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This page gives you access to customize and use all of the communication/practice materials that are either sent to the legal community or utilized within your practice. The doctors consulting area teaches you how to use these materials in order to create the paradigm shift to get the lawyers to seek you based upon clinical excellence and gives you the tools to practice smarter. If you have read and understood all of the consultations, then you will be able to accomplish your goals in a successful practice. Should you have any questions, you can always call and get help to make this work for you.

This stuff is so easy and fun!!!!!!

How to Build a Curriculum Vitae

Your curriculum vitae is a critical document in the medical-legal arena and your practice. An accurate document is critical for admissibility and with the right credentials, you will open the door for referrals for the lifetime of your practice. The Academy of Chiropractic has partnered with the US Chiropractic Directory to help you create your CV. The US Chiropractic Directory has create the first ever CV builder for chiropractors and it is free for you. Without an admissible CV and relevant credentials to personal injury, lawyers will NOT work with you.

STEP 1: Download the "Guide" below to understand the 5 W's (who, what, where, when and why) of CV building.
Get the Guide for Creating a Curriculum Vitae by clicking here.

STEP 2: Click on the link below to go to the US Chiropractic Directory and build your CV. I also urge you to sign up for the a "Preferred Listing" in the Directory. It is $20 a month, paid annually and you will be exposing your practice to 10,000's of people per day. Go to the US Chiropractic Directory by Clicking Here and once on the site, button to "Register" is on the top tool bar.

S.O.A.P. Note

With great thanks to our many members nationwide who graciously submitted their S.O.AP. note to create the "best of," I have compiled a single page S.O.A.P. note that is very thorough and designed to take no more then a few seconds in order to create "great paper documentation." This document is included in your service and suggestions to make it better are welcomed.

S.O.A.P. Note Template Click Here 




When working with attorneys towards lien settlements, too many offer the "now industry standard" of 50% of your bill, based upon the lawyer's "money grab" policy.  This document outlines to a lawyer what your policy is and how you work with the lawyer to realize “fair and equitable” settlements for your patient/.client collaboratively.



When accepting a patient with a third party payor, you must have the correct paperwork to get paid. Most everyone has an assignment of benefits, but very few have the critical assignment of benefits that allows you to pursue payment form the carrier where you have no contract with them. Only your patient does. Although this a state-by-state issue with every state having their own nuance of law, this template gives you a framework

Assignment of Benefits and Rights


When working with a lawyer on a case that will go to trial, it is often challenging to get a lawyer to ask the right questions and they need to be educated. This set of questions ideally should be utilized with the CE Testifying courses so you know how to correctly educate the lawyer. However, these questions are needed and gives you insight on how you should prepare yourself for testifying.  

Courtroom Testifying Guide


1. Release of Records
2. IME Rebuttal
3. Narrative Reports


After the initial visit, you must communicate with the lawyers of your patients to inform them of your policies and procedures. Getting releases to send records is a legal requirement of every state, therefore this step is mandated. However, letting the lawyer know that you don't take any crap from IME bullies and that you speak the lawyer's language from a posture of clinical excellence in your final narrative is critical. This document affords all 3 of those in a concise manner setting the tone of your relationship. 

Lawyer's Letter Template Click Here


Realize how many of the lawyers you speak to on medical-legal issues are clueless about the physiology of the injuries of their clients and rely predominantly on the rhetoric presented in the courts through transcripts and other potentially biased materials. Judges are no different and need the same education that the lawyers do so that they may rule based on the facts of the physiology vs. the rhetoric of a very good lawyer only considering the pertinent facts in order to spin the issue to prevail.

Through the years, I have educated numerous judges (not enough) and in the end, they all thanked me for clarifying a vast amount of issues by presenting an accurate accounting of the physiology so they may get beyond the rhetoric of opposing counsels and render a correct decision. In every case, the judges "held on tight" to the educational binders they took from the seminar. Your role in your community is to put educational binders in the hands of the courts (judges) to use as a reference.




Direct mailing of letter DO NOT WORK. I have held that since I wasted more $$ than all of you put together. With that being said, I still hold out that these letters will work along with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny will show up and that the highest Rabbi's will approve Hanukah trees. Get the picture? 

Direct mailing letters will not work as you hope, but they do have value. The value is in name recognition and keeping your name in front of them regularly in a non-solicitous fashion. Therefore, I strongly support sending letters to the entire plaintiff's community and send the same letter every 2 months.

Medical Legal Press Release Letter



Hospital inclusion is one of the best avenues to be able to care for personal injury patients at a significant level and create a permanent, high level mechanism for referrals. This is a letter of introduction to the hospital and gives compelling reasons for them to have chiropractic in their emergency department. This concept has successfully opened doors for chiropractors nationally. The only caveat is to be very certain that you want to undertake this commitment as it will require your full time focus and energy and will take from your private practice. This letter is the extent of support I render in helping you gain hospital inclusion.

Hospital Inclusion Letter Hospital Inclusion Letter

Work Restriction/Off Work Status; Patient Affidavit

Doctors often certify patients for partial or full disability leaving the doctor exposed to repercussions should the patient not be truthful. In extreme cases, the doctor has been liable for the recovery of the funds to the carrier because the doctor certified disability of their respective patient. This document transfers that liability to the patient and renders a layer of protection for the treating doctor. You can learn more about this in consultation #204.

I urge you to consult with a local attorney to ensure that this language is accepted in the courts in your jurisdiction.

Work Restriction Affidavit Click Here


Templated Letter for Relationships Based on
IME Rebuttals and P-IME's

IME Rebuttals and P-IME's are the single, best way for lawyers to understand that you "speak their language" and the easiest pathway to start the process of the referrals. This document allows you to either respond to a conversation with the lawyer or to send en masse an effective letter to start the referral process.

