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Use Technology to Explode Your Practice


Using the Internet to Get New PI Patients, Part 1

Using the Internet to Get New PI Patients, Part 2

Using the Internet to Get New PI Patients, Part 3

Using the Internet to Get New PI Patients, Part 4

Templated Letters to Create Relationships with Lawyers Based on Research

Backlinking, A Critical Key to Being Seen

Let's Talk About the Business of Marketing for Your Practice


Move to the Top of Google With Local Searches...For FREE


"Customer Service and Success in Hospitals"A Lesson for Every Healthcare Provide


Build Your Practice at Every Level  


Marketing Lawyers



Creating MD Specialist Relationships



Why Chiropractic and Reimbursement Has Suffered


Lawyer’s Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Events and Holiday Gifts


The Best Source for Quick and Perpetual Referrals


Lawyer Marketing Challenges



Getting Your Referral Sources to See you: Marketing Strategy


Cold-Calling Part 1


Cold-Calling Part 2


Cold-Calling Part 3


“2017 Business Strategy” 


Obnoxious, Pompous, Arrogance Sometimes = Referrals


2018 Lawyer's Cold Calling Script


Marketing Webinar & Handouts


Blueprint for the Future: Turn Defense into Offense


A Shift in Carrier Settlement Tactics Opens Up Lawyer Referrals





The following modules are "Quickies." These have been previously e-mailed in their entirety and are here for your review. Although the messages are shorter in length, they are no less important.


Quickie 1 G

The "Single Best & Fastest" Way to Get New PI Patients

Quickie 2 G

Videoconferencing to Lawyers

Quickie 3 G

Perception is Everything

Quickie 4 G


Quickie 5 G

The Lawyers Roundtable - An Update on Increasing the Success Rate

Quickie 6 G

Lawyers Roundtable PowerPoint Presentations

Quickie 7 G

The Future is Here & They Will Beg You to Meet with THEM

Quickie 8 G


Quickie 9 G

This is Working so Well, but I am Trying Hard to Keep Me a Secret

Quickie 10 G

Stay the Course

Quickie 11 G

The Power of a Live Seminar

Quickie 12 G


Marketing Your Practice

Quickie 13 G

Increase Your Web Search Engine Ranking...For FREE

Quickie 14 G

Be Seen and Get Referrals

Quickie 15 G


Double Your Volume

Quickie 16 G

Double Your Practice

Quickie 17 G


Cute...Pretty...Attractive...But Will Get You Zero New Patients

Quickie 18 G

A Total Waste of $$$ in 1990 That Would Still be a Waste Today

Quickie 19 G

Listen to Your Mother and Clean Your Room

Quickie 20 G

What Materials Can I Legally Post on My Web Site From the Lawyers PI Program?

Quickie 21 G

Ass-ectomy...The 10 Steps

Quickie 22 G

Summer Over, Holiday Over, Mental Holiday Over

Quickie 23 G

Get the Picture?

Quickie 24 G

MedPay Reimbursement Notice

Quickie 25 G 

Staff Can (pick one)...

Quickie 26 G

Failure vs. Success Technology

Quickie 27 G

Cleanliness: The New Standard

Quickie 28 G

Email Signature Line That Works

Quickie 29 G

The Survey Says…

Quickie 30 G

Social Media Marketing

Quickie 31 G

Digital Marketing-Backlinking

Quickie 32 G


Quickie 33 G 

SEO Has Changed

 Quickie 34 G

Do You Want MD Referrals RIGHT NOW

 Quickie 35 G

Marketing Staff

Quickie 36 G

The Studin Top 10… *ARE YOU? *HAVE YOU? *DID YOU?

