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 From the Desk of:


"Narrative Conclusion Language and the Bulging Disc"


The mechanism of her accident where she was the driver and was rear-ended while stopped and felt immediate pain in her neck and upper back clinically correlates to the MRI findings of multiple cervical bulges with spinal canal stenosis and x-ray findings showing degeneration at C3 through C7. These disc bulges predate her injury since bulging is a degenerative process that occurs over time. The network of sensory nerve fibers in her C3 through C7 discs are more extensive and deeper than would be found in a healthy intervertebral disc as a result of the degeneration (bulge). As her discs degenerated, pain sensing nerves grew and spread into the inner annulus and nucleus of the discs resulting in more pain sensing nerves covering a much greater area of the disc. The trauma that Ms. Patient received on 8/16/2010 has resulted in an active inflammatory process and irritation to the deeper nerves in the intervertebral disc which has activated this network of sensory nerve fibers causing persistent pain not present prior to the accident. This explains why she is unable to sleep or do physical activity in the way she did prior to the accident and as a normally functioning person does.

This conclusory language is in concert with consultation #197 that you MUST read in order to understand and implement the above language. This is a "game changer" and will serve you well for the rest of your career. This will set you apart from the entire medical community as it is based upon research so new that most medical specialists have never read it, let alone reported on it. The above language for the narrative conclusion explains why the patient has functional loss and pain as a direct result of the trauma (to be used when clinically indicated) based upon clinical correlation of the history, clinical findings and MRI correlation.

You MUST take the research article, read it and then teach the lawyer about his/her client's findings. In short, teach him/her the research so he/she understands it and can subsequently argue it. In a microcosm, this process is what this program is all about; being the expert, teaching the lawyer and reporting and becoming both the resource for cutting edge information and then having the credentials to be able to testify on the findings. Without the MRI course on your CV, you will be hard pressed to get this information admitted into evidence.