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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

“Changing Lawyers Needs to Wants” The Secret to PI Referrals & Preventing the "Downs" in Practice circa 2021



“Not seeing everything you see = happiness” Mark Studin 2021
Our industry is changing, and if you do not change with the marketplace, the marketplace will change without you. In every industry, there are “tells” that signify you are falling behind. In most industries, the tell is a spreadsheet of how much is collected. However, we are not on an accrual basis where we do a service today and get paid today. We often have to wait between 90 days and 5 years to get paid, and money today could mask the downturn in your practice by not realizing you are jeopardizing the future by ignoring those “tells.”

On your side, the “tells” are apparent; new patients are decreasing, your volume is decreasing, your services rendered are decreasing. The problem is that it is always gradual. It doesn’t happen overnight, yet you go to work one day, and you have lots of extra time and not enough money. The problem when you wait for those signs to show up is it’s too late. Your practice has already “eroded,” and you go into “panic” mode and “scratch your head” to try to understand why.

To prevent that, you need to govern your practice via hard statistics; every week, take a snapshot of the last three months in your practice. That is called a moving average. Businesses can typically predict the future by looking at a 3-month moving average and often seeing “future trends” internally and making changes to fix them. This is called “slipping and checking,” and a business system I employed every week to govern the direction of my practice for decades. Although I strongly urge you to use this practice, you are still being reactionary to the industry changing and catching it early if you have to make changes. 

The above scenario is “Door #2” in the priority of choices. “Door #1” is following my lead. I will know of the industry changes A LONG TIME BEFORE YOU. I have a 50-State view, and what happens in other states becomes a trend nationally that will affect you. My job is to give you that direction, ensure you understand it and start making the changes 6-12 months before it negatively affects your practice.    

If you follow “Door #1, you won’t have any surprises in “Door #2.” 

These consultations give you some of that direction. However, the seminars provide you the whole story. Most chiropractors live in a “Soundbite World.” Truthfully, most people do, which is why most people do not attain the level of success you aspire. To LEARN what to do, you have to understand all facets of a subject. That is what the word “expert” means. 

Our bi-annual Primary Spine Care Symposiums, Exit Strategy Seminars, and the Jet Boat Days are now all “fixed staples” of “live” events that everyone MUST attend to learn what needs to be understood and implemented into practice. 

The following graphic is a prime example. You must know the significance of the RED, YELLOW, and BLUE lines. They are critical to contemporary legal practices and the courts, which are the arbiter of a lawyer prevailing. Those three lines were a large part of a lawyer taking a settlement from $70,000 to $1,400,000. You can shout Colossus all you want, this is what lawyers NEED, and if you can give them the solution, they will WANT you. 

The above graphic is a small part of the complete picture. This program is a journey where you have a starting point and never ends because the industry never stops changing. Each course in every qualification is engineered to meet a specific need of the industry. Every consultation is to help you PREDICT FUTURE TRENDS so you can prepare well in advance. Combine knowing what your referral sources need with the knowledge and credentials of an expert, and you will rarely if ever, have to wake up one day and realize your practice is “in the dumps.”

If you feel overwhelmed, just call me. I am always here, and together we will get you on track. 

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