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Using the Internet to Get New PI Patients


PART 4 – Succeeding on the Internet & Sample Language for the US Chiropractic Directory - "About Our Practice"


The message you post on the Internet, or any other place you are published for the public to see, is what your world will judge you on. It is also the vehicle that will create the perception of you by the readers, who are potentially your next new patients or your referral sources. It is no different than the headlines of a newspaper. Read those headlines carefully. Newspapers have teams of writers just for the headlines because headlines sell.


Your language about you is your headline and it has to sell in a few short words. Too many doctors write nonsense and actually create the reverse effect; they turn off the potential patient and referral source. You have to render the perception that you are “larger than life” metaphorically so that the reader feels compelled to pick up the phone hoping you can accept them as a patient and they can get an appointment right away. The single reason they will want to pick that phone up is your clinical excellence. It won't be because you have a caring office or you perform a certain technique. The lay public has no clue on any technique, nor should they!You must use language that the lay public can relate to as being a superior clinician.


The following are 2 sample listings. The first is an actual practice description on the US Chiropractic Directory’s “About our Practice” section and the second is the posting belonging to a urologist who is a friend of mine. As a note, the urologist gets 3-4 new cases per week based upon his listing. I do not know about the chiropractor, but I would venture to say that he doesn’t do that well based upon his language.


John Sample DC

Care Wellness Center of Anytown USA helps you attain relief from new or chronic health problems naturally and wholistically without drugs or surgery. We utilize innovative and effective methods of chiropractic treatment which require no twisting or popping of the back or neck. In addition to chiropractic care, we also offer acupuncture, massage therapy, rehab, homeopathy and nutrition analysis to provide a unique blend of care and wellness treatments for improving your health.


The first thing I noticed about the above listing is holistically is spelled wrong…A HUGE NO-NO. Beyond that, there is nothing in his language that compels me to think he is the best-of-the-best clinically. In fact, it says nothing of clinical excellence.


Jaime Landman MD

Dr. Landman is the Director of Minimally Invasive Urology in the Department of Urology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and an Associate Professor of Urology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He has extensive clinical expertise in laparoscopic renal and prostate surgery and endoscopic management of urinary tract pathology. He has pioneered technology and techniques for minimally invasive management of renal malignancies, and has developed novel techniques which are used globally for laparoscopic partial nephrectomy.

Dr. Landman developed and tested novel ablation devices which are currently used for the minimally invasive ablation of renal tumors. He has extensive clinical experience with cryoablation of renal tumors and has developed new techniques to enhance the ability of surgeons to target and ablate renal malignancies.

Dr. Landman also has extensive experience with the treatment of urinary tract stone disease. His research focuses on stone disease and he pioneered the combined antegrade and retrograde approach to complex kidney stones.

Professional Associations:
Kidney Cancer Institute; American Urological Association; Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honors Society


Don’t be of the mindset that because Dr. Landman is a surgeon, that he has an advantage over you with his ability to use language. Remember, people are going to Dr. Landman’s Web site to find a urologist. People are going to the US Chiropractic Directory to find a chiropractor. That puts us on equal footing.


On a personal note, I found Dr. Landman on his Web site after a referral and called him immediately after reading his listing. After I interviewed him over the phone and did a little more research, I chose him as a doctor, but the process started because I looked him up on the Internet and was convinced that he was the best-of-the-best at what he does. Perception sells!


You have more tools than you realize for creating the perception. The following is sample language that I highly recommend. The level of language you can use also is dependent upon your credentials; the more credentials, the more you can talk about your level of clinical excellence. The following is my language on the US Chiropractic Directory’s “About our Practice” section. You need to customize the language to match your credentials. Later on, I will give you another sample listing to use as a template.



Dr. Studin is the clinical director of the Academy of Chiropractic and the US Chiropractic Directory and has been a practicing chiropractor for 30 years. He has been published extensively on research topics related to the spine and trauma related issues and lectures nationally on trauma, specializing in Biomechanical Engineering as it relates to automobile accidents and resultant bodily injuries. In addition to Biomechanical Engineering he has clinical expertise and teaches MRI Spine Interpretation, electrodiagnostic interpretation, head trauma, accident reconstruction, triaging the injured and impairment rating.

Dr. Studin has pioneered and developed global clinical protocols in conjunction with neurosurgery and neuroradiology for management and treatment of patients with herniated discs and resultant spinal cord and spinal nerve lesions. His extensive clinical experience in spinal related issues along with his research and teaching has allowed him to be certified by the New York State Department of Education, Board of Chiropractic and the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to render post doctoral education for chiropractors and medical doctors nationally.

Dr. Studin is also currently the Chairman of the Board of the American Academy of Medical Legal Practitioners, an organization dedicated to providing the latest medical research to doctors nationally. He was also honored as “Chiropractor of the Year for the State of New York” in 1992 and was also conferred with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2008, both by the New York Chiropractic Council.

Currently Dr. Studin’s practice is limited to complicated spinal injury cases.


The following is sample language that I would recommend you follow when creating your listing. Remember, the goal is to get the public to run after you because you are the best clinically.


Pat Sample DC, DAAMLP

Dr. Sample is the clinical director of the Anytown Spine and Injury Center. He/She has extensive experience in caring for spinal related issues.  These range from  trauma related cases as a result of accidents and sports injuries to scoliosis. This accompanied with his/her comprehensive post doctoral education allows Dr. Sample to treat both the simple and complicated cases.

Dr. Sample is certified by the New York State Department of Education, Board for Chiropractic, byhaving attained postdoctoral education in MRI spine interpretation, electrodiagnostic interpretation, triaging the injured, caring for the trauma patient, head trauma and brain injury, impairment rating and accident reconstruction.

Dr. Sample is a member of the Academy of Chiropractic and the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals. These are national medical research organizations that provide the latest research on the diagnosis and treatment of spinal related conditions. This allows Dr. Sample to offer the latest techniques based upon peer reviewed research when caring for his/her patients, while also drawing from 15 years of practice experience.

Dr. Sample is supported by a caring, highly trained staff that is dedicated to meeting the needs of their patients in processing insurance, legal or work related documentation.

Dr. Sample has been recognized by the Academy of Chiropractic as a clinician of excellence and has been awarded the Certificate of Merit by the New York Chiropractic College.


Spend a few minutes on the US Chiropractic Directory and critique the language of other listings as well as your current listing. Also, look at anything else you publish for the public to view. The goal is to accurately and honestly create the perception through language that you are the best-of-the-best. There are reasons why patients either knock down your door or don’t know that you exist. Create the perception.