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With 4 decades of experience and conferring with 300,000+ lawyers and 1000's of DC's, medical specialists, primary care medical providers and emergency room departments in 49 states, we have a formula that is customized to your practice. Our program is proven, reproducible and is updated "almost daily" with new insurance mandates, court rulings and chiropractic/medical research, which is why our doctors win year after year.

Dr. Mark Studin

No contract, no obligation. Learn in your time, at your pace.

Only $199 per month

one time setup fee - $225
Month to Month - No Contract​
15 mins per day for six weeks
Average increase in salary of 48%​


If this program does not meet your needs, or if we do not deliver as promised, cancel at any time for any reason. 

A 48% INCREASE in salary on AVERAGE for our doctors.​

Our doctors salary before
learning the material
Average doctor's % increase after
6 months of following this program
Under $100,000 61% Increase
$100,000 to $150,000 57% Increase
Above $150,000 25% Increase

Our doctors swear by our program.

3 Hospitals are now referring their spine cases to me. I need a lot more help!

My volume is up 150% and my income is up 400% only because I followed your program

In 12 months my tax return went from minimum wage to well over 7 figures.

My PI practice grew over 500%.


Is there a length of stay requirement in the contract?
No, this is a month to month program. If you do not feel this program is for you, quit at any time with no risk.

Our PI Program is the BEST investment in your
career you'll ever make.