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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time.


For the last 20 years, I have been lecturing to lawyers nationwide on behalf of local doctors. I have been flying around the country and lecturing to large audiences of lawyers with the doctors sponsoring the event in attendance. During these events, I have achieved a formula where 100% of the lawyers present not only request that the sponsoring doctor(s) visit them in their offices, but they urge them to do so quickly. We have created, in a short 3 hour presentation, the paradigm shift of getting the lawyer to run after you. IT IS POWERFUL and works every single time.

The challenge that I have had is that between my schedule and family obligations, the need to travel has limited my engagements. The traveling is a 3-day process for me and makes it very difficult to get on a plane and go speak even though I have met wonderful people and seen beautiful places in the past. The exceptions are NY, NJ, CT and MA. I will personally attend, as it is a 1-day event for me.

Thankfully, technology has evolved and now allows me to be “live” with any audience in the world from a TV studio in New York.  In turn, by having the same technology on your side, the audience and I can see and talk to each other. This creates the same environment as my being there in person.

The true test of any program is how many lawyers clamor for you to go into their offices the next day and the results have proven to be the same whether I speak live, in person, or via camera. We have done multiple presentations to prove that this is true. Therefore, I urge each of you to create a live video presentation in your city. It is lots of work and lots of money, but if you follow the formula, it should end up costing you nothing. (Many end up profiting if they follow my formula.) You will cause a significant number of lawyers to run after you, as it should be. The biggest complaint I’ve heard is that the sponsoring doctor(s) does not have enough time to visit all of the lawyers.


First, the work. You and your staff will have to call every lawyer in the phone book, invite them and send them invitations. When was the last time you called a lawyer with any message other than, “Please send me new patients?” Now you get to call with an invitation to attend a free continuing education program and most of the lawyers will talk to you.

These programs will all be certified by your state bar association for formal continuing education credits. This way it is an official program sanctioned by your state for the lawyers. I will take care of the CLE approval process for the lawyers and work with your state to get the course approved.

Next, you need to find a venue that can handle videoconferencing and serve dinner. In the past, hotels have charged upwards of $5000 for the technology; no longer. I have made a relationship with Janet Messier from Affinity Video (800-370-7150) and she has videoconference affiliates nationwide and they usually charge under $1000 for the technology. They also know what to do. This component is the hardest part to acquire and it is handled. Call Janet after you speak to me to make the arrangements. Use my name and CMCS Management. She is expecting your calls.

My fee when I traveled was $5000 plus expenses that usually ran from $1000-$1500. Again…no longer. My fee is $5000 which includes the $1000 technology expense on my side.

How to pay for all of this… Historically, the MRI companies have been the biggest winners in the relationship and have been willing to sponsor some, if not all, of the event. It all depends on your relationship with them. There are also neurosurgeons, surgical centers, anesthesiologists, pain management specialists, court reporters, travel agencies, etc., who will contribute greatly to the event if explained correctly. Regarding the finances, that is something we will discuss on the phone to make sure you understand how to handle it.

In all the years I have lectured, there has been only one presentation that was a failed program. That doctor choose to go fishing and do nothing (literally). He had his staff do everything and he just showed up the night of the event. The staff member who put the program together quit the day before because she did nothing. The moral of the story, this event is too important to abdicate the success to a staff member. You must be involved and coordinate the program.

At 100% of the presentations I have done in the last 5 years, the lawyers attending have wanted more. I have worked with every doctor and in many states have created regular lectures occurring on an average of every 6 months. Some have been reoccuring for many years in a row. By doing this, lifelong relationships have been created between the lawyers in attendance and the doctors.  The doctors are the lawyers' experts and in essence, the doctors have become one of THEM. That is the goal and it is easier to attain than you can imagine. Easier because I have figured it out for you and it works.

These lectures are the cornerstones of many practices' success. You now have the same ability to sponsor such a presentation anywhere in the nation. If you would like to see some of the locations and topics I have lectured to, look under "Course Dates" on this site.

It takes 5-6 weeks of advance work to create a presentation.  If you are interested in setting up a date, e-mail me and then I will call you and set it up. The dates will be given on a first come basis. There is a $500 non-refundable fee to secure a date. I am very excited because I have said NO to 4 out of 5 doctors in the past due to travel restrictions. That no longer has to happen. E-Mail me your dates and let’s get started…Mark

Successful People Do the Things Unsuccessful People Don’t Like to Do on a Consistent Basis


The obligatory testimonials:

I have been sponsoring Dr. Studin's lawyer presentations for 7 years. They are easily the best and easiest way for me to reach referring personal injury lawyers in my community.

Once they have sat through Dr. Studin's presentation, they are "primed" to send me patients. Dr. Studin drills into them that if they have the "right" relationships built on an ethical foundation, they stand a better chance of prevailing in their cases. He also tells them that my office understands what they need in their clients' documentation and as a result, they work with me and refer to me.


He has also taught all of our doctors how to create admissible documentation so the lawyer will want to keep working with us. The program is so successful that I have sponsored 5 seminars this year.


This program is one of the cornerstones of our practice and we get 60 new patients every week.


Practicing 24 years



I have been practicing for 10 years and I now get 6-8 P-IME’s a week as a direct result of the lawyer lectures. I have now sponsored 6 over the last 3 years with my 7th scheduled for April, 2010. My first lecture was too good; I had too many lawyers wanting me in their offices. I was visiting 40+ every month and my practice and life was turned upside down. Now, the majority of lawyers visit me with their paperwork.

This is a result of multiple seminars and the lawyers now considering me one of “them.” I am their guy and when they need help, they reach out to meMy phone rings daily with questions and now, I do not reach out for new lawyers. I only need to maintain my relationships with the ones I already work with.

As a side effect of the seminars, I am sought after by surgeons, medical specialists and other ancillary services that have all equated practice, income growth and more family time with me.

If there is one piece of advice I can give, do whatever it takes to get on the lecture schedule and if you have had one in the past, each subsequent one yields a better result. Follow the program and your professional life will never be the same.


Practicing 10 years

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