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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

What Matters Most to Lawyers in a Case



Dr. Studin: Good morning. Tell me what's going on.


Guest: Good morning, Mark. I recently spoke to a chiropractor friend who was on a call with a trial lawyers association and they asked the lawyers from the association, what is the number? One thing? They feel like drives up settlement value and their answer was the skill of the lawyer. Um, so I wanted to get your opinion on, you know, how to respond to that or how to leverage that


Dr. Studin: That's a hundred percent correct. And only part of the answer that's a hundred percent correct, because unless lawyers are bringing cases to trial, Carrie is profiling. I've worked with almost every carrier out there, carriers profile attorneys, and they shared a profiles. There's no hiding from computer statistics these days, so they know what lawyers are going to go to court, but when they do, they know what kind of cases they bring to the profile as to, um, the amount of leverage they bring now with that being said, you can't, you you've heard the adage, you can't fix stupid. Right?


Guest: Right.


Dr. Studin: Well, how many stupid lawyers have you come across?


Guest I'll say some. Yes.


Dr. Studin: You're being kind, you know, it's 80 10, 10, 80% will be average. 10% will be outstanding. And the last 10% will be dumb as dirt. Is that fair?


Guest: Fair fair.


Dr. Studin: Yes. Okay. And that is the ratio of life time. Here's the thing. The lawyer can only argue what's in their hands. So the lawyer doesn't have an expert, then they can't bring it to trial. If a lawyer doesn't have positive findings, what are they going to argue?  It doesn't have demonstrably findings. What are they going to show the jury in settlement? If they don't have the monitorable findings, positive findings, what are they going to argue? What are they going to leverage? Even in Colossus, which is becoming less significant, despite the gurus who sell the Colossus bustling programs, um, it becomes less significant over time. And interestingly enough, we find that the more our doctors are, um, um, educated and the more their credentials, the more the lawyers are starting to win. It's a process. Last time I spoke to probably the largest law firm in New Jersey, which is the bellwether state. And I spoke to the principal yesterday. And you know, become very good friends. He's had me speak at the New Jersey trial. Laura is, you know, five out of the last seven or eight years. And he's backing down from his responsibilities there. You it's just a lot of work, but he said, Mark there's so here's what we need to do now. Here's what we need to do now because it's a cat and mouse game. It constantly changes. Right? So, so the key is, is if you can't get to, if you don't have a ticket, it's a ball game. It doesn't matter how good the players are. If you don't get the, if you don't get to watch it, it doesn't matter how good your evidence is. If the lawyer can't bring the evidence to the show, you understand, right. But once you get to see the lawyers, the gatekeeper, you got to have the gatekeeper be able to open the gate. But now that the gatekeeper opened the gate, what you got is valuable. So it's really a partnership. And that all those metaphors helps explain exactly where we fit into the picture, your friend, you know, it's fine to Dan DC friends to say that, um, the other curl, but once that gatekeeper opens that gate, your friend just became irrelevant compared to you is irrelevant.


Guest: Okay. That helps. Thank you.


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