Academy of Chiropractic Personal Injury & Primary Spine Care Program

Quickie Consult 107

From the Desk of Dr. Mark Studin
Academy of Chiropractic
Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time.

"Perception is Everything"

In one of the previous consultations, I discussed using the walls of your reception area and your private office to display your diplomas. There is a reason that if you take any of the continuing education courses provided on, you can download and print out a certificate for each module to frame and display. It is not for your mother to ogle over!!! Your education needs to be certified and displayed and this is the type of display that will add to the perception of the reality that you practice with clinical excellence and are the best-of-the-best.


3rd party validation is critical. When joining the Lawyers PI Program, many of you asked for a referral because you wanted a reference. That is 3rd party validation and a diploma or certificate is also a 3rd party validation of you, as the expert, and it matters greatly to your patients.


Don Walsh Sr., the office manager of his son’s practice from Daytona Beach, Florida, wrote a testimonial last week. Here is a part of it, his comments appear in black. Pay careful attention to the way in which perception is intertwined with his insightful analysis of the success of their practice and what should be yours:


Since joining your program, I have watched my son's level of clinical expertise and excellence soar. I have seen his confidence grow since he has been shown what to do and when to do it. I have overheard the arguments he has had with the radiologists, neuroradiologists and orthopedic doctors, and I have watched as these MD's and DO's have changed their opinion of my son and chiropractic in general. We are now receiving referrals from other doctors.(Perception: His clinical knowledge based on coursework equates to trust in referring patients as a peer.)  I watch my son call lawyers who he would not have approached prior to being mentored by you. My son now gets calls almost daily from lawyers asking questions that the chiros and other doctors their clients are visiting can't answer. (Perception: His clinical knowledge and ability to articulate that in an admissible format equates to trust that he will help the lawyer prevail or garner a larger settlement and results in clients being referred to him.)The transformation in my son's abilities and confidence is astounding.

Also, since joining your program, the level of professionalism in the office has changed. Reports are sent in a more timely fashion, are more organized, are more descriptive and are written in a way that lawyers need for their cases. Since we have plastered the walls with the degrees and certifications, the patients are more compliant and the referrals have increased. (Perception: The diplomas mean he is the best doctor and can help them and their friends and family, spurring referrals.) Every patient has stopped to read them. (There are only 25 at the moment, but there are a few more that will be added soon.) They have asked questions concerning them. This alone has probably doubled the dollar input into the office. (Not perception…It’s great to make more money for the right reasons.) They can now visually see the differences between Don and all the other chiropractors in town and in their minds, there is no comparison anymore!

Every lawyer that we are working with is excited about Don's CV and narrative. (Not perception: He is the “real deal” on paper and the lawyer can use this to prevail at a higher level.) They have never seen a CV like this before, and a couple of them can't wait to go to court and get Don on the stand. (To create the paradigm shift of how the lawyer viewed, or didn’t even see, Dr. Walsh initially, took work. He had to change the perception of the lawyers in his community.)

As a note, I worked with Dr. Walsh and can testify that he worked his ”butt off,” took risks, went out of his comfort zone and followed the program to the letter. He took The PI Bootcamp, The 6th Edition Impairment Rating Course and other courses in a very short amount of time. We spoke multiple times until he got the “big picture,” and now I rarely hear from him. He no longer has time to chat. He is too busy treating new patients, getting a new office, meeting with lawyers, doctors and other referral sources, and next to his dad, no one could be more proud of him than I am.

I could go on and on, but the point is the practice and the chiropractor have been reinvented correctly because of your program and mentoring. I suspect that if we had not gotten involved with you, the practice would probably be closing in the next month. (The current lease is over and is not being renewed.) Therefore, please accept my thanks for all of your help and mentoring.


The above testimonial covers almost every aspect of the requirements for a successful practice and demonstrates the results of perception. Lawyers, other doctors, patients, community members and any other referral source will consider referring to you if they feel you are the “real deal.” Healthcare is serious business and the personality plays a very big part, but personality without the perception of being the best will falter over a short amount of time. Personality without the perception of being the best and not actually being the best, is the surest formula for disaster in a professional setting, in the shortest amount of time.


Scream from the mountaintops. Use your office walls, your CV, your reports, and your conversation with patients. Each part is just that, a part, and using them all adds to the totality of who you are.

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