Academy of Chiropractic Personal Injury & Primary Spine Care Program

Quickie Consult 142

From the Desk of Dr. Mark Studin
Academy of Chiropractic
Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time.

“The Future is Here & They Will Beg You to Meet with THEM”

Two nights ago, I did a “live” videoconference to Detroit from New York with three doctors who worked their tails off to make their vision come to reality. The result: an overwhelming success. This is the same result I got when I did my first “live” videoconference a year ago to Georgia.


As I have shared with all of you throughout these consultations, I travel the nation lecturing to lawyers and have done so to over 35,000 personal injury lawyers. Each time, I get to interact and talk with them. I also get to learn what their needs are and in turn, I share that with you. So…if you are thinking that I am the all-knowing “Oz,” think again. I just tell you what they tell me. That makes me the most traveled secretary in chiropractic. I run around the nation talking to lawyers, take notes, write them down and share them with you. I also think that makes me your bitch...So much for my ego!


In my seminars, the question arises as to what the measure of success is for each seminar. If you have attended a seminar that I have done with lawyers, you have already experienced that the lawyers literally “hang” on to every word and rarely leave prior to the end, no matter the hour. Why?…Because I am giving them solutions to their practice dilemmas and solutions to prevailing in their cases at a much higher level. Basically, I am helping them make money honestly and ethically through YOUR clinical excellence. I understand their needs and don’t bother meeting them; I will accept nothing less than exceeding them. We always accomplish that based on the feedback of the attendees. However, this still is not my criteria for a successful seminar.


At the seminar, the lawyers are enthralled with me and that could be a problem; I am leaving and most will never hear or see me again. Therefore, I have to create the paradigm shift during the presentation so that they understand that the solution to their problems is not me. It is the sponsoring doctor who has made the commitment of clinical excellence and although he/she is not the speaker, that doctor has the same knowledge base that I do and that doctor is the solution to the problems in the lawyers’ cases. Nevertheless, accomplishing that is still not my measure of success. Unless 100% of the audience asks, requests, begs or clamors for the sponsoring doctor to visit them immediately after the seminar, I am not happy…but that still isn’t my measure of success.


Success defined: 100% of the lawyers in the audience write invitations for the sponsoring doctor to visit them in their offices immediately after the seminar. Results are all that count. I don’t care if someone says they like you, wants to work with you, etc…The goal of the Lawyers PI Program is to be on the “inside,” meeting with the lawyers on a monthly basis. The hardest part is getting in.


I am not interested in the referral. If your goal is a referral, you will get A referral. I want you to be the resource for the lawyers for their entire personal injury practice and once that has occurred, the number of referrals will last for a lifetime. THAT is the goal!


The results of the videoconference from New York to Detroit two nights ago: 100% of the lawyers in attendance filled out written invitations for the sponsoring doctors to come to their offices immediately and submitted them before the end of the lecture. Can you imagine that? Dozens of lawyers in a 3 hour span making the choice to run after YOU! Your new biggest problem will be how to find the time to meet every lawyer’s need to meet with you.


I have given you the opportunity to do a roundtable with pre-recorded PowerPoint presentations, but if you want an immediate surge in your practice and want to get the lawyers to start running after you RIGHT NOW, have a “live” presentation for the lawyers, with me getting them to run after you. The doctors in Detroit that had the live videoconference are Drs. Stanczak, Kramer and Pispidikis. The doctor in Georgia who did so is Dr. Tolman. If you want to learn more or experience their results first hand, call them. Each has already started the process of creating a second seminar and it is recommended that we do them every 6 months so that we keep the lawyers coming en masse regularly.


This works at the highest level, as the technology is now here and the costs are nominal, as a result. I have also made contacts with conference centers around the nation and can support most cities in “live videoconference” format. It’s like having a television studio on each end. For more information, call me or e-mail me. Do not procrastinate.

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