Preamble: Testimonials serve a bigger purpose than doctors tooting their horns or mine. They both give inspiration to those "stuck in their stuff" and also give insight to what works and why. Sometimes it is my words that motivate and teach while other times it may be other's words that motivate.

Are you sitting down?
Dr. Mark,
I literally couldn’t believe my ears.  First, let me tell you this… About 3 weeks ago I presented my narrative report to an attorney on a slip and fall case I was working on.  Yes, presented.  I didn’t just mail it in.  This is an attorney I have never worked with before, so I wanted to take advantage of a few moments to impress with my narrative.  Please understand, this attorney is a bit of a tough cookie.  Just after my patient went for her last follow up with the neurologist (2 days after, to be precise), I received a letter from this attorney.  The letter quoted state law and “demanded” a “final report within 10 days of this letter or I would be in violation… blah blah.”  I immediately called her and briefly explained the chronology of symptomotology.  She warmed up (a bit) and asked me to please get the narrative done ASAP and “send” it to her.
Now, back to the presentation of the narrative…  
I set a meeting to go over my findings with the attorney and “explain the important aspects of the case.” Her assistant sounded pleasantly surprised that I wanted to hand-deliver the report.  The main/owner lawyer didn’t come to the meeting (she sent the associate to meet with me)… so I went over my report with the associate -- MRI findings (which I explained to her) -- the section covering prior treatment the patient had received in my office before her fall (but was unrelated, so I handled it in the report—and provided all notes, initial, and final from that treatment).  I also covered the neurologists report and pointed out items in the report that the defense might try to make a stink about and explained how to handle it.  I then showed her the part of the report done in the patient’s own words “Since the collision I can’t…”  at which time she pushed her chair back from the table and said, “First, let me say that I’m blown away that you actually came down to our office to present this information… and thank you for saving me about 5 days worth of work gathering all of that information.” After the presentation, I handed her my CV and told her I would be happy to review any other files she might have for any diagnostic dilemmas, etc.  She politely said, “I’ll let you know if we ever need your help.” (Good-bye forever, right?)  BUT…   
Today, I saw on the caller ID that this same lawyer’s office was calling me.  I wondered if they were calling to ask me to cut my bill so they could settle the case, etc. WRONG!  They were calling to ask ME  if they could buy ME lunch… and “where would I like to go!” Huh? What the…?  The owner/lawyer AND the associate will be meeting me for lunch in two weeks.  I don’t even know what to say…  and I remember being scared to get started with my first attorney meetings… What a laugh.  THAT WAS EASY.  Don’t wait to “advertise” and find lawyers to meet with.  Get your CV up to snuff and go to the attorneys who are handling cases you already have in your clinic. (Where have I heard that before?)…Thanks doc!
Dean Brown, DC

Testimonial #2


Dr. Studin,

I drank the Kool-Aid!

I have been studying your program for about a half a year now developing the “infrastructure” to market to Attorneys that we are the best place to send their clients for care.

I have put the consultation, the exam, and the report in place, and the daily SOAP notes (not an easy task with using a travel card for 20 years) and follow up exams. I haven’t even promoted to attorneys yet, BUT, because my focus is on “Clinical Excellence”, with EVERY patient, my patients are really taking their care much more seriously now. The result just kind of snuck up on me, my Patient Retention is up 50% over this time last year, and my collections are up over 50%, and that feels really good!

The extra cool part about this is I am not trying to force anything, to grow my practice, it is just happening naturally by doing clinically excellent work, and that makes it fun to come to work every day!

Thank you Dr. Studin for sharing your system of Clinical Excellence, it works!!!

