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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time.

“Beware of the Uninformed Leading You Down the Slippery Slope”

This was sent as an e-mail question by one of our doctors today who received an offer from a "personal injury guru" peddling webinars in an attempt to take his money. I remember speaking to this guru doctor a year or so ago (unless it was someone else) who was also attempting to consult on PI practices because he was able to extract large checks from PI carriers and that was his marketing piece; a copy of the large check. Here are the questions asked by one of our doctors about the topics of the other doctor's program and my answers, understanding that I am sure that this doctor has some wonderful things to offer, just not what his central points are for this webinar.
Hey Dr. Studin,

I was sent a free webinar from a Dr. XXX XXX. He mentioned some points that I wanted to ask about.

Building a relationship with auto body dealers...I worked for 2 years on this project, attempting to get auto body shops to work with me. Some wanted significant advertising fees and most were concerned that if I had any presence the insurance companies would drop them from their preferred listing of auto body shops. Basically, it was a wasted 2 year effort.

Integrating massage therapy into the practice with auto accident victims? Massage therapy is something I did for 5 years in my practice. Patients loved it and it created another place for income. However, as we got busier, we removed the massage therapy because it was too time intensive and clogged up the office. If you aren't busy to the point of needing every inch, it is a good addition...The CAVEAT...Patients will want the massage more than chiropractic or rehab because who doesn't love a good massage. Many times patients only wanted the massage and left.

Specific imaging protocols on MRI which demonstrate subtle or partial ligament injuries from a car accident in the absence of a disc injury. He states you could use it in a stand up MRI or supine with specific protocols. This is bordering on erroneous information. You can see the same deviations on x-ray as with upright MRI's. If you want to see ligamentous issues, a STIR view will be more demonstrative. I go through this in detail in the MRI Spine Interpretation Course. A stand up MRI is 0.6 Tesla, while a good recumbent MRI is 1.5 Tesla and will show you more. Whoever shared this with you needs to learn MRI better and not listen to the upright MRI sales people.

How to get MD's to want to refer AA patients to me. The MD Referral Program with Bill Owens, 716-228-3847, is getting DC's nationally lots of MD referrals weekly. There is nothing that parallels the program in the profession. This program has taken 2 years to develop and is consistent with the results.

Narrative reports that include that are specific to State Farm, Colossus and Injury IQ. He states using high level diagnostics and triggering value drivers. Forget colossus, State Farm, etc. The narrative format I teach has been crafted now by almost 50,000 lawyers nationally and has been certified as the best in the nation by them. Do not pander to anyone involved in the case as it will eventually bite you in the butt. 

In all, what others are peddling are smoke and mirrors, the same chiropractic 1-step, 2-step nonsense that ignores clinical excellence and admissibility. Stay the course of what has been proven to work and win.
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