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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

“The Studin Bottom 10”



circa 2021
“Nothing unsaid” Mark Studin 2021
I have studied extensively those who have dropped out of the program and looked for "commonalities" in failed action steps. I strongly hold that if these small steps were taken, these doctors would still be in the program. The reason; they would have a level of success they are not achieving with us, and it is always a quotient of what you see in the mirror. Never lose sight of the fact: IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY and what you are willing to do to achieve your goals!

1. Email Signature Line: This is a sure "tell" that the doctor is lazy as creating a signature line across ALL electronic devices (including your cell phone) is so easy and takes about 2 minutes per device. Every time I get a cancellation 75% of the time, there is either no signature line, or one that is missing information. Remember, your referral sources need this information to reach you. 

2. Email ISP: Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) matters in deliverability and reputation. If you are still on AOL, you are being viewed by 99% of the business world as "old" and "out of touch." There is a strong prejudice against those digitally behind the times. If you are still using a Microsoft account, you are not getting emails through to you, and they do not go into your Spam file, and you will never know. Get a Gmail account; it is free and the most stable email delivery system worldwide. Microsoft owns,,, and a few others. Check and change ASAP. You can keep your Microsoft account, just have the Gmail forwarded there as you will get mail from your own IP address as a rule. If you don't understand any of this, just get a Gmail account and start using it, it is very easy. 

3. Read all the Consultations and Listen to all the Podcasts: You either pick bits and pieces out of the program, or you are all in. 99% of the doctors that drop out of the program have only done a small portion of the consultations. Without doing the work to get it done, you will be relegated to going back to what you did before you joined the program, which is why you joined in the first place. It didn't work then, and it surely won't now. The industry is changing quickly and you need to stay current. It only takes two things; long days and sleepless nights. However, once you are done, you are set for your career. All that is left a few minutes every week to keep up with the changes I send. 

4. Academics and Patient Care: If you have taken every course we offer, you will rarely be "stumped" on a case. You will have every tool you need to figure out what is wrong with a patient. You will also be setting yourself up for incredible referral relationships with MDs and lawyers. They know who is the "real-deal" and who practices the "Ol` Chiro 1-Step, 2-Step." Bullcrap doesn't go far in our industry as we are collaborating with extremely smart professionals. Most doctors dropping out of the program have taken a few courses, but not the bulk of the qualifications, and haven't attended all the live courses. 

5. Academics and Finances: There is a strong statistical linear relationship between those who have the majority of qualifications and a strong increase in income. The more you learn, the more you earn. It is that simple. Where we differ from other programs that offer great education, is the context in which it is delivered. Every course we have is taught by "world-class" educators specializing in their field with an eye on application in contemporary practice. The courses also cover how to use this knowledge with your referral sources. The parts that are not covered in the courses, are handled in the consultations as academics must remain purely academic. It is for this reason, those who have dropped out didn't fare as well as they wanted to. As stated in #3, they didn't read or listen to all the consultations. Again, all it takes is "long days and sleepless nights" for a miniscule time in your career, and then you are done and ready to move up. 

6. Advanced Training in MRI Interpretation (Formerly a Qualification): This is not a commonality in those who dropped out, but a FUTURE TREND and critical for your future. The courts have spoken and we have about a year until this goes national. Stay ahead before you are behind. If you are ahead, you make your competition irrelevant. If you are behind, you are irrelevant. Do not lose sight of the fact that your competition is orthopedists, neurologists and neurosurgeons. At this level other chiropractors unless they are in our program are not even in the game. 

7. 98% of all Drop-Outs Have Not Attended a Hampton's Jetboat Day: Spending a day in the famous Hampton's with me is possibly one of the most memorable days in your life (not just your career). Make sure you have plenty of space in your phone's camera to take pictures. The food and drinks are plentiful, different and ranked as world-renowned. Beyond the social impact of the day, we will create a different level of relationship and you will get to talk about your office with 10 other DCs or MD specialists for 10 hours. It is a career changing experience and I can only recall 2 dropouts in the last 7 years that attended. If you didn't see the invitation, email me a note and I will give you future dates. Remember, these fill up extremely fast as the groups are very small. The cost is $0.00 beyond travel and lodging. 

8. Attend Every Live Program We Offer: A strong commonality for those who didn't achieve their goals is to have really good excuses why they couldn't attend our live meetings. Whether it in person, or virtual, live events are different than recorded events. You get an opportunity to see the questions and answers, and participate in the process. Our Primary Spine Care Symposiums [CLICK HERE] are where we present what is current, and setting up what we are going to teach for the next 6 months to a year. Since there is no travel, hotels and the additional time and expenses, there should be no excuses short of a illness or a funeral. 

9. Losing Money: 100% of all drop outs did not take my advice on the right accountant, the rights financial advisor to invest, the right Exit Strategy, the right corporate structure, etc. Everyone, no matter your age must start the process to make it to the end (literally) financially sound. One thing I am good at is setting you up for a lifetime to retire rich, and not have be dependent on family or a welfare system to "sail into the sunset" at 100 years old.

10. Not calling Me Often Enough: Everyone who dropped out avoided talking to me. That is the "#1 Kiss of Death." My favorite line is "why should there be two schmucks in this conversation? I already did it wrong." The consultations will give you 40 years of knowledge, but not 40 years of experience and where you fit in. That is what a brief phone call on a regular basis will do. Our calls will be short, to the point and definitely opinionated. BTW, feel free to call me an "ass" anytime ?. I also welcome spirited debates, especially on the clinical side. However, be prepared to debate clinical issues as I will challenge you and welcome you challenging and teaching me. It's how we all get better. 
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