Lawyers PI Program
“Building a PI Practice”

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"Get Personal with the Lawyer"


Building a personal injury practice is just that…building. We will solve the question of how to be “in the face” of the lawyers regularly after you have created the relationsip, but the next step is when and how to get personal. You have many avenues to do that. The best is breakfast. Lunch with drinks costs $100 (you must impress) and the attorney cancels most of the time due to the time constraints of the profession. Dinner with drinks cost $150 (you must impress) and the attorney also cancels at least ½ of the time.


Breakfast, on the other hand, is more reasonable. Have it early, so as not to interfere with court dates and clients. No one drinks, everyone is fresh and the best breakfast place costs $15-$20 with the tip. Best of all, the attorneys don’t cancel a breakfast meeting. 


The goal is to have at least 1 breakfast meeting with a lawyer per week. Don’t always shoot for the new ones. That is a fatal mistake. Keep in touch with your best referring lawyers; it will keep the referrals coming. Ignore them and you will see your numbers drop.


Don’t forget the paralegals. They often refer more than the lawyers and they very much appreciate being taken to breakfast or lunch. If you send them a "jar of jellybeans" after the meeting, they will be more than happy. It is a nominal gesture that will reap rewards.


When you are meeting with the lawyers, there is a whole program designed on what you should bring; your CV, sample narrative, records, research, etc. In subsequent consultations, I outline exactly what to bring, what to say and how to conduct yourself in the meeting.