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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

“New Alarming Trend on DC's Testifying”



“Live 2 years from now” Mark Studin 2021

As I predicted a few months ago, and why I created the Qualification in MRI, there is an alarming trend that is occurring in three states attempting to preclude chiropractors to both opine on MRI and render causality opinions. These attacks are coming from State Farm, the courts and within our profession. Never lose sight of chiropractic's rich history of "circling the wagons and shooting in." 

I started hearing of this in our "bell-weather state," New Jersey almost a year ago, and I just read a court order from Georgia in a State Farm case where the judge ruled a chiropractor cannot go beyond opining on only chiropractic care. The judge ruled that MRI interpretation and causality care not within the scope of a chiropractors license to render an opinion admissible in court. 

Also, there is one licensure board that I am not at liberty to divulge the state, that has a DACBR on the board fighting a chiropractor's ability to be qualified by academia to render an opinion on MRI unless they are a DACBR. This is an old argument, but one that sets back the profession over a decade in advancements for trained DC's that are qualified to opine on their own patient's findings. 
Currently I am fighting both fronts from an academic perspective. This is why I have spent 10 years working in the medical arena and also break-up CE credentials to consistently identify CE hours on MRI interpretation. We have also created a Mini-Fellowship in Neuroradiology, MRI Spine with Dr Peyster and now an extremity MRI program with a Mini-Fellowship in Musculoskeletal, Extremity imaging and MRI. All of these are critical for your success to be able to opine on MRI and causality. 

Too many "stick their heads in the sand" and say I never had a problem before, why should I worry now? The answer is because it is a constant battle with the carrier because our trained DC's are costing them too much money in the courtroom. My concern has little to do with the carrier's business model. It has to do with the safety of the public, and relying on only general radiologists as most of you have already experienced, has created a public health risk with the misreads on spine MRIs. Being able to testify has been a bonus, and that is now formally under attack. Please do not underestimate this happening in just 3 states, this is clearly the carrier's plan and should it not be overturned, will pop-up in your state shortly because for the carriers, it is always about the money. 

As stated previously, ​​​​​it is for this very reason I create the MRI Qualification. As a result of the DACBR's attack, that might have to be renamed, but in the end, will serve the same purpose. 
If you carefully inspect the CV credentials for many course, such as the primary spine care programs and others, the MRI training was segregated into it's own CV entry. Therefore, please start adding up all the hours you have in formal MRI training. 

You also MUST start taking all the courses in the MRI Qualification. They are: 

    1. MRI Spine Interpretation Basics - 3 Hours
      2. MRI Spine Credentialing - 25 Hours
      3. Extremities MRI & X-Ray Interpretation - 27 Hours
      4. MRI Clinical Grand Rounds - 27 Hours
      5. Case Management, Spinal MRI and Documentation - 15 Hours
      6. Primary Spine Care #10 - 12 Hours
      7. Spinal Disc and Ligament Neurology and Pathology - 9 Hours
      8. Spinal Trauma Pathology - 9 Hours

The following link is for the courses:

You are currently under attack, and I know you do not feel it yet, but you will, and need to be prepared. When this goes national, you will be prepared and this strategy will render all of your competition irrelevant.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sending you a lot more information on the status of the cases, the carriers claim in an attempt to limit your ability to practice, and how we are fighting this on all fronts. 

While you can, ensure you get every qualification available, every credential you can and be prepared. You will need these "shields for the carriers swords."

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