens in California today, will eventually effect Arkansas, New Jersey, Maine, etc... next month or next year because we all deal with the same legal tactics of the carriers nationwide. You have to be ahead of the changes to stay competitive for the lifetime of your practice. This program is not a "get rich quick" program. If that is what you are looking for, please call me and I will give you the phone numbers of many of those programs who charge high fees, because they know the relationship will be "short lived." This is also the reason that our business plan allows you to quit any time you want.
In addition, I have studied the carriers tactics and the Colossus (and 80+ other similar insurance programs) standards. If you document and report responsibly and accurately, you will have met every one of those standards, without having to focus on "busting" an insurance company's algorithm. Simply report accurately and completely and you will have met the needs of your patients. We will help train you to ensure that your reporting is accurate and complete.

This is a month-to-month program, but our average doctor stays approximately 6 years because they want to stay current with the changes in the industry. Therefore, my success depends upon your perpetual success.


ANSWER: There are no secrets. Listen to the audios on the home page and then call me if you need more. I will tell you our business secrets because it will not work with you if you have not properly set up your infrastructure.

Never ask for a PI referral again...you won’t need to