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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

“Understand the ​​​ Lawyer's Business For Lifetime Relationships”



Comparative Studies

​​​ With Multiple Accidents

“Follow by Leading​​” Mark Studin 2021
One of the the hottest button for lawyers is patients with multiple accidents requiring both comparative studies and apportionments. Smaller cases can typically be resolved with apportionments, and we have discussed that at length in previous consultations. However, larger cases require more imagery with detailed explanations. It is with these cases that you will "lock-in" a lawyers confidence and relations perhaps for the balance of your career. Truthfully, all cases should have this level of attention, but time precludes that level of detail as you will NOT get compensated for your time where there is not enough money for you on the smaller cases. 

Once you understand a lawyer's business, you will fully understand why this action in integral to long-term relationships with a lawyer. As explained in the Exit Strategy program (that EVERYONE should take), lawyers typically get 2-3 high-end (usually commercial policies) cases per year. Many of these have past accident histories. Also, ruling out pre-existing injuries is always a major arbiter of a $50,000 vs a $1,500,000 settlement or verdict. This is something I have done many times, and in every instance it has created a lifetime relationship. 

It is for this reason, and others that everyone should consider the Exit Strategy seminar as that is where "pain-staking" instruction is given on how to demonstratively highlight disc, thecal sac, and cord compromises/pathology. When you do comparative studies, you often need side-by-side comparisons visually showing the sequella from each trauma and the new bodily injuries created. You CANNOT simply use measurements of the herniation as the aspect rations (size portrayed on each image) are often not comparable with different machines. 

The image below alone, according to the lawyer who negotiated settlement on his case reported this was part of the $1,000,000 increase because it was demonstrable.

As you can see, these were images #13 and #14 of 26 total images. When compared against this patient's previous injury, there was no disc, thecal sac or cord pathology as I had previous MRI's to use. I also had to bring in many of the 8 physiological markers to verify this was a recent herniation vs. a previous asymptomatic disc (on every case I have done). 

You often do not have previous images, therefore the 8 physiological markers have to be heavily relied on with current images. I have also successfully utilized that level of demonstrability successfully on smaller cases, but I am judicious with my time realizing I will rarely get compensated for it. I use enough to let the lawyer know I work at a higher level based upon my clinical excellence with credentials behind those images. Educating the lawyer on how to use the images and understand physiology is also integral to the success of all cases. 

I strongly urge everyone to get trained and "reap a lifetime" of rewards by creating these levels of relationships. My next Exit Strategy program is April 10th and I have 5 seats left and email me if you want to be part of it. Regardless of the seminar, this is what must be done as you often do not get opportunities to "lock-in relations," because lawyers as previously stated, only get 2 or 3 of these types of cases per year. The common theme I hear from too many doctors is "I should have listened to you and have been prepared as I just lost an opportunity that doesn't come by often enough!" Just like the Boy Scout's motto: 
Be prepared - LIFEhouse

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