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"The Studin Top 10 Bullcrap Reasons for Failure"

#10. "My community/region is unique. Therefore, you have to better understand my area to help me. I have spoken to so many doctors and lawyers and they tell me, " This is nonsense; your area is not unique." I hear the same story in all 50 states. You will get the same number of referrals and relationships pro-rated with the population in your area. If you are in a rural area, then you will have less chance for relationships than someone in the heart of Manhattan simply due to less people and lawyers.

#9. All of the lawyers in my area are corrupt...More crap. Some are, but it is only a VERY FEW. Do you think a lawyer will risk going to jail to work with you? There absolutely are corrupt lawyers and they are hard to find. When you like the wind and never communicate with them in any way. If you have an opportunity, report them to the authorities as criminals need to be brought to justice.  Never be tempted by the "apple" in the garden of Eden; one bite and he/she will own you for the rest of your life.

#8. Love the program, but I don't have time, so I am giving it to my non-professional staff so they can make me rich and famous. Even more crap. You have the time to do whatever you want. Your staff cannot make you rich and famous. Your staff cannot teach you disc, spine or neurology. There are certain actions your staff can take to minmizie the "time pressures," but you have to be the "real deal" and understand this material to implement it. This is not something you can abdicate. Certain things can be delegated, but you can't base the success of this program on a staff member; it is a sure formula for failure.

#7. I don't have time to keep up with all of the consultations. You have to be kidding me! You have acres of diamonds in your hands, yet ignore them and make time for all of the other "get rich quick" schemes. In the time it takes you to buy a lottery ticket, you could have read the consult and implemented the success strategies. Remember, the game changes constantly and if you don't change with it, plan on joining the dinosaurs.

#6. I don't keep my curriculum vitae (CV) current. Successful people do the things unsuccessful people don't like to do. I only have 3 words for you: lazy, lazy, lazy. I really have no use for you in my world because now you know better and I don't want to watch you fail with all of the knowledge you have. It hurts too much.

#5. Lawyers will only refer if I refer to them. This is the "biggest urban myth" in the game. Lawyers absolutely want more new clients...but...there is one thing lawyers want more than new clients and that is to win their cases. For 20 years, I referred lots and lots of cases out to lawyers and got so few in return because why would a lawyer want to refer to someone they HAD to use as expert who was full of crap and not an expert at any level only to lose in the end? Once I got my game down and became the expert, I referred ZERO patients out and averaged 40 new PI cases per month in one of the most competitive regions in the nation for over 10 years. Lawyers want to win and will seek out the best in order to do so. If you have cases to refer, that's gravy...but not necessary.

#4. I don't have a preferred listing on the US Chiropractic Directory. You have to be kidding me! This is the cheapest way for people to find you with a professional listing and lawyers go there all the time!!!! With millions of hits per year and the opportunity to penetrate your community by using this vehicle, it is almost criminal not to have a preferred listing ( You spend so little for so much...$22 per month to support your practice, chiropractic and research. Use this to professionally bring lawyers, MDs, patients, community leaders and all other referral sources to you. This is also an SEO tool as it will make you recognized by search engines.

#3. I don't have my CV posted on the US Chiropractic Directory because... Remember when you were in camp (at least that is where I first heard it) in your formative years and they asked, "If a tree falls in the forest and no one sees or hears it, did it really fall?" This is the same thing. If no one has the ability to see your CV, then does it really exist? You and your mom don't count. It only counts if the public has an avenue to find it, get it and share it. Your CV is a highly searchable record when posted in html format on the Web and it is one that constantly changes with updates. This is another prime reason for the engines to find you, the constant changes. That is why we went to such great lengths to create the CV Builder for you. It took me 6 months of daily work and $1,000's to create a free vehicle that can be the core of your success. USE IT!

#2. My paperwork, narratives, SOAP Notes, CV and other scraps of notes are not in perfect order and therefore, inadmissible. If something is not admissible, it doesn't exist and is invisible to the courts. Get your paperwork together because the legal community is about written proof. The old adage still holds true, "If it isn't in writing, it doesn't exist."

#1. Knowledge is power and the lack thereof is what makes you the "King of Crap!" I still hear the wrong explanations on the physiology of disc from many of you who have been in the program too long and should know better by now. Too many of you think that to be successful you have to ignore the "doctor" in front of the name "chiropractic." We are doctors of chiropractic, all of us, and the doctor is what separates all of us from being technicians or physical therapists, secondary providers.

PT's are great and do great work, but they cannot diagnose or prognose by license or training. That is what makes us doctors and we have a very big responsibility to the health and well being of the public. Forget personal injury; you have to be a real doctor and understand what a true "spine specialist" should know, which mandates that you stay current on technology and the latest research.

You HAVE to take the requisite courses and become Trauma Qualified... but not until you have completed reading all of the counsultations. If you have questions, call me. 

You can't win unless you have an infrastructure for success and the knowledge behind it. Unless you are the "real deal" clinically, no infrastructure in the world will bring you to the top.