P-IME and IME Rebuttal Letter Click Here


Lawyers First Visit IME-Peer Review Letter

When meeting with a lawyer for the first time, the attached is a cover letter and suggested language to include in your narraitve binder that you DO NOT  give the lawyer to keep. Please read consultations #269 and #275 for complete instructions on how to use these documents. 

Download printable introduction and suggested language 
 Lawyers 1st visit page 1
Lawyers 1st visit page 2


Templated Letter for Relationships Based on Research

Appealing directly to the legal profession requires brilliance to create relationships. This letter is one of the most brilliant letters ever written and utilizes your level of clinical excellence along with your relationship with the Academy of Chiropractic and our research program. Read Consultation #169 to learn how to use this document.

Lawyer Relationship Letter Click Here

Follow-Up Letter After Meeting the Lawyer

When meeting with attorneys, follow-up is critical to solidify your relationships. Remember, lawyers live in the "written word," as that is the basis of the practice of law, and they will read your letter. A simple letter can be very impactful once you have met with a lawyer and the attached letter should be sent immediately after your meeting. Please modify the letter depending upon what you discussed at the meeting. However, you should have gotten in all of the pertinent talking points and the letter should not need to be changed.

Lawyer Follow Up Letter Click Here


Reduction of Your Fees Request by Lawyer: Response Template

Often times, lawyers ask you to reduce your fee and too many do not know how to properly handle the response. This letter will help give you direction, should you chose to follow my suggestions. This letter will clearly set forth the relationship between you, the lawyer and the settlement fees paid to you.

 Lawyer Response Template: Click Here 

Lien/Letter of Protection Template

If you are not getting paid for your lines/letters of protection, it's usually because you either do not have one or do not know how to use them. With a duly executed document, you will ensure that you get paid according to the law. There are instructions on the form. Please click below for additional audio instructions.

Lien/Letter of Protection Template Click Here

 Become the Lawyer's Consultant
Prepare the Lawyer FOR Cases 

Many lawyers desperately need someone to help them prepare their cases. Some hire independent companies to help prepare them, while others are vastly experienced in preparing cases. In the experience of both myself and colleagues locally and nationally lawyers often miss both the nuances and significant issues that compromise the results of their cases no matter how experienced they are. This letter is to introduce you as the expert that can help them prepare their cases and create an income center for you based upon your clinical excellence. This letter is in conjunction with Consultation #225.

Lawyers Consulting Letter Click Here

Medical Abbreviation Glossary

When reviewing medical charts of other providers or working with lawyers who read charts as a matter of practice, many doctors abbreviate. It is my RULE that you never abbreviate in any medical-legal document to hit the "easy button" for the readers to make you more user-friendly.  This glossary is compromised of over 1,200 abbreviations and is a perfect "gift" for the lawyers as they will refer to this constantly. It is my most ardent suggestion that you remove our name on top and replace it with a header of your demographic information so they can be constantly reminded of you.


Medical Abbreviation Glossary Click Here

Never Lose an Arbitration & Overturn Every IME Denail for Payment of Care

Over the years, IME's have been not only a thorn in the side of the lawyers, but to treating doctors as well. Countless $millions$ of treatment dollars earned honestly and ethically and due us have been lost through IME doctors certifying through "crystal ball medicine" denying the necessity of care rendered after you have rendered the care. Read consultation #235 to understand the system, get a copy of the letter to utiize and the tasks requried to prevail.

To download the letters, go to Consultations #235 and #238

Arbitration Graph Click Here

Medical-Legal Scorecard

The medical-legal scorecard and how to use it is explained in detail in Consultation #41 and is the tool needed to triage the lawyers' cases. This scorecard is a shortcut for you and the lawyers to understand every facet of what they have in a case and for you to highlight what they need...using you for the Plaintiff IME.

Medical-Legal Scorecard Click Here

Bi-Monthly Attorney Educational Mailing Program

In order to ensure the lawyers are getting the research materials, we give you the option of mailing the bi-monthly educational flyers. In order to understand how to use these, please read consultation #96. Warning: Do not take this step until you have read every consultation beforehand.


HIPAA Patient Privacy Statement

It is federal law to have all patients sign a HIPAA privacy policy about how you handle their protected health information. Please save these documents in your patients' files, as if challenged, you will need to produce them. 

HIPAA Privacy Statement Click Here

Evaluation & Management Coding Guidelines

E & M CPT codes have very specific guidelines. This document synopsizes the parameters that you must follow in order to be compliant. Be very careful, as not meeting the criteria for these guidelines can be construed as an attempt to defraud the carriers and can be extremely troublesome in a retrospective audit. The solution is to do it right from the start.

CPT Coding Guidelines Click Here

Gathering Outside Records

A quick template to give to patients to help you gather all of the outside records. 


Soft Tissue Injuries
Opinion Letter

Too many plaintiff's lawyers are being stonewalled by both edefense lawyers and claims represetnatives with a standard phrase of "soft tissue injuries are transient and not considered "serious injury." This "white paper" details, with references the impact and seriousness of these types of injuies provided there is clinical correlation.


"Trauma Expert" Letter to Lawyers

This document can be used for mailing or email messages to inform lawyers that you have undergone training as a "trauma expert." It is solely intended to get their attention as another tool in communicating your clinical excellence.


 Evaluation & Management Guideline

This document gives you the complete "What and Why" on creating a compliant document that is cross-linked to an accurate code for your evaluation. No longer will you have to code a 99201 or 99202 out of fear and ignorance. nowledge is power and power over your services equates to higher (fair and equitable) income.