Quickie 37 G 

Website Self Audit

Quickie 38 G 

New Marketing Tools

 Quickie 39 G

A New Way to Educate Lawyers

Quickie 40 G 

Marketing-Marketing-Marketing & Lawyers

Quickie 41 G

Success in Practice: Circa 2016

 Quickie 42 G

2017 Chiropractic Trend

Quickie 43 G 

Practice Strategy

Quickie 44 G 

CV’s & Tootin’ Your Horn

 Quickie 45 G

Updating CV’s

Quickie 46 G

Who Do I Market

 Quickie 47 G

Lawyers Seminars

Quickie 48 G 

2016-7 New Legal Standard

 Quickie 49 G 

Educating Lawyers and MD’s

 Quickie 50 G

Why Lawyers Will Use You 

Quickie 51 G

My CV Notification to Referral Sources

 Quickie 52 G

I Will Meet with Your Lawyers For You

 Quickie 53 G

This What Credentialing Building Looks Like

 Quickie 54 G


 Quickie 55 G

I Am Marketing Lawyers for You

Quickie 56 G

Another Meeting Not Had

Quickie 57 G 

Physical Office Space - Clinical Excellence - Marketing

 Quickie 58 G

Another Wall of Clinical Excellence

Quickie 59 G

Is Your CV Attached?

Quickie 60 G

Branding and Re-Branding

Quickie 61 G

Another CV Update

Quickie 62 G

Truama Expert Letter to Lawyers

Quickie 63 G

Another CV Update

Quickie 64 G

Have I Gotten Your Attention Yet?

Quickie 65 G

Whose Time is Cheaper?


Quickie 66 G

Why Do You Still Have a FREE Listing?

Quickie 67 G

Ethics Charge

Quickie 68 G

Traumatic Schmorls Node


Quickie 69 G

The Small Details are Huge

Quickie 70 G

The Proper Use of Logo's


Quickie 71 G

I am Advertising for You

Quickie 72 G

CV Citation Notice


Quickie 73 G

National Retailer Recognizes Your Credentials

Quickie 74 G

New Magic Language


Quickie 75 G

New Magic Language Critical Piece

Quickie 76 G

Another Missed Opportunity

Quickie 77 G

What I learned from the BEST Trial Lawyers Association in America


Quickie 78 G

A More Powerful Way to Communicate Your New CV Entries

Quickie 79 G

Getting in the LAST WORD


 Quickie 80 G

Missed Referral Opportunity

Quickie 81 G

6 P's of Licensure

 Quickie 82 G

How to Market Chiropractic Practice

Quickie 83 G


Quickie 84 G

Proper vs. Improper Carrier Denials

Quickie 85 G

US Chiropractic Directory Referrals


Quickie 86 G

Why the US Chiropractic Directory & The Trauma Team

Quickie 87 G

Google Changes & New Digital Requirements


Quickie 88 G

Say Nothing....The Best Marketing


Quickie 89 G

Your Competitive Advantage

Quickie 90 G

$10,000 Offer to $712,000 Verdict

Quickie 91 G

Open Another Office Near Me and I will Make you Rich

Quickie 92 G


Quickie 93 G

Anatomy of a Successful PI Program

Quickie 94 G

I Don't Know

Quickie 95 G

New Breed of a Trauma Trained Doctor

Quickie 96 G

1 Brick at a Time

Quickie 97 G

Become a Graduate Medical Educator


Quickie 98 G

Trauma Team Dividends

 Quickie 99 G

How to Break Into Hospital Emergency Rooms for Referrals

 Quickie 100 G

Trauma Team Member Press Release

Quickie 101 G

The Power of Credentials and More Trauma Team Dividends 

Quickie 102 G

Demonstrative Evidence Portfolio

 Quickie 103 G

Become the Reason the Lawyer Wins

 Quickie 104 G

UPGRADED Diplomas: Framed/Parchment Paper

 Quickie 105 G

Clinical Excellence on Display

Quickie 106 G

Patients Are Seeing YOUR Clinical Excellence


 Quickie 107 G

The End Game of Everything

 Quickie 108 G

600 Cases Last Month From the Hospital

Quickie 109 G  

2018 National Court Standard


Quickie 110 G

Show and Tell

Quickie 111 G

What's Been Happening? What's Coming? Why? What do I need to do?

