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Quickie Consult 17

From the Desk of Dr. Mark Studin
Academy of Chiropractic
Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time.

"The 'Single Best & Fastest' Way to Get New PI Patients"

I have shared with all of you at one time or another that I go across the country and lecture to lawyers on behalf of doctors. Doctors in different cities and states sponsor lawyer lectures and bring me in to speak to the attorneys in their community and by the end of my presentation, the sponsoring doctors become the solution to the lawyer’s medical-legal issues and the new cases flow.


The doctors nationwide who have undertaken the effort (and it is an effort), with rare exception, have increased their practices significantly. The following is a note from a doctor in Buffalo, NY that started a little over a year ago with his first lecture, and has had 4 lawyer seminars since. This doctor started with a very modest practice, paying his bills by working other jobs outside of chiropractic and now, one year later, is thriving in a modest PI market in the toughest state to succeed, New York. The PI fee is set by the State of New York at $25 per visit, no matter what services are rendered to his patient.


In spite of this and other obstacles, he has used both the Lawyers PI Program and the Lawyer Lectures to almost triple his volume and income in 1 year. He has also recruited other practitioners in his area to create a network, as that helps his direct referrals as well. I am now setting up the rest of my 2008 lecture schedule and welcome inquiries to come to your area if you would like to do the same.


The following is the note, sent to me today by the doctor in Buffalo:


Mark, I want to let you know what we are currently up to and ask for a little guidance if you feel necessary, but first a little history. Prior to me working with you, I virtually had no PI patients. I remember your initial conversation with me telling you that my area was “unique” in that the lawyers will not work with chiropractors and I must be in the toughest defense area in the country. I also remember you telling me that the problem wasn’t the area, the courts or the lawyers; the problem was me. Being too ignorant to know any better, I surrendered to you and your program. I also spoke to you every day for 6 months, sometimes 4-5 times per day, and I couldn’t believe you always answered the phone or called me back the same day.


Now that we, as a group, are rolling in Buffalo, which took 1 year to create, I wanted to outline what we are doing to stay in front of the lawyers and keep that momentum going.


1: Marketing Representative

- Our group has now hired a representative to visit the lawyers’ offices on a monthly basis because of the overwhelming demand for us. We just ran out of time to visit everyone. The goal is for him to keep us on their minds, and set appointments for file review and P-IME’s. Right now he has about 50 lawyers in the Buffalo area that are on the active list; those that have us on their monthly schedule. The remaining several hundred receive the blast faxes and we want to increase our market share by doubling that number now that we have more manpower.


- He takes the following to the office.

  1. Updated CV
  2. 2 full-color bi-monthly educational fliers
  3. Flyer for the next seminar
  4. Appointment book to schedule a lunch at their firm (if they are new). If they are an existing client already, we send lunch over on us. We do 1-2 lunches per week.


2: P-IME

- I have taken your advice and am now putting the P-IME into a binder with a table of contents. The business on the P-IME end is increasing fast. Right now, I am doing 6-8 per month, with additional income from providing case-oriented research reviews as a consultant for the lawyers.



3: Seminar

- We are scheduled for our 5th seminar in April, 2008. The response in the area is that we are the “go to group” for medical-legal. We are getting the lawyers that were at the seminars, referring other lawyers to us. You were right. We are no longer the outsider looking in; we are “one of them” and the lawyers like to refer to one of their own. The transformation was subtle, yet powerful, and when we speak to new lawyers, they want to know if we are part of the group that has been putting on seminars over the last year. The entire plaintiff legal community knows us as a result of the seminars!


- We are in the process of creating laminated, full-color, bi-monthly fax blasts as "table tents" at the seminar. They will be small enough to not be an obstruction, but nice enough to generate some interest.


- We are working on increasing the presence of the group in the southern part of Western New York and into Rochester and other surrounding regions. I have a list of additional Rochester doctors that I will be inviting to the seminar, so we can hold additional lectures in our fringe communities. This will help those sponsoring doctors and we will get many referrals as well from lawyers having clients in my area, also.


- The Marketing Rep and I are working on turning the seminar into a mini trade fair with key sponsors.


- The goal of securing sponsorship is to far exceed the cost of the seminar and turn our profits into additional marketing products and events. When we have reached that goal, our group will then take that as additional income.



Overall…We are in contact with lawyers’ offices weekly by:

1: 5-15 offices per week visited by the Marketing Rep

2: Bi-Monthly Blast Faxes to close to 900 lawyers

3: Monthly e-mail blast to the “core” referring group of lawyers

4: Weekly inter-office lunches

5: 2-3 dinners per month with the partners of select firms, mostly for socialization and bond-building.


Ultimately, this has resulted in the following for my personal office:

1: 6-10 additional new PI patients per month

2: 6-8 P-IME’s per month

3: 300% Increase in court testimony income

4: 250% Increase in office volume in 1 year

5: I still work only 3 ½ days per week due to family constraints


I am glad that I listened to you and put into action everything that you told me to do. I also wanted to know if I suck up a little more, do you have any additional secrets to tell me!


Thank you, Bill

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