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Lawyer Meetings & Communications #11

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"Medical-Legal Press Releases"


Direct mailing of letter DO NOT WORK. I have held that since I wasted more $$ than all of you put together. With that being said, I still hold out that these letters will work along with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny showing up and that the highest Rabbi's will approve Hanukah trees. Get the picture? 

Direct mailing letters will not work as you hope, but they do have value. The value is in name recognition and keeping your name in front of lawyers regularly in a non-solicitous fashion. Over time, these letters become one more piece of the puzzle required for success in personal injury. Therefore, I strongly support sending letters to the entire plaintiff's community and send the same letter every 2 months. The following is a screen shot of the letter and a customizable format can be downloaded at: 

Title: Medical-Legal Press Release