 Quickie 112 G

 "The Personal Injury Big 5" The lawyers 2018 standard of winning cases

 Quickie 113 G

Your New Office Standard

Quickie 114 G 

Vacation is over and it's time

Quickie 115 G  

Academy of Chiropractic


Quickie 116 G

Loving Life Cable TV Show                       


 Quickie 117 G

 Credentials = $453,000 Verdict                                                     

 Quickie 118 G

 Lawyer… Here’s How Much More Money I will Make You

Quickie 119  G                                     

 What’s Coming (VERY SOON) NOW

    Quickie 120 G                                     

What Your Credentials Say to Your Community

Quickie 121 G

Our World HAS Changed         


Quickie 122 G


Quickie 123 G

 Outdate/Non-Updated CV’s

Quickie 124  G

 Trauma Credentials = BIG Referral

    Quickie 125 G                                     


Quickie 126 G



Quickie 127 G


Quickie 128 G

 Trial Lawyer Association Meetings and Hospital Entry

Quickie 129  G

 Getting Started and Increasing my Volume of PI Cases

Quickie 130  G

 "Where do I start getting more PI cases?"

Quickie 131  G

 "Lawyer's office manager stopped referring when Lawyer want to refer to me"

Quickie 132  G

 "Where do I start getting more PI cases?"

Quickie 133 G

 Outdate/Non-Updated CV’s

Quickie 134  G

 Trauma Team Sweeping Nation with Referrals

Quickie 135  G

 "How do I find lawyers to market and work with"

Quickie 136  G

 "Should I open a second office vs Building the one I am in"

Quickie 137  G

 ""How to get law firms to refer to you""

Quickie 138 G

 "How do I shift lawyer referrals away from the PI Mills and to me?"

Quickie 139  G

 Trauma Credentials = BIG Referral

Quickie 140  G

 "How do I start getting referrals after I did all the work"

Quickie 141  G

 "How to advertise your CV on the US Chiropractic Directory"

Quickie 142  G

 "Using P-IME's to build your practice"

Quickie 143  G

 "I just did my first lawyer seminar and WOW"

Quickie 144  G

 "Getting the lawyers attention to pay your bill"

Quickie 145  G

 "I just got Trauma Qualified, What do I do now?"

Quickie 146  G

 "Getting referrals after a lawyers seminar"

Quickie 147  G

 "ER's & Surgeons ran after me"

Quickie 148  G

 ""Educating an inexperienced lawyers""

Quickie 149  G

 "How to Jump Start Referrals"

Quickie 150  G

 "The little and big things that will get you referrals and paid"

Quickie 151  G

 "How do I jump-start marketing in my region"

Quickie 152  G

 "I haven't done much or made much"

Quickie 153  G

 "MD and Lawyer Marketing - SLAM DUNK"

Quickie 154  G

 "Marketing your credentials"

Quickie 155  G

 "Should I join the State Trial Lawyer's Association"

Quickie 156  G

 "Lawyer Webinar Program"

Quickie 157  G

 "ER Covid Offer"

Quickie 158  G

 "Where do my credentials fit into a marketing strategy"

Quickie 159  G

 "Training the lawyers how to settle during COVID"

Quickie 160  G

 "Thriving during COVID"

Quickie 161  G

 "Setting Up a Marketing Plan for Lawyers"

Quickie 162  G

 "Breaking into ER's and Urgent Care Centers"

Quickie 163  G

 "Covid-19 Vaccines and Marketing”

Quickie 164  G

 "Changing Lawyers Needs to Wants” The Secret to PI Referrals & Preventing the "Downs" in Practice circa 2021"

Quickie 165  G

 "“Anatomy of Getting into Hospitals”