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Templated Letters to Create Relationships with Lawyers Based on Research


Remember I said that direct mail, marketing and advertising doesn’t work in creating a PI practice? I have said that maybe 10,000 times, yet I am so stupid, I still believe I will find the magic letter, so here is my latest attempt to find that holy grail of "easy." Like Santa Clause, I still believe it exists, only I haven’t figured it out yet and I will never give up. is my latest attempt to capture lightening in a bottle.

If you go to the "Forms-Communication Materials" section on the left toolbar and scroll to "Templated Letter for Relationships Based on Research," you will find the form letter to send to lawyers in your area. Since this document is based upon the bi-monthly medical-legal fliers posted under "Educational Materials" on the toolbar, you have a large database that grows monthly to utilize for sending a continual stream of letters to the lawyers.

It is my strongest recommendation that this letter be sent every 2 weeks so that you have a presence in their offices regularly and a task your staff can accomplish. I would also suggest that you expect nothing, but hope for the best. Again, I am much too stupid to heed my own advice, but I think this one has longevity and as a result, will get the attention of the legal community because it is based upon information that will allow the lawyers to prevail in their cases.

Should this work, it will be the crowning achievement in my 30 year quest to find that "magic bullet." Keep me posted on any relationships that develop as a result.

PS...Did I mention that I am too stupid to give up?????