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"You now have a Web site that is geared to drive new patients into your practice"

US Chiropractic Directory


By now, we have e-mailed you the directions to create and post your CV on the US Chiropractic Directory. It is now that I urge you at the highest level to create a "preferred listing" on the site. Later consultations will teach you how to use the directory to get lawyers and the general population to find you and want to utilize your services. Lawyers especially will like this site as it resolves some of their ethical concerns regarding referrals. This is one big piece of the referral puzzle as there is no big thing. Your success is a totality of many little action steps. 

We have doctors across the country getting upwards of 500 hits per day from their local communities on their listings.  In addition, we have worked with who did market research. That research concluded that the public is moving away from individual's Web sites as there are too many choices. The public is gravitating towards directories as they get more choices with less "clicks" and it is a time issue. We constructed the US Chiropractic Directory in accordance with the conclusions attained form the research of so that the public has all of the tools necessary to make an informed choice in picking a chiropractor.


I am writing this consultation to get you to take the action steps needed to create your preferred listing. The US Chiropractic Directory is the largest chiropractic entity in the world, getting 330,000 hits per month as of July, 2017, and it is still growing.


There is a nominal cost for the preferred listing and with your listing you get additional consultations beyond personal injury to build your practice. Basically, it is a no-brainer and I urge you again at the highest level to participate quickly to get listed high up in the lists of doctors the site's search engine generates. You can also get a free listing, but it will not do the same for your practice or lawyers and MD's who are searching for you, nor will it allow you to use the CV Builder.

As a note, the US Chiropractic Directory does not use Google, MSN or Yahoo, etc. to get Web traffic; we use Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and we are the largest chiropractic entity in the world on Facebook. That is how we drive traffic to the site and to you.

Lawyers are using the US Chiropractic Directory to find doctors as we are also training them how to find you.


Future consultations will teach you how to get the lawyers and their clients to go to the site. If you need help creating a preferred listing or any other facet of the US Chiropractic Directory, call Andrew or Patrick, our Web Masters at 631-828-5585.