Welcome to the Inner Circle!

You have made both an incredible commitment and investment in yourself to take your career to the next level and beyond. The journey is fun, confronting and rewarding at every step of the journey. Once you have completed the entire set of consultations, you will never look at a patient in the same way and question why you settled for treating patients as you did prior to reading these complete works. 

Once you complete the consultations, you will be part of an “elite group” of pro-active thinkers in our profession that center every decision based upon clinical excellence with little room for “guess-work.” When you have a question that you can’t answer…call me and together we will figure it out. 

Share with your colleagues and friends your journey, but not any materials from this program as your success depends upon it. Unfortunately, most doctors in our profession will not make the commitment you have just made and some will want to take every short-cut available. Once you give away the material, any of it, you diminish your ability to succeed at the highest level. This is not about our contractual agreement not to do so, it is about others using rhetoric with partial information (the old “chiropractic one-step, two-step) in an attempt to appear to be at your level of clinical excellence. In the end, you will lose. 

If anyone wants any of the information, have them call me. 

Otherwise, enjoy the journey, read, read, read and WIN. Your clinical excellence will drive your success for the rest of your career. 


Doctors PI Program

“Instructions on How to Get Started in Building a Huge PI Practice”


Welcome to the most exciting program in the nation for building a personal injury practice. After national successes from coast to coast, I look forward to sharing with you the "not-so-secret" how-to. The program works at many levels and works everywhere, but not for everyone. You can choose to do nothing and the program might work and yield modest results, perhaps enough to recoup your investment a few times over...OR...you can follow the plan and succeed like hundreds of doctors nationwide. 

The truth is, if you do nothing, you will yield nothing. As the adage goes, “The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.” 

You have to make subtle changes in your practice so that you become the solution to the lawyer’s personal injury problem and you have to put in the effort because if anyone tries to sell you a program that says, “Send this newsletter or advertisement to lawyers and they will send you patients,” or “Take lawyers to fancy dinners and they will send you patients,” start running because it is a lie. 

The following consultations will explain to you, in cookbook fashion, how to succeed in building a huge PI practice. Let me be blunt...READ THE CONSUTLATIONS...THEY WILL MAKE YOU VERY BUSY AND MAKE YOU LOTS OF MONEY.Do I have your attention now? 

If you want the program to work at its best, follow the plan. The first step is to read all of the consultations sequentially. That means do not go down the columns or pick and choose the topics you think will get lawyers to send clients to your office. Read them numerically. They are designed to build upon one another. I also urge you to read them all and not make any changes in your practice until you have read them all. If you do not understand the “end game,” it can turn your practice upside down and create havoc for you and your staff. 

Once you have completed reading all of the consultations, please call me, so I can make it easier for you to succeed. I have done this for too long with too many people to require you to have to figure it out yourself; this is very easy for me and I welcome the chance to guide you through the process. 

There are new consultations added every few days. I add new topics and the rate is usually 3-4 per week. As I speak to doctors and lawyers nationally, I keep you on the cutting edge of what is going on and constantly encourage you to make subtle changes to ensure your ongoing success in practice. Therefore, once you have completed reading the entire set of consultations, remember to go back and stay updated. I will also send you e-mails every time a new consultation is added, as a reminder. 

The biggest and most costly mistake we as chiropractors make, as I shared with you a moment ago, is to think that advertising and marketing works in getting PI patients and this program abides by that warning. In conversation with doctors prior to signing up for the program, I have found that the majority of them thought that e-mailing, having Colossus compliant documentation or similar programs would be the key to new patients; THEY AREN'T. The purpose of e-mail programs is to expose your name to the medical-legal community and nothing more. The e-mails, advertisements, gifts and other schemes are just that, schemes that will get you ZERO new patients. 

Let me re-state that…Those programs will get you zero, zip, nada, zilch, gunish, nothing, bubkis, nil and Μηδέν. Get the picture?! 

I go to great lengths to tell you what will not work so that you do not make the million dollar mistake. I am the master of the million dollar mistake because as you will read over many consultations,  I made those mistakes for decades. It’s bad enough that I was the schmuck who literally spent over a million dollars in my career chasing lawyers to get referrals; the chiropractic profession doesn't need any more members of that club. I want to keep it an exclusive club and not have you join me.

Building a huge PI practice does not happen by itself. Regardless of what anyone tells you, it requires the 6 P’s: 

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance 

There are no shortcuts. 

Many seasoned doctors will tell you that you have to have the “goods” for the lawyers in an articulate, ethical manner. Never lie, render inflammatory comments and make sure you are a master at documentation. Many of those doctors do have the goods, yet still do not have a successful PI practice. Just having the “goods” is not enough. You need to “be the goods” as well. What benefit is it to the lawyer if your paperwork is great, but you don’t understand the difference between a herniation, bulge or protrusion in a disc? Understand that the “end game” for the lawyers is the witness stand and as soon as they start conversing with you, as well as when they begin to read your documentation, they are “sizing you up” to see how well you will do as an expert in court. 

We all know that getting to the witness stand is a rarity in today’s environment, as almost every case settles. However, the lawyers have to prepare as if they have to go to trial on each case. If they are prepared for trial with their facts, documentation and experts, they have the leverage to prevail in negotiations for settlement at a much higher rate. Over the course of the consultations, I will teach you how to be the solution not for just lawyers, but medical specialists, primary care providers, urgent care centers and emergency rooms... In short, how to be a Primary Spine Care Provider. Primary Spine Care simply menas, you are the first referral for spine!

