Academy of Chiropractic’s
Lawyers PI Program

Growing Your Practice #12
From the Desk of:

"Build Your Practice at Every Level"


Over the weekend, a long-time client contacted me to vent about his frustration over his practice being sooooo slowwwww....

I didn't take his phone call on purpose. I needed time to ponder and reflect the question...WHY? This is a previously highly successful practitioner of 30 years and all of a sudden, nothing works...and..we have had many conversations over the last few years on the same subject because this doctor has been reeling in the wrong direction for far too long.

The answer just came to me...4 days after the initial contact and it's so simple that new practitioners know it. The only difference it is much harder, and at the same time so much easier for new practitioners.

The first concept that we will discuss is the 2 mandated parameters for success: Long days and sleepless nights. Once we accept that, the rest is easy.

To get busier for the new practitioner is one of time and economics. They have lots of time and NO MONEY. Therefore, those doctors should use their time wisely and forget the lawyers, all they need to get started is "warm bodies" on their tables, no matter the financial class. Low pay, medium pay or high pay....just fill the office. Then...replace the "crappy" Medicare and Managed Care with personal injury cases so you can go from paying your bills to making money in practice. 

To fill your offices, the new practitioner should go "door to door" visiting businesses and simply introducing yourself to your community. During that visit either get a business card form the person, or write down the name and address of the business on a list as you leave. Simply tell the shop keeper or worker that you are a chiropractor in town and wanted to simply meet everyone in the neighborhood to say hello.

When you get back to your office, write their name and address on an envelope and mail it with a letter that simply says: 

Dear "name,"

Thank you for your time and hospitability. It has been a pleasure working in "town's name" and meeting such nice people as yourself who have made me feel part of the community. 

If I can ever be of service, please don't hesitate to call. 

Thank you again,


Mark Studin DC


...and mail it with 3 business cards in the envelope. 

Here is the fun part. No less than 70 need to be sent weekly, that is 10 per day because success knows no weekends, mornings or evenings. When I opened I met 1300 people in my community in my first month and mailed them my "Thank You Grams" as they were called in the "olden days." 

At the 4 week mark I was treating 100 patients per week with no staff (who had the money to hire them?) and still went into the community meeting more and more people. I was up at 6am and in coffee shops, between the patients that were cluster-booked and in the evenings I test drove dozens of really, really cool cars because car salesman were a captive audience during the test drive. 

It was a "numbers game" and I wanted numbers. There is no substitution for numbers and no shortcut in the process. I also personally believe that 10 per day is for "wimps" and the real number should be a minimum of 25. That equates to 750 in 30 days. I met 43.3 people per day...yes, some were half and quarter people. 

This is an easy task for the new practitioner, but the experienced doctor has already been there and feels like a failure to have to do so all over again...TOO BAD. Success has a set of rules and it requires long days and sleepless nights to get back on track. Show me a DC who only works 3 days a week and I will show you a DC who is on the decline. The established practitioner usually has more at stake and cannot afford to wait. There is rent, family expenses and all of the other things that come with time that anew practitioner usually hasn't acquired as a result of youth. Therefore experienced and struggling DC's...get out there because anything less than 25-30 per day usually equates to not being able support your family. 

If any practice is on the decline or in trouble, the first step is to change the energy of the doctor and get them into the service mode by humbly re-introducing yourself to the community. I have successfully done this with DC's in New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, Oregon, Colorado and many, many other states. This has been successful with MD's specializing in internal medicine, oncology, ophthalmology and physical medicine. It simply works if you work. 

IF...your practice is going well and you want to go to the next level... remember the adage; if you want to double your practice, do not double the people that you know...double the people that know YOU! 

Sponsor and attend Bar Association meetings, sponsor a lawyers seminar, hold breakfast meeting with lawyers. Put yourself in the position for the masses to get to know you. Those masses should be whatever you want to attract from the seniors to lawyers. 

How many law firms invite you into their offices monthly? If the answer isn't MANY, then you are either not following or getting the most out of the program or simply not trying. It isn't easy for most of the successful doctors at first, but for those who persevere usually end up VERY happy with the results. 

Over the next few weeks we will be building on these concepts...more to come. 

Next will be how to use your associate doctors and staff to infiltrate the community IN ADDITION to you...There is no substitution for you being the center of your success, but there are those of you that are lazy and simply want to have others create your success...which is usually delusional!