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Lawyers PI Program


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"How to Build Your Educational Binder"
(ver. 9/2010)

The Great Problems of Growth


In the early days of the Lawyers PI Program we were called the Lawyers Marketing Program until the light bulb went off in my head that we don’t market. (I never said I was swift!!!!) Back then, I recommended that your educational binder include every bi-monthly research flyer and and the research behind them. No more.

We have grown to the point where today, on 9-23-2010, we have 86 educational fliers and that is too much for anyone to digest at one time. In addition, if you give the lawyers every single one, then what are you going to do in the future? They could feel that although there are 2 new ones each month, they have enough. You need to have a compelling reason to revisit them and personally educate them. Take 15-20 fliers and include the complete table of contents by printing it directly from the Web site. Make sure you know the subject matters inside and out. Be the expert because you have to expect to be queried. In some cases, you will feel like you are being cross-examined and that is the best place to be.

Remember the 6 P’s, Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. In other words, do your homework. When I lecture, it’s 3 hours of non-stop information because I have prepared myself on the subject matter. Take the time to read and learn. Once the lawyer learns about you through your dialogue, you have taken the first major step in gaining his/her confidence and trust as an expert that will carry you for the lifetime of your career and relationship.

It is for this reason that I have chosen to be involved with and highly recommend the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals ( The organization is about research and getting the information. You must be on the cutting edge of what’s new regarding the scientific validity of what we do and who and what we care for.

That is what being an expert is in trauma. It has to go well beyond the adjustment and doctors nationally have certified that this level of knowledge is the cornerstone of their new found success. This program gives you the infrastructure to succeed and unless you become the real deal, "fahgetaboutit," as Tony Soprano says in New Jersey.

In the front cover of your binder, add your CV. However, make sure you include the link to the US Chiropractic Directory so that you can direct the lawyer to your CV in the directory. It is there that they will see your most current CV as you are constantly advancing your formal education and making yourself a more qualified expert. Make sure that you have a "preferred listing" and if you need help setting it up, call Alli at 631-626-0406. You need to look the part and render the perception of excellence to match the reality of your practice.

This is what is going to excite the lawyers and they will look at your listing and CV online if you e-mail them and their receptionists to focus them. Once they know how to find you and you tell them to bookmark the page, they will have an easy way to send their clients to your page and make the referral a non-issue.

Once you meet with them and show them the binder and your CV, you will be primed to show them your narrative that is in a separate binder and is NOT for them to take, no matter how much they pressure you. Again, if you give them the narrative, they will take it and give it to their other doctors and have the "goods" to bypass you.

Nothing else changes about the encounter. This process has been working consistently for much too long yielding incredible results and referrals with NEVER asking for them. They will refer to you because you are the best. Be the best, do the things that the best do and have the things that you want. You don’t get to have those things until you do the things and it starts by being the best; a play on words that simply says you start by being the best.