The Academy of Chiropractic

Is an organization dedicated to the expansion and vision of chiropractic graduate education worldwide working to attain the goal of 95% of the public accessing chiropractic care as clinically indicated. Its clinical director, 

Mark Edward Studin (born January 20, 1956) is an American chiropractor, educator, consultant, and business owner. He is the co-founder of the Academy of Chiropractic and its Online university, the US Chiropractic Directory and its research portal and consults doctors worldwide on clinical and business strategies related to healthcare in multiple disciplines.

Academic and Professional Career

Studin did his undergraduate work at Boston University and finished with a Bachelors of Science in Natural Science at St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, NJ in 1978. He has been a practicing chiropractor since 1981, graduating from New York Chiropractic College who honored him with the Vinton F. Logan and Distinguished Service Awards. As a practicing chiropractor, he initially was a family practitioner, then focused on the field of personal injury, trauma and primary spine care.

Dr. Studin is also the past Executive Director and Co-Founder of the New York Chiropractic Council, Past President of the Suffolk County Chapter and served as the chairperson for the legislative, litigation, scientific advisory, Workers’ Compensation, Convention Exhibitor, PPO-HMO and C-Pac committees of the New York Chiropractic Council. He also served as the Chairman of the Board of the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals. As a result of his organizational experiences, he was instrumental in helping guide pro-chiropractic legislation and was responsible for creating many of the largest chiropractic public events ever held, worldwide. This background helped in understanding how state regulatory agencies function with professionals and also how to bring the chiropractic message to the masses. With extensive knowledge in Spinal Biomechanical Engineering through formal education, the legal profession has sought Dr. Studin's advice, and through the years, he has become expert in working in the field of personal injury and crash metrics.

Dr. Studin began educating lawyers in 1989, teaching the "medical" in medical"-legal" to attorneys who seek to increase their knowledge in "trauma-related issues." Since then, he has personally lectured to and educated over 200,000 personal injury plaintiff and defense lawyers nationwide including being one of the first chiropractors to be granted "CLE Status" in many states to educate lawyers. He has also been the keynote speaker for many state's bench bar's, bar and trial lawyer associations and private and in-house defense counsel. It is through these interactions and Dr. Studin's personal team of lawyers researching state and national rulings, which has laid the foundation for what is taught in the Academy of Chiropractic’s Programs.

Dr. Studin is credentialed by numerous licensure boards nationally to teach chiropractic continuing education in diagnosis, MRI Spine Interpretation, electrodiagnostics, spinal biomechanical engineering, accident reconstruction, impairment rating, head trauma, stroke analysis, and other various topics. He is also recognized by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Medical Education in conjunction with the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to render AMA Category 1 continuing education credits in the field of Spinal MRI Interpretation, Spinal Biomechanical Engineering, Spinal Trauma Pathology, Orthopedics, and Impairment Rating to both chiropractors and medical doctors.

Dr. Studin is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chiropractic at the University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College teaching the basics of MRI Spine Interpretation, and triaging patients and coordinates a clinical rotation for chiropractic senior interns at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, School of Medicine Department of Radiology.  He is also an Adjunct Professor at both Cleveland University Kansas City, Chiropractic and Health Sciences, Texas Chiropractic College in Clinical Sciences. He is a former Adjunct Professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Department of Health Science and Technology teaching medical coding.

Currently, his vision has expanded to positioning the chiropractic profession as "Primary Spine Care Provider" for lawyers, medical specialists, medical primary care providers, urgent care centers, emergency departments, hospitals, and the public. His primary spine care vision or the first referral choice for everything spine as contemporary scientific literature has verified what chiropractic has known for decades has realized over 800,000 referral for spine patients into the chiropractic profession.  

Dr. William Owens brings a wealth of research-based practice information to the Academy of Chiropractic that has been proven in clinical practice and continuing education for doctors and lawyers. He presently has one of the fastest growing trauma practices in the nation and has successfully integrated research into his diagnostic and EMR reporting protocols. This has resulted in him being sought after on a daily basis in the medical and the legal community. Dr. Owens has taken this research-based model to the next level and is now successfully implementing these protocols to educate primary care physicians and medical specialists in handling medical-legal cases as well as chronic spine pain patients. He was involved in the development and negotiation of 2 hospital-based clinics, one in a Level-1 trauma center and the teaching hospital for the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. He was part of the team that succeeded in negotiating a change to a Buffalo Hospital’s bylaws to include chiropractors as part of the medical staff, one of a few hospitals in the country to do so.

Dr. Owens has worked with first-year gross anatomy medical students, third and fourth-year medical students, the Family Practice Medical Residency Program at the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to create the first chiropractic elective in a medical residency program in the nation. This opportunity allows 2- and 3-year Family Practice and Neurology residents to observe Dr. Owens treating chiropractic patients. The level of access to chiropractic for the Residents in unparalleled in the United States and allows medical doctors to see firsthand the power of chiropractic in treating and managing spinal disorders.

Dr. Owens is one of the founding members of the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals and currently supports significant chiropractic and biomechanical engineering research related to the spine. Part of his work in supporting chiropractic is the monthly review of the 5000 indexed biomedical journals and their citations to bring the very latest spine research to the medical and legal professionals on a national level. His affiliation with the State University of New York at Buffalo and the team of research interns that work under him has allowed this process to be effective and efficient on a grand scale, bringing peer-reviewed indexed chiropractic evidence to clinical practice. 

Dr. Owens is also certified by numerous licensure boards to render a myriad of post-doctoral chiropractic and medical graduate level education. Additionally, teaches MRI interpretation and spinal biomechanical engineering to medical providers through seminars approved to offer Category I AMA credits by the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. The Academy of Chiropractic has developed many programs that support the practices of doctors globally by ensuring compliant offices and ethical relationships that increase the opportunities to generate additional income in your practice.  Dr. Owens provides specific consulting services to building relationships with the medical profession in the local communities of clients of the MD Affiliation Program. 

In 2016 Dr. Owens was the first chiropractor to have graduated from the Royal College of Physicians in the Certified Physician Educator Program.  The Royal College of Physicians is a British professional body dedicated to improving the practice of medicine, chiefly through the accreditation of physicians by examination. Founded in 1518, it set the first international standard in the classification of diseases, and its library contains medical texts of great historical interest.  The organization, among other things, provides specific educational programming to help doctors become clinical instructors.  The work of clinical instructor has unique challenges including patient interaction in a teaching scenario, educating young doctors as well as running the actual practice they are operating within.  The RCP provides that type of advanced training through the Certified Physician Educator Program.  Dr. Owens was trained along with a group of 48 physicians which included endovascular neurosurgeons, emergency department psychiatrists, family medicine providers, neurologist, general surgeons, Obstetrics and interventional radiologists.  The yearlong program required two separate projects requiring interprofessional outreach in the local community.  One of those projects was the essential foundation for the Academy of Chiropractic’s Fellowship in Spinal Biomechanics and Trauma which saw its first cohort of graduates in 2018.  The Fellowship’s two-year program, as of Fall of 2018 presently has 45 doctors of chiropractic being trained.  For more information on the Fellowship Program, its syllabus and requirements, please click HERE.

Our philosophy is to help doctors succeed while creating a balanced family/personal life. We are dedicated to being accessible to the needs of our clients and always strive to "give more than is expected." Together, Dr's Studin and Owens are personally responsible for over 800,000referral to the chiropractic industry (as of November 2018) in 47 states with that number growing on a daily basis. 




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