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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

Getting Lawyer's Attention

Dr. Studin: Good morning. Do you want to tell me a little bit about the challenge you're having with some of the local attorneys where you are?

Guest: Yeah, so I have been contacting no less than a dozen attorneys. I'm seeing I start out by just ask them what they work with chiropractic and they say, yes, they do. And so I've tried working with sending different cases to them, but when they get them, they basically don't want to hear anything that I have to offer that out. I go over and I give the narrative. They don't want to go over it. And then they're settling that all out, basically just for the cost of the, they only consider the personal injury. They're almost not considering the injury to the patient, just to the auto accident, the actual physical damage to the car. That's almost how they're settling. And they're telling me that They're just saying that the insurance adjusters are only settling for X amount of dollars. And since it's a chiropractor that, you know, they don't consider us real doctors. I mean, I've heard so many different things and I've just thought up.

Dr. Studin: Alright. So basically the local plaintiff's attorneys in your community have drank the Kool-Aid from the insurance companies and, um, they take the crumbs what they get and they're not willing to argue or fight

Guest: Exactly.

Dr. Studin: Now I have heard this story in 50 States in 5,000 counties, seven gazillion communities. And I've heard it consistently now. Um, you're trauma qualified, correct? That's correct. Okay. Um, and you've read all the consultations, correct? I have. Okay. So repeat the sentence. It's always about the Come on. No, it's always about the money,

Guest: Right? And that's right.

Dr. Studin: It's always about the money. So if the care, if the lawyer realizes that they can make more money, they're going to want to work with you more. So in order to do that, you need to under, you need to get them to understand that you are the solution to their business. And really it's always about that. And there are some your personality, you're the antithesis of me, your polite, your nice Yorke, amiable your congenial. Would you ever call me amiable or congenial?

Guest: Um, no,

Dr. Studin: No way in hell. Okay. I am aggressive. I am a driver. Um, I never take no for an answer and I don't get frustrated. I just, I go, I don't get frustrated with any person, but the one I see in the mirror, that's the only one I get frustrated because I haven't figured it out. The how come doctors and other States have emergency rooms running after them and hospitals and surgeons and lawyers and, and neither associates. And they're in the same scenario you are because it's the, it's what you just described as indigenous with the attorneys across the country. Now the answer is, is you have to be the solution to their business. And there's two, two answers to being a solution for their business. One is giving them more cases and the other is adding value to their cases. So they're making more money, right?

Guest: Correct.

Dr. Studin: Now I had this conversation yesterday with an attorney I spoke with, um, I said to this attorney, um, and he asked me, and I think I shared this with you. I haven't had a practice. I haven't had an office in 2006. One lawyer referred me three cases last month. Um, one to do a peer, a place of IME. And the other is to do paper reviews. And actually that's not true. One was to ghost, write for a neurosurgeon because the neurosurgeon didn't know what the hell he was saying. They're doing. So I ghost wrote the report for him. So when I did this with them, and by the way, the lawyer paid me a lot of money. The ghost written report, which took me a long time was, um, uh, took me, um, God, it was, it was, uh, uh, gosh, I don't remember how much I charge an hour, but I got paid 14 grand for that.

The other peer review was 5,000. Another one was 1500. There's another one. That's 7,500. They don't stop once they know you get it. But the last one on this, this, this woman who had serious injuries and there was a $75,000 policy value, they were offering $10,000. Then she had two extrusions and need surgery. And they offered her, you know, crap. I think they offered a 7,500 bucks. Um, and they said that was it because she wasn't a good plaintiff. You know, her English was horrible and they thought they could get away with it. It was Geico. And the lawyer said, well, you know, I said, he said, if I can get it up to 10 grand, I'll be happy. I said, are you insane? This woman has multiple extrusions. She needs surgery. Her life is screwed. And you're going to walk away from it. You got to put this into suit pieces out of it.

It's a lot of work. It's a lot of time. They're not going to go for it. I said, so you're going to put your tail between your legs and walk away. And what's worse. You're going to be profiled profile by the carrier. There's someone who does that. And they're going to offer you less than matter what paper you have. So he called the carrier back and the woman said, well, she has multiple herniations. And I looked up on Google. This is what the Geico claims are. I told the attorney, I looked up on Google and found that you can't have that. And the attorney laughed. He said to his claims rep, I have a specialist who teaches in medical school, which has made saying that we can, and we've got the literature behind it and medical findings. And you're telling me, you looked it up on Google.

