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Using the Internet to Get New PI Patients


PART 3 – ALL NEW: Getting the Lawyers and Their Staffs to Engage in the Referral Process

Just think of how much you know now that you didn't know before... It gets MUCH better... Keep reading and if you need me... Call...don't be bashful!!!!


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My Success = Your Success


Over the last few years, I have worked tirelessly to learn about lawyers and personal injury patients. What I have learned from practicing for 30 years and interacting directly with injured patients and lawyers from coast to coast, is that lawyers do not want what you have, they need what you have and who you are or who you will become. I have also learned that this program can and does work for everyone who follows the protocols of the program. Here are 3 doctor’s stories that will lead us into the subject of this consultation.


Doctor #1

I want to start a few years back with Dr. Bill Owens in Buffalo, NY, a very depressed region in the country. He started the program telling me that he wanted to work with me so that he could create a bridge in his life, needing a few more PI cases. These would serve to give him a little more time so that his other business endeavours could create a bit more income and allow him to leave chiropractic. He was, by far, the most clueless doctor I had ever worked with at the time. I don’t know what inspired him, but he called me 3 times a day for months, often just for a 10 second question. Today, he is one of the most successful PI practitioners in the nation, getting 5-8 new PI or P-IME cases per week, working 2 ½ days per week so that he can spend the rest of his time with his young family.


Doctor #2

Next, I go to Dr. Howard Salob in rural (farmland) New York. He was perhaps the most “lost doctor” I have ever started with and today, a few short months later, he has transformed himself into a doctor who is on the rise and becoming a powerhouse in his region. Howard calls me often and always apologizes for interrupting me. I feel guilty when he apologizes because I don’t want to short change him on time and try to keep the conversation going, but he is respectful and gets off quickly. Howard has travelled 100’s of miles to sit with me and attend lectures for other doctors and mastermind meetings. In spite of difficult financial issues (NY has the lowest reimbursement rates in the nation), he has taken the necessary courses to get credentialed. He has also gone WAY out of his comfort zone and has reached out to the largest PI firms in the region, successfully sitting down with the principals who are now engaging with him. He also has worked with MRI companies to get them to sponsor a lawyers' lecture that will occur in the near future.


You don’t get it; Howard was this shy, timid guy who I could barely hear on the phone when he talked...This is the same guy who has gotten the most powerful lawyers in his area to meet him!


Doctor #3

Lastly, before I move on, I want to talk about Dr. John Cintineo. John has a very difficult time communicating, as he stutters, which has been a lifelong issue. In spite of his challenges, he has embraced the program as well as anyone nationally has, and has grown his practice to the point of almost tripling it in 2 years. He has taken over northern New Jersey with the other DC’s in the program. Every time he sponsors a lawyers' program in northern New Jersey, 70-80 lawyers show up. We have had 6 lectures to date, with the next one scheduled in a few months.  


John has also gotten me invited to be a guest speaker at the New Jersey chapter of the American Trial Lawyers Association’s yearly statewide meeting, with the others DC’s in New Jersey having prominent positions in the event. This is perhaps the single most powerful activity for a PI practice to have ever created. The date is November 12, 2010, and all New Jersey members of the Lawyers PI Program are welcome to participate as a result of John’s efforts.  


John did not do that alone, but he was smart enough to position himself with very talented and connected doctors in his region by waiving his restrictive covenant clause in our agreement and encouraging other DC’s to join the program. He brought those doctors to individual lawyer meetings in his region. This guy, who can’t communicate like the rest of us, is perhaps the best communicator I have ever worked with. He has embraced the program and taken it to a new level for his practice. As a note, I am very hard on John with respect to his direction and will not let him waiver from his goals. For some reason, he is still speaking to me.  


This program works for everyone who follows the protocols and gets out of their comfort zones of mediocrity. Basically,you just need to grow a pair I don’t get in trouble again, let’s just say “chutzpah” (Jewish for balls). Did you like how I avoided getting into trouble again?!?!?!


What I have been working on over the last year, as you have been reading about, is using the Internet as part of your success formula. I have gone from having 2,000 people per month going to my Web sites to over 80,000,000, becoming the largest chiropractic entity on the Internet in the world. I have hired the best in the world to learn how to do this and have learned the technology needed to make that a reality. In truth, simply hiring the best in the world does not work unless you engage in the process. The same is true for the Lawyers PI Program.


Success on the Internet, my Web people have shared with me, is what everyone wants, yet very few accomplish this level of success. The huge companies accomplish what we have because they have large staffs working full time to make it happen. However, the medium to small companies usually struggle.


I have spent the last year learning, refining and speaking to lawyers on both large and small scales. The result is that I am working full time for you and have come up with protocols and steps so that you can accomplish on a micro level what the large companies do on a national level with the medical-legal community. All it takes is you and your current staff and not much time or money, just action. I have already described many of the tools for you over the last 2 consultations.


What I said in my opening paragraph,“...lawyers do not want what you have, they need what you have and who you are,”is not only true, but becoming more critical as things get more difficult for the lawyers nationally. You simply have to create the avenue for them to get to you and this consultation is the next generation of directions for that to happen. It involes using a multimedia approach.


In almost every court nationally, as I have shared with your previously, the lawyers are focusing on the doctors' credentials. This also holds true for the carriers when settling a case, as the claims adjustors and the lawyers for the carriers utilize the standards of the courts to value a case. At this juncture, after over 100 consultations with an additional 172 “Quickie Consults,” I will trust that you have your narrative in perfect format and we have worked on it together. If you haven’t done that yet then simply go buy it at because you have probably procrastinated and without a perfect narrative format, you will become the proverbial “one & done” in a New York minute!


