The following modules are "Quickies." These have been previously e-mailed in their entirety and are here for your review. Although the messages are shorter in length, they are no less important. 


Compliance Mandate     


 Preventing and Surviving an Audit


Predetermined Practice Protocols


ChiroSecure Informed Consent



NCMIC Informed Consent

Quickie 1 CA

Practice Alert

Quickie 2 CA

SOAP Notes

Quickie 3 CA

Federal SOAP Guidelines

Quickie 4 CA

Compliance Audits: What is Happening Around the Country

Quickie 5 CA

Compliance Audits and Your Practice

Quickie 6 CA 

Make Money & Save Your Ass

Quickie 7 CA

Compliance Alert: Treatment Orders

Quickie 8 CA

Compliance Alert

Quickie 9 CA


Get Your House In Order

Quickie 10 CA

Chiropractic Fees Need to Be Legally Defensible

Quickie 11 CA


Review the Claims

Quickie 12 CA


National Pressure for Healthcare Reform

Quickie 13 CA

Restrospective Review Results

Quickie 14 CA

X-Ray Orders, Prompt Payment and Preventing Retrospective Audits

Quickie 15 CA

99.44%/100% Pure is Not Good Enough

Quickie 16 CA


Are you the CAUSE of getting retrospectively audited by the carriers?

Quickie 17 CA


Getting Paid, Retrospective Audits & the Correct Use of History in Your Evaluations and Re-Evaluations

Quickie 18 CA

Restropective Audits and the SIU

Quickie 19 CA

Compliance Alert

Quickie 20 CA


Quickie 21 CA


Compliance Alert: How Your Credentials Will Save You

Quickie 22 CA


Compliance Alert: Chiropractic is Targeted

Quickie 23 CA

Weeeeeere Here

Quickie 24 CA

Compliance Alert

Quickie 25 CA

The Stark Truth

Quickie 26 CA

Coding, Diagnosing, Insurance Carriers and Bullcrap...aka FRAUD

Quickie 27 CA

RAC and Restrospective Audits

Quickie 28 CA

To the Really Smart and the Really Stupid People

Quickie 29 CA

Contracts, Audits and Running a REAL Business

Quickie 30 CA

All Documentation is to be Created Equally

Quickie 31 CA

Medicare RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor) Expanding to Non-Medicare Providers and Here to Stay

Quickie 32 CA

Prevail in Any Audit/Never Get Audited

Quickie 33 CA

Medicare Advanced Beneficiary Notices (ABN)

Quickie 34 CA 

READ CAREFULLY...All of Your Money and Freedom Can Depend On It

Quickie 35 CA 

They're Coming

Quickie 36 CA

Surprise Visits by the Insurance Company

 Quickie 37 CA

Malpractice Avoidance

 Quickie 38 CA

HIPAA Security Risk Tool

 Quickie 38 CA

The 61% Rule

Quickie 39 CA

A Jesus Moment

Quickie 40 CA

Anatomy of Triggering an Audit

Quickie 41 CA

Documentation Alert

Quickie 42 CA 

Compliance Alert 2015

Quickie 43 CA 

Examination Under Oath - The Deposition you LOSE Sleep Over

Quickie 44 CA 

Abbreviations – Audits – No Payment

Quickie 45 CA

Federal RICO Violations

Quickie 46 CA


Quickie 47 CA 

Documenting Timed Procedures

Quickie 48 CA 

HIPAA Compliance Alert


Quickie 49 CA 

SIU and Treatment Orders

Quickie 50 CA

Sharing Billing Information

 Quickie 51 CA

Urgent-Urgent Compliance Issues

Quickie 52 CA 

An NEW OLD Documentation Standard

Quickie 53 CA  

HIPAA Compliant

 Quickie 54 CA

Continuing Education Re-Licensure Requirement 

Quickie 55 CA

Your Fees

 Quickie 56 CA

$853,000 Compliance Error

Quickie 57 CA 

Signature – Signature Stamps

Quickie 58 CA
URGENT...How to lose you license and go to JAIL

 Quickie 59 CA
Carrier's ZERO Tolerance

 Quickie 60 CA
Lawyers, Attorney Generals, and Getting Paid vs. Sued

 Quickie 61 CA
What State Farm is doing to one of our doctors

 Quickie 62 CA
Carriers Fraud for Profit Alert

 Quickie 63 CA
UPDATE: Carriers Fraud for Profit Scheme

 Quickie 64 CA
Do You Know the Doctor You are Referring to?

 Quickie 65 CA
Using Technology to Prevent Lawsuit

 Quickie 66 CA
Preventing Legal Allegations of Pre-Determined Care

 Quickie 67 CA
Handling Insurance Audits

 Quickie 68 CA
UPDATE: Writing IME Rebuttalse