Academy of Chiropractic’s
Lawyers PI Program

Lawyers Meetings-Communications #9
From the Desk of:
"Lawyer Meeting Handouts"


Many of you interface with Bar or Trial Lawyer Associations and hand out various items from bi-monthly binders to business cards, etc... I strongly urge you to become part of the culture of those associations by sponsoring their events and spend some "face time" with the lawyers that can potentially refer to you. It is part of the process of becoming "one of them."

I was asked to develop a document for a doctor who was going to be at a lawyer's event to introduce his practice and services. In doing so, I realized this document can serve many purposes from mass mailing to handing out at events. I still hold that a "mass mailing will end up in the garbage and have ZERO effect, but I am as delusional as you and HOPE that it will different than hoping for the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus..but I would waste more of my money in sending this en masse` understanding that the best I could hope for is exposure, albeit limited.  

At a live event, that is a different story as this will be directly in the hands of the lawyers and potentially can have a very positive and immediate effect.

The following is sample text that can be utilized in the event on your letterhead.