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 From the Desk of:

 “What Lawyers Really Know About Personal Injury”


Over the last 30 years, I have been lecturing to lawyers and getting feedback as to what their needs are. During those presentations, I have always been the “giver” of the information. I have lectured in every forum, in multiple states, to lawyers with every level of experience.


In the past year, as I have shared with you, I am now doing “live teleconferences” with a camera and microphone on both the audience and myself. The first few presentations were challenging for me as a speaker...well...if you have heard me speak, it is a dynamic presentation, as I involve the audience in multiple ways so that it is interactive and fun. Initially in the teleconferences, I became a “lecturer” and it was great for the audience, but very boring for me, as I was used to interacting with my audience at a high level. So...I decided over the last few presentations to change things up a bit and have the sponsoring doctor rove the audience and when I get to a critical point, hand the microphone to a random lawyer in the room so I can ask them questions. This is done in a collegial, non-confronting way where I actually feed most of the answers to the lawyers, realizing they do not understand what I am teaching.


Due to the fact that I have doing this for so long, I take for granted what the lawyers do not know. However, to someone not experienced in teaching lawyers, this becomes a VERY revealing exercise. 2 days ago, during my midnight lawyer’s lecture...That is factual. I scheduled a presentation from 6-9 PM in Portland, Oregon. A few days before I was reminded that I was on the east coast and the talk on the west coast. You would think that I would have learned that in one of my many courses and certifications. Like you, I know so much about soooooo little...What a schmuck I am...It was a 9 PM to midnight presentation for me and I get up at 5 AM to start working...Enough whining on my part!!!!!!


The day after the lecture, I got a call from a Dr. in Washington, one of the sponsoring doctors, who was amazed at how little the lawyers knew. There were lawyers in the room that literally passed the bar exam 2 days before and others that have been in practice for 29 years who practice personal injury law exclusively. Dr.'s comment to me was how “shocked” she was that every lawyer knew virtually nothing. Her perception was they were very experienced and knew the material as well as she did. Not true.


This is the basis of FEAR (F=False E=Expectations A=Appearing R=Real) that many of you experience when asked to testify or give a deposition. Your fear that the lawyers will know more than you and you will look the fool on the witness stand or in front of a court reporter in a deposition. Lawyers know a lot about res judicata and collateral estoppel, not cord compression, myelopathy and stenosis. That is your turf and you are the expert provided that you make the commitment to be the expert.


The other thing that became very clear to the doctors involved is that the lawyers ever increasingly need your credentials to prevail. I urge you to take the Accident Reconstruction Course. That one, according to lawyers from coast to coast, will set you apart from the pack, the entire pack, including neurologists, neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons. It opens up a whole world in the medical-legal relationship.


The lawyers' blatant lack of medical knowledge is also the basis for the success doctors are having from coast to coast when meeting with lawyers and sharing their educational binders. When you get in front of the lawyer and they let down their guard just a little and listen to you, they realize that they need the information. Your job is to get them to understand that they need you and have them run after you. That is also the easy part if you follow the protocols.


The purpose of this consultation is to drive home the point that the lawyers desperately need you. That lawyers do not know the medicine. That lawyers will run after you once they know you are the real deal. It is your responsibility to make them know.


As a closing note: During the lawyer presentations, we have been able to get 100% of the audience to request that the sponsoring doctor(s) visit them ASAP. Basically, during the presentation, we have created the paradigm shift to get the lawyers to come running after you, instantly. The 100% measurement is not an inflammatory statistic...It is real and now works every single time.


To answer the question in the title: NOTHING