COMPLIANCE REVIEW: Please send me your documents as per the inital instructions in the Welcome letter. Send them RIGHT NOW as compliance is more important then getting new cases. Should your submission not be EXACTLY as requested, I will bounce it back to you and tell you to re-do it. IF... you make mistakes with lawyers, they will not work with you. Part of the excercise is for you to be able to follow directions paying carefull attention to detail.  

As for your narrative, I will ensure that it is on par with the best narrative format in the nation. As I lecture nationally, I have lawyers critique my narrative format. Therefore, my narrative format has been crafted by 200,000+ of the best PI lawyers in the nation along with insurance industry leaders and together, you and I will get your narrative in a perfect format. I do offer for sale (in the “Forms and Template” section of our Web site) a narrative template for those of you who do not have the time to work with me to complete your narrative. However, I prefer you not purchase it and use the narrative building process as a learning exercise. It is all laid out for you in the consultations.

If you simply do not have the time, then I urge you to purchase the template. Using your current narrative format will yield you the same results you are getting now and I can safely say, for the majority, that is not good or you wouldn’t need to be a part of this program. Remember the adage, "You cannot do the same thing over and over again and expect different results."

Once we get started on the narrative critiquing process, I literally review every word in the document and I am not kind. In fact, I apologize up front for my sarcasm and in some cases, for being brutal in my comments. Get over it quickly, as I would rather you go through that process with me than a lawyer who will brand you negatively for the rest of your career as a result of seeing your poorly written narrative and never working with you again. 

As for “being the goods,” that is a whole different story. I will direct you step-by-step in creating your infrastructure regarding systems and paperwork to have what lawyers need. That is truly the easy part and everyone can do that in a short amount of time by reading the consultations and doing what I share with you. In the consultations, there is enough information that if followed, has the potential to literally earn you millions. That, by the way, is not inflammatory; it is factual. 

The hard part of this program is “being the goods.” That is where you have to become the expert in spine pathology, disc pathology, neurodiagnostics, crash dynamics, triaging the injured, electrodiagnostic interpretation and spine MRI interpretation. For some of you, that is a daunting challenge…Relax…I have worked over the last several years in creating programs to give you the knowledge and credentials for every one of those topics without leaving your office. 

Many of you already have many of the credentials and some have all of them. However, here is where your very first lesson starts. You need to think like the lawyers and understand their business in order to succeed in the PI world. 

On the witness stand or in negotiation for settlement of a PI case, the lawyer needs those credentials as leverage TO BE ABLE to work with you. This is your competitive edge. Would a lawyer choose to work with a doctor who takes him/her for a fancy dinner and a ballgame or a doctor who has formal post-doctoral education, as evidenced on the doctor’s CV, in interpreting spinal MRI’s and EMG’s? It’s a no-brainer…The lawyer is buying his own dinner and ballgame tickets. Over the next few consultations, we will discuss these issues at length. 

As a side note, www.TeachDoctors.com can share with you many of the online courses available if you need to increase your knowledge base. They are all given over the Internet on your computer and do not require you to travel or be away from your family or practice.  

Over the last several years, I have had doctors that have literally doubled and tripled their practices, and each one of them had two things in common. They followed the rules of success in practice as outlined in the consultations, and they spoke to me regularly. I welcome your e-mails and phone calls. Just leave time to chat…I like to be thorough. 

If you do not get me on the phone, LEAVE A VOICE MAIL…My voice messages gets converted to emails and sent to me. I will return your call quickly. As I am in New York, if you are in a later time zone, please call early. The best time to reach me is between 8-10 AM Eastern Time. 

As for what will position you nicely as an expert, but not get you new patients, e-mails: 

When we first started this program, it was called the Lawyers Marketing Program because I wanted to tie into your belief system that “marketing” to lawyers was the way to go.  We initially faxed to lawyers as it was easy, but the laws changed precluding us from faxing. However, no one got a new patient from the faxes anyway. We then switched to e-mailing hoping to take advantage of the latest electronic wave in the industry. This only confirmed that fliers, newsletters and fancy steak dinners do not get you 1 new patient. 

Regarding the e-mail fliers and getting new patients, mine are better than anyone else’s because they are mine and they still will not get you 1 new patient. What they will do is position you as the expert in your community and help you create a very positive reputation in your community as an expert. That is very important as your reputation is everything. 

It is my strong suggestion that you have your staff call lawyers in your immediate catchment area from the phone book and obtain their e-mail addresses. Let them know you are part of a national medical-legal research organization and you have new research that will allow them to prevail in their cases. Remember, this is not a solicitation for lawyers to send you new patients. That does not work! It is an educational program to gain the trust of the lawyers to accept you as the authority based upon "clinical excellence" in your field and allows you to become a valuable resource for their practices. Make sure that you stress that you will not be sending any solicitous information....ever. 

If you go to the “Educational Materials” section on the Web site, you will find bi-monthly research fliers posted with research citations. Take this page and simply customize it to your practice and send it to the lawyers by cutting and pasting the educational flyer to the body of your e-mail. The cost to you for doing this is $0. However, copyright laws preclude us from supplying the research, you would need to get that. Many are free on the Internet, while some have to be purchased. Simply put the title of the article you are looking for into Google  and find a link to either the posted article or the publisher of the article from whom you can purchase it. 

In addition, in the consultations there are systems to gain access and develop a referral relationship with those lawyers who have responded and want the educational materials. However, unless your infrastructure is perfect, you will be a one-and-done with those lawyers...forever!

I look forward to helping you meet your goals for your practice, and if you have any questions, remember, I love doing this stuff and welcome your calls.


Enjoy the journey…