She says, well, I didn't really say Google. He says, yeah, you did. As I'm putting it into suit, you put it into suit. She said, he put it into suit. He's going to pride. He, he estimates. He's going to walk away with about $50,000 on this patient and they'll settle just before trial. But the next case that this guy goes up against, he's going to get a lot more money, not a little more money, but a lot more money because they know he's putting all this stuff into suit. So when you deal with the attorneys, you have to tell them. And I know this factually because I lecture for the insurance companies, Geico, Allstate state, farm, nationwide risks go USA. They all profile the lawyers, every one of them. And there's a database which shares the lawyers profiles. They share them. It's just, it's just incredible.

They share the profiles. So, um, and they know who settles and, and who litigate and the ones that settle get less. But you got to get to the table to tell them, to tell them that. So the way to do that, as you call these dozen lawyers back, and you say, I am actively, I've had a case with you in the past, but I am actively seeking a lawyer that I can have a pretty much exclusive relationship to refer my cases to. That's one of the two pillars refer the more cases or add value to their cases. You can't talk to them about adding value to their cases. If they're not willing to look at your case, so you can't even get to the table, but now what you have to do to get them to the table is say, I am seeking an attorney to pretty much exclusively refer.

I've sent you a case in the past, but in order for me to exclusively to refer to you, I have to be able to sit down and at least show you the work that I do or have done on the step. One of the past cases. So if you'd like to spend a half an hour with me and I'm willing to come to your office, I mean, I'm, you know, I'm not going to stand on ceremony. And if you're willing to invest a little bit of time into listening to me, and I listened to you about how we can work together and I'd be willing to refer cases to you in the future. And if you say that, what's what moron is not going to say, Oh, I want to meet with you. Now you might find one to two that have a deeper depression, this and chiropractic.

You don't want those anyhow. And you meet with two or three of them, and they're not going to know you're not an exclusive relationship with them. And that's how you start building your cases were your relationships with attorneys. Then when you sit them, then you start to explain them all the nuances that you know, but you've got to channel a little bit of your inner Mark. You've got to be slightly arrogant, slightly pompous and come from a position of power. Because those that control the referral's control the game. You understand? I understand questions. That was a mouthful.

Guest: No, that, that makes total sense because I mean, I have, I'm actually pretty cocky when I call these people. Cause you know, there's so much evidence that's there. I mean the, where they, they have AOMs size very clear on the films. You know, they're digitized. Everything. Is there the mechanism of injuries there, they have this, everything equals, you know, a good case. And yet when I tell them this, I go, well, the property damage wasn't that high. So I, that doesn't matter. There's injury amplifiers. I mean there's

Dr. Studin: But, but again, you're, you're still, you're still on the second pillar, which hasn't worked for you. So go to pillar. Number one, don't worry about all of those things. And, and did, when we did those weekly webinars, did you bring those lawyers to the one, especially which was low speed accident and serious injury?

Guest: Well, I emailed them and not a single one was interested.

Dr. Studin: Okay. That's why I'm really about it. Cause I mean, you give them good information.

Oh no, no, no, no. You don't get . Okay. You hit him. You hit him in the pocket book. I can refer cases to you if you don't want them on that stuff. I'll set up to someplace else. Go to pillar. Number one, you've got a lot of tools in your kit. If this screwdriver doesn't work, use that one. Okay. Okay. You can't, you can't get frustrated or angry or mad because you have all this and they don't want it. You're not talking about the game with them. And, and there's another end and you have to find out when the bar association meets or when the trial lawyers association needs. And you ask to start showing up just to sponsor and say hi and shake hands. Let them start seeing that you're on the inside. You're one of them. You have to start working with surgeons and say, I'm working with, you know, dr.

Shadi, a neurosurgeon. You know, we, you know, this is, this is a case we're collaborating on together. All of these things matter, especially when you breaking in with the attorney. Okay. Okay. But hit them with tool number one. And if that doesn't work, you it's always about the money. If that doesn't work, you let me know. And we'll find another tool now here. Here's another question. Have you ever had any issues against you?

Guest: Never.

Dr. Studin: Okay. Just wanted to make sure. Cause I deal with a lot of people who have, and that's another hurdle that we can get over. So I just want to make sure that you're good. Okie dokie. So let me know how it works.

Guest: Okay. Thank you very much, Mark.



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