And Tory Robson DC




I have the ability to achieve everything in life that I set out to achieve. I realize my results reflect what I truly intend, based on my actions and attitudes. I am willing to work, sacrifice, forgive, and be humble and respectful of everyone in my life.


I accept that  in order to have what I want, I have to be that person and I also accept that I have to care for myself, my health, my family, my relationships and then my business, in that order, for my life to work and for me to achieve my goals. 


My health is excellent, my family is beautiful, my personal life is in order, and my business is becoming more successful all the time. I focus and keep my priorities as self, family then business. 


If my health is not working and my family and personal life are in turmoil, then my business will not work or be fulfilling. I accept that my priorities in life are self, family and business. 


I am beautiful, wise, happy, loving, forgiving, hardworking, understanding, patient, attentive, intelligent, at peace and focused on what is important in my life right now. 


I am committed to my health.  I eat well every day.  I love to exercise every day.  I get adjusted regularly.  I am committed to my family and am always thankful for their love and support.  I tell them that I love them. My spouse or significant other, my children, my parents and my extended family have all contributed to making me the wonderful, prosperous and happy person I am today. I love them and am committed to contributing to their happiness and success because it gives me joy to watch them be happy and prosperous. 


I now choose to be the best in my business with no excuses or reservations. I always strive to learn more to grow my practice, serve my community, and advance my profession to the higher level it deserves. There are no boundaries as to what I can accomplish and what I can learn and, therefore, I accomplish my goals. 


I have no excuses, as they are not real. I do not justify failure because I am successful and committed to doing whatever it takes, with my life in balance, as I am that successful person. 


I make a promise to myself to seek out those before me who have walked in my shoes and to go further, by making this world a better place, because of my efforts and in honor of those who walked before me.