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"Backlinking, A Critical Key to Being Seen"

Whether you are 82 or 22, the Internet affects your life. You cannot hide, but ignoring it will leave you behind in practice.


My dad is 82 years old and he works full-time in Florida, a place he went to retire, play golf, do wood working and play cards every day; that lasted a year. 10 years ago, he went crazy, so he started a business in his 6000 unit condominium and is having the time of his life working for himself and making his own hours working every day.

He called me 2 weeks ago and said, "I finally gave in and traded my Blackberry for the iPhone because I was able to trade it in for the iPhone 4! This is a man who was in the furniture business his whole life and never used a computer once. I asked my dad, "Why the iPhone?" His answer was that it integrated seamlessly into his desktop software, kept all of his appointments for him and the others who work under him, allowed him to simultaneously be on the phone and on the Web looking up information for his clients and had the best internal GPS so he could find every Dunkin Donuts in the region and get directed there!

If you think technology is for the Lady Ga-Ga, Ke$ha or Flo Rida generation, you are grossly mistaken. One of the largest demographics for Facebook is the 40-60 year old age group trying to find old friends and get reacquainted with their pasts. Lawyers, physicians, human resource managers, clergy, chambers of commerce, your patients and every other referral source is connected to the Internet, and you had best be as well.

The Internet is a way of life and it is here to stay. It is also the focus of every large corporation in the world when considering advertising dollars. You need to pay attention and learn from both the billion dollar company and my dad; they are both equally as smart!

If I want you to go to the US Chiropractic Directory or I want the Web crawlers to see the 
US Chiropractic Directory, I would create an imbedded link within the name. You will see that it is in blue above and underlined. Click on it. That is a backlink.

Here is a tutorial: 
Creating Backlinks, taken from:

What is a backlink?

Backlinks are a link to your website from another website. The search engines love these. When they see the link on someone else's site it sends the spiders over to your site and they index your site getting it placed on a search engine organically instead of you going over and entering it. This way is preferred by the search engines.

Where do I put backlinks? 

You can put backlinks in any number of locations. You can use them in signatures in forums, you can pay for them, but today we are talking about putting them in blogs.

You find a blog that is about a similar topic as what you will be linking to. You read the blog and then you make an insightful and meaningful comment to the post. When you are finished with your post you also put a link to the site you want the search engines to go look at. (and the other people reading the blog for that matter) :)

How do I make a backlink?

To make a backlink it takes a couple steps. (they're real easy don't worry)

1. Know your url. If you want your link to send people to the front page, or to a specific article or blog post, make sure you have the specific url for that. For example it might be the difference between which is the main page of my research blog or this: which is a specific post.

2. Now you need a little html magic. You will need to use this html code to make a link:
 <ahref=>balance chronic pain and chiropractic which is a specific post.

3. You will need a keyword for your link. Don't use a keyword that is in the title of your blog/article/website, because the search engines will already see it in your url. Choose something else that is relevant to where you are sending people. For example, using the above post I might use the key word Peanut Butter and Jelly Chicken Stew.

Let's use the example from my blog and I'll show you what it looks like, in code and then the way it appears in code.

<ahref=>balance chronic pain and chiropractic

Here's what it will look like in my comment: Chiropractic Treatment for Balance and Chronic 

Backlinks from blogs are great and you need to think about the page rank of the blog before you leave the backlink. You should be backlinking from a blog with a higher page rank. I would choose at least a 4 or 5. It may have to be lower depending on your niche.

Searching out blogs and figuring out what their page ranks are could take forever. That's not even including going and making your comment.

One of the reasons we created the US Chiropractic Directory and removed is the number of users on the US Chiropractic Directory and the power of numbers. We utilize social networking and every time you add your Web site, update CV credentials, etc. we are creating more backlinks and attracting more traffic to both your listing and the Directory. Everyone wins. It is also one of the reasons we force you to use our automated CV Builder. (The other is very few know how to create an admissible CV.) Each listing offers more keywords and your Web sites, e-mails and address listings are all seen by the Web crawlers. This is actually very, very easy.
Should you have a Web site for your office, you should be backlinked to the US Chiropractic Directory by going to your listing and clicking on it. Go to the top address line and copy your URL (Web address) and put this link on your site when backlinking. When you go back to your site, find text in the body of your pages and then direct your viewers to the US Chiropractic Directory and your listing.
You might want to consider (you have to do this) talking about specific research on your Web site from the Directory and embed the link from the US Chiropractic Directory into the text of your site. On the US Chiropractic Directory, we give you an area to add your links and you can also add backlinks into the description of your practice within your "preferred listing."
There are limitless opportunities to create backlinks if you are creative. The more you link up, the more you will be seen and the more you're seen, the more your practice will grow.