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From the Desk of Dr. Mark Studin
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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time.

"Opportunities Lost are Business Lost"

Procrastination is the CANCER of Success

Over the last 2 days, I have been updating my CV. It is a process I repeat monthly as I have either been published or certified by different states so that your CE courses can be accepted towards licensure credits in your state. Something that everyone has asked and a very arduous process, but necessary based upon your feedback. As I was updating my CV, I realized that this is a process that everyone should be undertaking periodically. 
We all should be taking relevant CE courses and striving to be published in various print or online journals. This helps the profession, you individually and your patients. How does it help the profession? That's easy as you are adding to the body of knowledge so that we can all learn from you. Your patients? Another no-brainer; as you learn more, they get better care based upon your increased knowledge. Now you; other than the satisfaction of helping people at a higher level (which should be the most important reason), you are adding to your reputation and referral prospects if...EVERYONE other than you and your mom knows!!!!
NOTE: I didn't say wife or husband because they really do not care!!!! Back on point...
Every time you add a citation to your CV, you need to alert your referral sources that you have an updated CV. You need to make the additions on the US Chiropractic Directory and alert the lawyers you have a relationship with that you have additional credentials and focus them on your Directory Listing. This will keep you in "their collective faces" for the right reasons without begging and pleading for patients. 

Procrastination is the CANCER of success.

It is something you need to do consistently to make an impact as once every 6 months is not enough to get their attention at the level you would like. In addition, you have to have meaningful entries as "Nutrition for the Pre and Post-Menopausal Woman" will not be useful for lawyers. Therefore, when taking courses, target the needs of both your patient base and what the needs of potential referrers are. Do not misconstrue this comment. Do not take a course to pander to the lawyer. Take courses that will meet the needs of your patients and your clinical skills and also have an impact on your potential referrals; choose wisely.
When communicating to the lawyers or other referral sources, make sure you use the US Chiropractic Directory ( and send them there. That way they will get into the habit of going to your listing. Once that habit has been created, that will make the referral process easier as they will send their clients to the listing as well.  The days of handing out individual business cards are almost over.

Procrastination is the CANCER of success.

It has been proven in market research that currently, listings in directories far outperform individual Web sites. These are called "trends" in marketing and today's trend is directories. In order to stay on the cutting edge of success, you have to follow the trend or pattern of how the public "buys" or finds things that they need. Individual Web sites are yesterday. 
The next step after you have the lawyer continually find you on the Directory  is to ensure that you have a preferred listing. Yes, it is $22 and yes, you have to do SOME work so that it looks good, but...I have already given you the language to include in your listing and the $22...Give me a break!!!
Having a lawyer go to your Directory Listing is an opportunity, A VERY BIG OPPORTUNITY. If your listing is set up properly, it can do as good a job or better than meeting with him/her because you get him/her where he/she earns a living, with paperwork and credentials. Your credentials (paperwork) is tantamount to ADMISSIBILITY and that is the basis for a referral relationship.

Procrastination is the CANCER of success.

Remember, I promised you when you started with this program that this is not a "get rich quick scheme" and I am sticking to my word. Together, we are building your practice for the rest of your career and this is one of those steps that takes time to build relationships in a way that will serve you for the balance of your very long and successful career. Each opportunity lost is future business lost. There is a reason that some doctors get 1-2 new PI cases daily and others get 30+ per month, while others get 60+ per month. Those are real numbers, but everyone had to start somewhere. 
To make life easier, click here for a form to convert your free listing to a paid listing (if you still have a free listing). Yes, I am facilitating your spending $22 per month...Give me a BREAK!!!! The US Chiropractic Directory has just been rated at 98% in marketing effectiveness by and is at the top 6.94% in number of hits compared to all Web sites worldwide by Alexis, a marketing industry leader in analyzing the success of Web sites. 
NOTE: Both Web Grader and Alexis are independent analyst companies and are not employed or retained by anyone attached to me in any way. 
As for getting published and adding that citation to your CV, we are currently beta testing the Case Report Writer that we have automated so that you and the rest of the profession can submit en masse to get published. I will be releasing that shortly as we have been in development for close to 1 year and the cost to complete the case report and get published will be absorbed by me. It is the $22 per month that allows me to do that. Therefore, the $22 per month becomes a win-win for the chiropractic profession. You get to build your practice and support chiropractic simultaneously. There is so much more, but for now, take every opportunity to win.

Procrastination is the CANCER of success.

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