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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Lawyer Webinar Program"

"I just got Trauma Qualified, What do I do now?"

 Post -COVID Practice Strategy



"Dig deep" Mark Studin 2020


Teachlawyers.com IS your new "best friend."




You are going to get your lawyers to attend these Webinars and teach them how to prevail at a higher level by using you as their expert. I have been successfully doing this for 20-years and has been the "backbone" of many successful practices. I am now giving you the power to control these programs in your community.


Also, in the Post-Coronavirus era, this will be the "KICK" your practice needs to get back to pre-COVID numbers and well-beyond. In order to do so, you need to position yourself as the TEACHER for both lawyers and M.D.'s. Lawyers do not know anything about the spine (although they all profess to be experts in everything, just like my mother). Most M.D.'s have failed miserably in understanding musculoskeletal issues, except some orthos, neuro's, and neurosurgeons. Also, there is hardly a medical specialist in the nation that understands biomechanics, which is why you need to be an expert in that sect of spine-care.


To be the teacher, you need two things:


Teaching Tools

The knowledge will come from our consultations and formal training, which includes watching these Webinars. The teaching tools are both these Webinars and the handouts I provide for you to follow-up.


Never lose sight of a biblical statement, "To become the master of all, you need to be the servant of all." The teacher is the servant. Also, I since I have been doing these nationally, I get emails almost daily to find the lawyers a doctor near them. Today it was Wisconsin, and yesterday it was Los Angeles; tomorrow?




Watch all the videos. You cannot sell what you do not own, and along the way, you will learn more than you realize. That includes those who are Trauma Qualified, as much of the information is not taught within those courses.

Read all the handouts before you meet with lawyers. You must be an expert.

Communicate with your lawyers and M.D.'s and let them know you are sponsoring a "Trauma -Based" academic program.


The comment in red below is for you only and not to be placed in the lawyer's email. Change each SUBJECT LINE to the title of each Webinar as you rotate through your advertisements. You can rotate them every week as most lawyers will not see them on the first submission.


Suggested EMAIL Language:


SUBJECT LINE: Demonstratively Age-Date Herniated Discs – Dr. Studin


Our office is offering to sponsor you and your entire staff trauma-related academic programs. Below is the entire curriculum. Each program is in Webinar format (1 hour-15 minutes), and is watched "On-Demand" around your schedule.


Age-Dating Herniated Discs and Diffusing Deceptive Rhetoric

This Webinar details the various types of disc pathology and explains their clinical presentations. The program goes into detail explaining the 6-pathological methods of age-dating disc herniations and diffuses the deceptive rhetoric of asymptomatic herniations. The course also gives demonstrative evidenced-based explanations on why sprains are permanent, and all strain/sprains can never be transient



Each Webinar is presented by Dr. Mark Studin, a nationally recognized educator in personal injury and overturning deceptive rhetoric based upon the evidence. Each Webinar has associated handouts and literature that I will both provide and review with you and your staff. In order to avoid becoming irrelevant in the medical-legal community, you must stay current, or your opponent could prevail based upon potential deceptive rhetoric.




FEE $0.00


Please send me your full name and email address (plus each staff member). I will register you and cover the $12.00 fee for each program. You will be getting a receipt for the $12.00 [my credit card], and an invitation from our GoToWebinar Platform to login. You can do this on your schedule as this is On-Demand, done anytime you have an hour available.


Please email me or call me after you watch the Webinar, and I will get you the handouts and arrange a few minutes to explain them to you. My goal is for you to be well-educated on this topic, and the other topics, so you have literature-based tools to argue facts instead of fighting rhetoric with more rhetoric.


There are NO CLE credits available for these events to keep it affordable.


1: This is a pay-per-view event and gets only one click to open it. Should you click it open before the event, you will have to purchase another link.

2. Everyone's email address entered will get an invitation email from GoToWebinar.com [again that can only be opened once].



You can start with any program, just ask.


The Rest of the Line-Up:


NOTE: The explanation for each successive course can be found at teachlawyers.com and placed when you want to market those programs. Only market 1 at a time.


Low-Speed Accidents & Serious Bodily Injury

Permanency of Disc Herniations and Bulges & Permanent Serious Injury in Non-Herniation Cases, and Carrier Settlement Formulas

How Herniated Discs ALWAYS Cause Permanent Brain Malfunction & Biomechanical Failure With Carrier Settlement Formulas

Demonstrative Reporting of Disc Herniation & Overturning Improper IME-DME's

Overturning Carrier's Denial of Disc Herniation in Settlement Negotiations

Post-Traumatic Herniated Discs, Related Migraines-Headaches & Strain/Sprain Permanencies

Accident Reconstruction of Low-Speed Crashes - Proving Serious Injury

Language of Overturning Improper IME's

Concussion: Diagnosis, Diagnosing, Causality, and Trauma

After the lawyer watches the Webinar, both send them the handouts and set up a "Facetime or Zoom" session so you can answer questions. This will also allow you to solidify relationships. This process should be repeated after all 10 sessions allowing you to foster stronger relationships based upon your clinical excellence. This is also why you need to both watch every Webinar and read all the handouts up-front to be prepared to answer all questions.

The handouts will be housed on the consulting site, in the marketing section (not there yet).

You should consider rotating 1 topic each month and goal to get 30 lawyers in the rotation; 1 per day. This will keep your referral sources engaged with you every day, for an entire year (I will have 2 more shortly to cover 12 months).

Lastly, I was thrilled to have a sponsor to offset the costs of the technology. They will stay engaged as long as there is participation, so please do not procrastinate. We all win or lose together ?


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