X-Ray digiization is the gold-standard for demonstratively documenting connective tissue pathology. Now, with Symverta, you can age-date disc pathology, determine atlanto-axial pathology and biomechanical failures, along with rendering AOMSI with full and pro-rata impairments. Our demonstrative specialist is highly qualified to help interpret and digitize your images for you. This will allow you to focus on patient care as this is a very time-consuming process. This service is for members of the Academy of Chiropractic.


X-Ray digitizing solves many patient and practice issues. With digitizing, there are many solutions, but Symverta technology is the only tool in the industry that supports almost every function needed. 


2. Automation of disc degeneration for age-dating
3. Biomechanical lesions
     a. Certify the necessity for ongoing care
     b. Avoid the allegation of pre-determined treatment plans
4. Calculate safe atlanto-dental intervals
5. Pro-Rata based on AMA Guides Impairments
6. Segmental ligamentous pathology
7. Name the exact ligament impaired

It is a time-consuming process to upload and digitize each image. I will go into your acount and digitze images for you to approve. All you do is print the report. 

CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION: Dr. Ron Manoni 203-994-6847 or DrRonManoni@Gmail.com


Digtitize each image $5

SAMPLE: AOMSI requires neutral-flexion-extrnsion (3 images = $15) 


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