Dr. Daren 


I recently received this:
I went to see an attorney on a non-practice related issue.  I walked out with 3 P-IME's on cases that he has as I introduced the Plaintiff IME concept to him.  He loved it.  Not only did it get the cases, but I will be required to testify in the upcoming Arbitration in the next 90 days.  The defense IME"s were your typical nonsense that stated the patient should have spontaneously healed in 3-5 visits.
Just wanted to share.  This is lawyer that I worked with in the distant past, and just decided to get his opinion on a personal matter that I needed some advice on, and in turn, I walk out with more than I came in with, and I now have a new office to add to the list of my growing referral tree.
Have a great weekend.
Dr Dale

Testimonial #4


 Idaho Falls, Idaho...The reason I add his city (pop. 54,700) is that I hear all the excuses of why the program doesn't work for you. In the small communities, it's because there aren't enough people. In the large cities, it's because it's too impersonal. In the mid-sized regions, the lawyers are on the take. I want you to formally know that all of it is a bunch of bullcrap! Here is a doctor who has worked his butt off and in a relatively short amount of time is succeeding because he gets it and is putting what he knows into action. You can too!

Idaho writes:
I visited with a new attorney (for me) today, this morning concerning a patient that i released monday from care. I had already requested the other Drs records anticipating the release. I told the attorney notifying him of the releae and I would have some thing to him by weeks end. I burned the midnight oil so to speak to get this out. I finished last night. It looked great and i followed your narrative as an example. I walked into the attorney office and the receptionist said ill take the narrative to the attorney. I politely asked to see him, if possible to discuss some significant findings and review the case..
She said he is quite busy please wait.. she was gone about 2 minutes i was thinking great i shouldn't have given it to her...
Ok he the attorney walks to the front invites me to his office and said, "this is the most complete narrative, file, CV i have ever seen, i walked through, the case page by page, recounting correlating functional loss, range of motion, future care, injury codes not sprain strain est.. and even had the Past MD records in the file so he didn't have to request them... He said i will be able to send the demand in today, not wait till January like i was thinking. Thanks for your help, can i have your card, you will be hearing from me... 
You made me look good and you deserve a big THANK YOU  and yes i will be the best of the best if i keep following the best..
I have a ways to go... but i'm working on it..
Thanks again,   Gary

Testimonial #5



Sorry for the delay in this email. I want to thank you for an awesome day in the Hamptons last month. I really enjoyed hanging out with you and the other 8 docs. I've been working with you for about 3 years and my practice has changed dramatically and the change has been just as you said it would, it spirals upward. Over the past 3 years I have made some great relationships with other doctors in your program both guys I've meet at your NY seminars as well as other docs that you have told to call me, it has been really cool to see other docs grow too. It is so refreshing to talk and work with other docs that have the same issues in practice and we are able to learn together on how to overcome them. In addition I've had the opportunity to create some great attorney relationship as well as relationships with multiple medical specialists.

The great thing about working with you and Bill is the fact that both of you are always there to help us. I feel like I've only scratched the surface of how I can continue to grow my practice. I'm excited for the next 3 years.

I wanted to share some back and forth text messages from a Neurosurgeon. Let me give you some background information on how we were introduced... I had 4-5 attorneys and a pain management PM&R doc that had asked me to make sure I meet with this newer neurosurgeon in the area. My office called to set up a greet and meet at his office. When I went his office manager said he had an emergency surgery but invited me back to talk. He called me later that evening and apologized for not being able to meet with me, and had heard great things about me and my practice from several attorneys and some other pain management doctors. The next week he and his office manager came to my office and we were able to talk for well over an hour: We talked MRI, Triaging cases, spinal biomechanics, surgical techniques, team treatment, and patient out comes.

Back and forth text messages:

(ME)DC: Just a heads up I just sent over 2 possible surgical case for consult.

MD: Awesome thanks Dr. Smith, we have big day in clinic coming up and we will have bunch to send to you.

(2 days later I had 5 referrals faxed over)

DC: Just sent you another one, patient has weakness and atrophy in the lower leg on the left, L4-L5 8 mm extrusion with caudal migration.

MD: Thanks, should be able to help him.

MD: Thank you so much we're going to make you our exclusive therapy source.

DC: I was able to see your patient XXXX today, I faxed over exam report and treatment plan.

MD: Great, she has to many health issue to safely do surgery... She needs to be your pt forever because I don't intend to do surgery on her.

(4 more referrals sent over the next week)

MD: Thanks for seeing our patients, we are strongly urging our patients to see you.

MD: We have a big clinic next week so be ready to be busier than you want to be.

Thanks again for all you do, and I'll see you on Saturday in NY.



Aaron D. Smith, DC, DAAMLP