Testifying & Depositions

Continuing Education

Test CE 1A

Testifying Part 1: The Deposition

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Test CE 1B

Testifying Part 2: Preparing for Deposition or Trial

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Test CE 2A


Testifying Part 3: The Trial

Continuing Education

Test CE 2B

Testifying Fees Part 2 and the Continuing Plight of the Clueless Bastard

Testifying Fees: The Final Word


Depositions & Testimony: Demonstrable Evidence

Expert Testifying Fees


Sample Questions in Direct Testimony 


Demonstrative Evidence: A  Matter of Business



The following modules are "Quickies." These have been previously e-mailed in their entirety and are here for your review. Although the messages are shorter in length, they are no less important.


Quickie 1T

The Chiropractor as Expert of the Witness StandContinuing Education

Test CE 3A

Quickie 2T

Testimony Suggestions
Continuing Education

Test CE 3B

Quickie 3T

Continuing Education

Test CE 3C

Quickie 4T

Fluff vs. Stuff = Being Made the Fool in CourtContinuing Education

Test CE 3D

Quickie 5T

State Association's Poor Guidance


Quickie 6T

Defense Lawyer’s Tactics

Quickie 7T

Nailing It in Court & Then Getting Nailed

 Quickie 8T

Tire Skid Marks & Causality

 Quickie 9T

The Science and The Facts

 Quickie 10 T

New Defense Tactic & Your License

 Quickie 11 T

Overturning Deceptive Carrier Fiction

 Quickie 12 T

Disqualifying the MD

Quickie 13 T

Become Trial Experienced

Quickie 14 T

Reasonable Degree of Medical Certainty

Quickie 15 T

How do I report bodily injuries with no herniations

 Quickie 16 T

How to explain chiropractic in the courtroom

 Quickie 17 T

How to testify on the police report

Quickie 18 T

Lawyers only wants me to comment on treatment and nothing else

Quickie 19 T

How do I answer causality questions?

Quickie 20 T

What my credentials did for me in Court

 Quickie 21 T

Providing Causality in Deposition

 Quickie 22 T

Ensuring your pass Voir Dire