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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

Setting Up a Marketing Plan for Lawyers

Dr. Studin: Good morning. So, what was your question upfront?

Guest: We're starting from scratch. I just want to have a plan of action for 2021 with regards to exit strategy and, generating more personal injury cases.

Dr. Studin: Okay. So, the first question is we've already answered that you took the exit strategy course, two months ago, actually a month and a half ago, which I thought was phenomenal. And how was your, give me a reaction.

Guest: I did to, I thought it was outstanding

Dr. Studin: and what we did was we gave you a tremendous amount, more tools. Um, but without be having all the qualifications behind you, um, it would be useless right now. What I'm about to recommend. Do you have the hospital? I know you're trauma qualified. Are you hospital qualified?

Guest: No.

Dr. Studin: Okay. Pencil and paper time. Because you're trauma qualified and you've taken a primary spine care course. The only thing you need is the interprofessional hospital course. It's two and a half hours. That's it. Okay. So you're going to sign up for that today and take that within the next day or two, two and a half hours and then you're going to get your hospital qualification application. Then you're going to need that to do what I'm going to recommend to you.

Guest: Okay.

Dr. Studin: Because we have to expand your base of referral options. It's not just lawyers and that's a rookie mistake and you've been around a long time. You're not a rookie. So, you know, we can't do that. Now the first thing you're going to do, we're going to start with lawyers and then work out to urgent care centers and ERs. You're at a computer. You went to teach lawyers that time, correct?

Guest: Yes.

Dr. Studin: that's where I've housed 10 of those one-hour session hour and 15 minutes sessions, but I've already recorded. Now. You have the benefit of having sponsored two or three major lawyer seminars. I don't remember how many.

Guest: Yeah, I think it was three.

Dr. Studin: Okay. So we did. So you know what? It's like having a 100 lawyers in a room. Um, I mean, and it really matters a lot when you can get into their head or when I can get into their head for you. Um, and then direct them to you and the power behind that. But due to COVID right now, you know, we can't do that right. Now, COVID has opened doors. Now. I have to qualify that statement by saying, I don't want people think that I'm a COVID opportunist that, you know, it's like I'm preying on people because of COVID it's horrible. It's terrible. People are dying. I don't care if you're a red state or a blue state, the virus doesn't give a crap about your political affiliation. Um, so it's terrible. So with that being said, though, yeah. So with that being said, COVID has changed how society functions, including people in the personal injury world. Now, the good news is, is that we're figuring out how to live with COVID and you are in a highly populated area. Okay. Very highly. And you'll notice that all of a sudden on route one, route one, one to nine or just one.

Guest: they're both one and nine. Sometimes it's one, right? It's starting, it's starting to get traffic like bumper to bumper during rush hour.

Dr. Studin: Right. It's coming, it's coming back. So, um, we're learning how to live with COVID and hopefully more responsibly. But with respect to that, that means that people are back driving and accidents are increasing. And we need to create that funnel back into our facilities. So what you need to do now, you were on some of those hour seminars at the beginning of 2020, correct?

Guest: Yes.

Dr. Studin: So you know what they're like

Guest: and I've actually, I got to get three, you're talking about the COVID seminars that the lawyers. Yeah, yeah. It was on, I was almost on almost all of them.

Dr. Studin: Perfect. So, and I have three more that I have to get up there, but right now what you should do is you should start reaching out to attorneys and say, I have courses on age, dating honey in a desk, you know, look at those topics on there. Um, and I'd like to share them with you and discuss it with you and get research to you about them. So what you're going to do is you are going to be, and you have the relationships with these lawyers already.

Guest: A lot of them, I have a lot of relationships, because of the seminars we did, there was at least 80 relationships.

Dr. Studin: So, you could turn around and say, Dr. Studin was supposed to be here, but he can't because of COVID. So what he did was is we created this. So now what I'd like to do is give it to you. There's no CLE credits but the education is wonderful. So what we're going to do is you know, I'd like to, you know, I'm going to sponsor you. There's a fee for it, which I'm going to pay for. And then I have research. I want to talk about it with you after, and you can start engaging attorneys that way. That's number one. Number two, I just did with Johnson in New Jersey. When I say just, it was in December, I do this for John, we usually do seminars twice a year and we've 24 of them already. So we did the exact same thing, except I did a virtual and instead of 120 lawyers showing up, we have 54 show up that ain't that shabby. 54 showing up online. So you get, John gets between a hundred and 120 to show up. You get 80 between the 80 and a hundred to show up to your seminars. Okay. So if John got half, you got half, you'll get 40 to 50 lawyers. So that's a huge win and it's a virtual meeting. I have the whole system down. It's simple. It's easy. I've got a great topic. I've done it at least once or twice or 500 times. It's like same thing. Same deal. And it'll be for CLE credits.

Guest: Okay, great.

Dr. Studin: Okay. So that's something you should do and you should, if it was me, I would schedule it today and I would do it in four or five weeks. Silver room this way. You're going to get a quick hit.

Guest: Okay.

Dr. Studin: Okay. Now we'll talk about that after this, after this conversation, because I'm going to hang up and I will call you back after I finish recording. Now let's talk about urgent cares for a moment. Urgent cares right now have become one, a defact ER, but more so during COVID. And if you'll notice, at least in my community and other communities around the country, there are lines around the corner between COVID testing and vaccines. The lines are literally around the corner and people just, you can't get near the place, they're overrun. So I would either get in touch with corporate or you go, you walk in and you don't talk to the doctors cause they're usually in and out. You've talked to either corporate or the office manager and say, listen, um, you know, I'm with Dr. Studin, I am a hospital qualified I'm trauma trades or medical academia and you know, during these crazy COVID times, I know you're, you know, there's a lot of patients that can't get to you or you don't have the time due to all the COVID stuff going on. So, um, you know, if there's any mechanical spine issues, not specific back pain issues, I'm located like, you know, a from here I am the only trauma and hospital trauma train of hospital, qualified chiropractor, and go to the Academy chiropractic site, the award site, and calculate how many miles between you and the next person within 10 miles, 20 miles, 30 miles of here, um, who has these credentials? So I'd love to, you know, care for these people. Who do I talk to? What do I do? I wanted to hit who, the whites folks who, what do I do? You know? And in addition, I also have a lot of patients, you know, when things come down and you could take more patients who I could send here.

Guest: Got it.

Dr. Studin: Those are the two things. Thank you.

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