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“Licensure Boards and Using the Academy of Chiropractic/Doctors PI Program to Protect Your License”


The following letter was just sent to a licensure board to resolve a licensure issue that a doctor has in fighting to keep his license. He was told that this would suffice in their requirements to show that the doctor met all of the parameters of the board. This stemmed from a complaint (anonymous) that was undoubtedly created from an insurance company in order to not have to pay the claims. In fact, the carriers have used the pretense of licensure issues and documentation in many cases nationally as a reason not to pay doctors' claims and they have prevailed in every instance where the board has ruled against the doctor. Another area of windfall profits for the carriers and another reason to get a voluntary audit to make sure you don’t fall into this trap so you can keep your money. This was written 5 minutes ago:



PO Box 700 East Setauket NY 11733

631-786-4253, 661-843-1062 fax

June 11, 2020

Chiropractic Board

Box 123

Anytown USA 12345


RE: Ben Dover DC


Dear Board Members,


I was asked to comment on my relationship with Dr. Dover over the last year regarding his professional educational activities during that time frame. 

The Academy of Chiropractic is dedicated to clinical excellence in the application of chiropractic, the triaging of patients and the documentation in the care of those patients. Dr. Dover joined our program approximately 1 year ago and the first part of the program was to dissect his documentation and make recommendations as to where he needed support to get his level of documentation to match his clinical work. 

Dr. Dover voluntarily chose to take the entire program that covers every facet of chiropractic practice. The program starts with the first encounter with the patient and then covers the history, examination, x-ray reporting, SOAP notes, insurance reporting, medical-legal reporting and patient reporting on paper of their findings. 

This is a very extensive program that covers many areas of practice and takes a commitment of a significant amount of time on the practitioner’s part. I have worked with over 1000 chiropractors in the last few years and Dr. Dover is one of the few doctors to choose to do the entire program including all of the post-doctoral courses. 

The following graph, listed in alphabetical order, is an extensive sampling of the modules of the courses that Dr. Dover has completed over the last year beyond the post-doctoral courses he has already made available for your review.

A Script vs. a Prescription;  A lesson in necessary documentation

"Incident To," The Shortest Way to Disaster

A Critical Lesson in Clinical Protocols, If You DO NOT KNOW…You Do Not Touch

A New Legal Standard Has Been Set For Documentation

A Very Dangerous Place to Be…The Opposite of Clinical Excellence

Abbreviations in your reports

Be Pro-Active with needed documentation

Beware of the MRI Interpretation by the radiologist

Business writing and the doctor’s practice

Chiropractic Fees Need to be Legally Defensible

Chiropractic Documentation needs  to be Legally Defensible

Clinical Comments, Surgical Rods Breaking

Clinical Correlation of Non-Disc Findings in the Narrative

Clinical Protocols & Case Study

Communication is the Key in your Documentation

Communication Materials


Compliance Alert

Compliance Audits and Your Practice’s documentation

Compliance Audits: What is Happening around the Country

Continuing Education and Picking the Right Courses

Co-Treating Doctor’s Records, Electro-Trauma Patients &  Your License


Credentials, Credentials, Credentials

Critical Triage  & documentation part 1

Critical Triage & documentation part 2

Curricula Vitae

CV Update

CV’s – Living Documents


Diagnosing Spinal Pain

Diagnosis Update

Disability Liability

Dissecting Aneurism


Documentation, Testifying & Defending Your License

Documenting  Admissibility

Documenting  Functional Loss

Documenting  Pre-Existing Conditions

Documenting Clinical Correlation of Patient Findings

Documenting Functional Loss

Documenting Functional Loss & Pain

Documenting Gaps in Care

Documenting Guidelines for SOAP Notes

Documentation Standards of Care for the Injured

Educational Binders

Evaluation Report vs. Final Narrative

Evaluations Requirements & Certifying the Subluxation

Evaluations, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Height  & Weight

Failed Back Surgery – Fibromyalgia Codes

Federal SOAP Guidelines

Federally Required Fraud and Abuse Training

Free Medical Research for Your Practice

Functional Loss Critical Update

Gaps in Care, Part 2

Retrospective Audits & the Correct Use of History in Your Evaluations and Re-Evaluations

Head Trauma, Brain Injury & Concussion

Head Trauma, Brain Injury and Concussion

HIPAA Notice of Privacy

How Does a Lawyer Measure a Doctor?

If you do not know…DO NOT TOUCH

IME Response

Impairment Rating 6th Edition

INFRASTRUCTURE, The most important word in your success

Insurance Denials & Tough Language

Is it a diagnosis…or isn’t it?

Just Like 3rd Grade, Grammar Counts

Kicking It Up a Notch With Your Narrative

Lawyers Communication System

Liens, Liens and Liens

Ligament Diagnosis

Listing of Medical Abbreviations

Medicare Changes

More Narrative Tidbits

MRI & Pregnancy

MRI Clinical Protocols

MRI Clinical Protocols

MRI Clinical Protocols & Case Study

Multiple Appointments

Narrative Accident History


Narrative Delivery System

Narrative Language: Interim Disability

Narrative Tips

Narrative vs. Evaluations Reports & Code Compliance



Narratives & Documentation

New Diagnosis

New Documentation Standards

Outside Records


Preparing for Deposition or Trial

Protrusion, Bulge, Herniation, Extrusion, Sequestered, Fragmented Discs


Reporting Multiple Accidents

Research, Jaw Injury After Car Accidents

Research, Post-Traumatic Headaches and Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks

Retrospective Review Results

Rule-Out Diagnoses Do Not Exist. Why are you Using Them?

Sample Narratives

Shut Up and Build a Huge Practice

SOAP Notes

Spinal Decompression

Supervision Requirements

Technology, Clinical Excellence & Research Will Create Lasting Relationships

Testifying & Deposition

Testing Protocols 

That’s Clinical Excellence

The 6 P’s, Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

The 953.0 Diagnosis

The Chiropractor as Expert on the Witness Stand

The Deposition

The Lack of Clinical Excellence & How it Will Destroy Your Practice

The Little Things That Make the Big Difference

The Narrative History

The No-No’s And Yes-Yes’s of Narrative Writing

The Pitfalls of ALL in a Narrative

The Power of the DISC

The Report of Findings and the Paradigm Shift, Part 1 of 3

The Report of Findings and the Paradigm Shift, Part 2 of 3, The Tools Needed

The Report of Findings and the Paradigm Shift, Part 3 of 3, Creating the Environment

The Right and Wrong of Reporting and Documenting  X-Rays

The Top 10 Narrative Mistakes

The Trial

Timing of the Final Narrative & Chronology of the Patient’s Symptoms

Treating Doctor Status

Treatment Orders

What Documentation Insurance Companies Get

What to do with NO FINDINGS

What to Say and Do When Meeting With Lawyers Part 1, The Talking Points

What to Say and Do When Meeting With Lawyers Part 2, Medical Legal Scorecard

Win With Your Staff

Winning Through Clinical Excellence

Working With the Local Bar Association 

X-Ray Orders, Prompt Payment and Preventing Retrospective Audits

Your CV is a Powerful Tool

Your Narrative Can Be the Key

Understanding Dr. Dover’s issues, I had chosen to work with him directly to certify that he has satisfactorily completed every module. 

Please understand that I am certified by the New York State Department of Education, Board for Chiropractic, The State University of New York at Stony Brook, School of Health Science Technologies and the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to teach both undergraduate and post doctoral courses in these subject matters along with other certifying bodies.

 Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.