Your credentials and research are the key to a relationship with the lawyers and the key to being able to utilize a multimedia format in order to keep in constant contact with them. You must be in constant contact with the lawyers and have valid, compelling reasons for them to want to hear from you. Both your credentials and research are two areas that will enhance their practices in an ethical manner and get them to want more because they will win more as a result.


You also want to bring them to the US Chiropractic Directory’s Web site as often as possible. This is a huge 3rd party validation and will make you “larger than life” in the perception department. Perception sells!


Every time you add a credential to your CV, the lawyers should get both a written letter through snail mail and an e-mail informing them. You shouldn’t send the CV, just a synopsis and a link. Those letters should be followed up with phone calls to the lawyers and/or their staffs.


You need to create a list of every lawyer that you have ever worked with. These are the lawyers who have represented every patient you have ever cared for in your entire career. This task, hopefully, will be a very large task for you, as it is a simple process and a compelling reason for lawyers to engage with you for the right reasons. This list must be saved and automated so the process can be repeated frequently, with little effort. This is no different than the process and technology I use to be able to communicate with so many of you nationally on a regular basis, with minimal effort.


In the letter (sample to follow), you must highlight your current credentials and your new credential so the lawyer or his/her staff has a compelling reason to retrieve your CV online. You must get them all in the habit of going to the Web site so they will send their clients there as well. Sending them to your personal Web site will not resolve any issues. In fact, that will compound a problem for the lawyers. Lawyers have an ethical problem in referring to an individual doctor. Therefore, sending them to the US Chiropractic Directory resolves the issue because you are sending them to a site with 1000’s of doctors to choose from.


In addition, lawyers really do not care about your technique, your family chiropractic information or any other issue you feel compelled to peddle on your site. They only care about winning their cases and if you have a multi-purpose site to engage in family practice or trash drugs, vaccines or any other mainstream issue, the lawyers will do the opposite; they will prevent their clients from engaging with you.


Understand that this does not reflect my personal stance on any of those issues; it simply reflects the opinions of the lawyers I have worked with nationally. They will not work with any doctor who is controversial or does not respect mainstream opinions, as juries will see that as a negative and lose the respect of that doctor as an expert in trial. Remember, lawyers judge you on how you will do in trial even though they know you will rarely get there. They will not engage with a doctor who they feel from the start cannot finish on the witness stand.


When communicating with the lawyers or their staffs via snail mail or e-mail, the written communication should come from your staff and refer to you as a 3rd party. It adds another level of perception of importance. The following sample letter is written in a format that can be geared towards those lawyers who have had a relationship with one of your past patients, as well as those lawyers you have never worked with. For those lawyers you have had no relationship with, it is a great way to create a relationship. Therefore, I am giving you various versions so that you can create the necessary communication.


Sample Letter and E-Mail:


(Your Letterhead)


July 9, 2010

John Smith, Esq.

123 Main Street

Anytown NY, 11111


RE: New Credentials


Dear Mr. Smith,

Understanding the legal needs of the courts and admissibility with respect to medical-legal issues and doctors, I am sharing with you the new credentials of Dr. Studin. 

(Version 1) Since Dr. Studin has had a professional relationship with you in the past via common clients/patients, I am writing to share with you new credentials that Dr. Studin has acquired, for your records.

(Version 2) Since Dr. Studin has not had a professional relationship with you in the past, he realizes that an expert with his credentials is often needed and wanted to ensure you have his credentials on file for the future.

Dr. Studin has added the following credential to his curriculum vitae:

(Pick a description(s) from your CV or at

MRI Disc Pathology and Spinal Stenosis, MRI interpretation of bulged, herniated, protruded, extruded, sequestered and fragmented disc pathologies in etiology and neurological sequelae in relationship to the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots. New York Chiropractic Council, New York State Department of Education, Board for Chiropractic, AACME Joint Sponsorship with the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, CMCS Post Doctoral Division, Buffalo, NY, 2010

This is in addition to his existing credentials in:

(Add the topics of the courses you have taken)

  1. MRI Spine Interpretation
  2. Triaging the Injured
  3. Electrodiagnostic Interpretation
  4. Accident Reconstruction
  5. Impairment Rating
  6. Head Trauma
  7. Others

As Dr. Studin's credentials are constantly updated, he has chosen to post his CV online for you so that you have access to the most updated version for your cases and clients at your fingertips. He is being featured on the US Chiropractic Directory so that should you have a client who needs chiropractic services, he/she has many doctors to choose from.  This should resolve any ethical referral issues. 

To retrieve his CV please take the following simple steps: 

  1. Go to
  2. On the top toolbar, click on “USA Map Locator"
  3. Click on New York
  4. Scroll down to Dr. Studin
  5. On the bottom left, click on “View Doctors Credentials”

As Dr. Studin constantly adds to his credentials through formal education, we will alert you of any additional citations so that you can maintain his latest CV in your files. 


These letters should be followed up with phone calls to the lawyers' staffs 5 days after being sent, simply to ensure they received the letters and were able to download your CV so the lawyers have it at their disposal. Once the lawyers' offices have gone to the US Chiropractic Directory, and you should send them there periodically, you have created the scenario of them coming to you. That is the goal. In future consultations, I will cover new ways to put compelling research into the lawyers' hands and get them wanting more from you.