Lawyers PI Program 
“Building a PI Practice”


From the Desk of:
 Mark Studin DC, FASBE (C), DAAPM, DAAMLP 

“Doubling Your Practice”

To double your practice, you have to double the people that know you, not double the people that you know. The second component is to double your PVA. Either way, more people are coming through your doors.

When I began practice in the early 1980’s, I had 2 obstacles in New York. First, I had no money. I mean that literally, I had no money for food for my family and I was on survival with the basics of life. I, therefore, had to do what was necessary to build a practice quickly on no budget. Second,  every MD on Long Island wanted every chiropractor tarred and feathered and they spent a good amount of time trying to convince the community and their patients to avoid chiropractic. Both of those statements are grossly understated. It was very challenging. The resolve that I made was that everyone in my world was going to learn the truth about chiropractic from me…and I was going to accomplish my goal one person at a time.

I went out to my community, I went to every store, every shop, every public place that I could and introduced myself and chiropractic to them. I started at 5 AM and didn’t finish until late at night. I would then go home and my wife and I would write “thank you grams” to everyone that I had met that day. The notes said, “I want to thank you for your time and hospitality. I very much appreciate your kind words and support for both living and practicing in our community. If I can ever be of service to you, please don’t hesitate to call.” I then inserted a business card into the envelope and mailed it. I also saved the names and addresses on a list for future use. 

My goal was to meet a minimum of 20 new people per day. I actually averaged 30 the first few weeks. Within 6 weeks, I met 1,260 people and by then I had 100 visits per week as a result of going out into the community. The cost was a business card and a postage stamp. 

It was and is a numbers game. The more people that know you, the greater the chance that someone you meet will need your service. In growing your practice, there are many creative ways of having more people know who you are and where you are than simply pounding the streets. There are limitless advertising and marketing strategies depending upon your budget. 

My mentor used to tell me, “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.” It works… However, many don’t have the budget. As I shared with you in the beginning of the consultation, you don’t need a budget, just a resolve to win!!! If your practice is in the survival mode, get out of it by getting off your butt, going to your community and just saying hi!!!!! 

The second part of this consultation is about doubling your PVA. In a previous consultation I shared with you the statistics of PVA’s and their significance. I wanted to reiterate that to increase your PVA, follow consultations #19-21 and do a great report of findings. It will increase your PVA immediately. Also, the last thing a patient should hear as they leave your office is, “See you Tuesday, Ms. Jones.” Always leave them confirming their next visit.