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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Getting proper verification for liens of"


Dr Studin: What's your question?

Guest Dr: Can I send an email and get an email receipt just as effectively with admissibility in court as I can, sending a fax with a fax receipt?

Dr Studin: Yes. Now give me your background.

Guest Dr: We sent a request for breakdown of this settlement. And we got it back and it said everything was disbursed and we are not included on there. I'm going to file a complaint saying they didn’t honored our lien, but we realize that we emailed it.

Dr Studin: so that's just that request. That's fine. I would make it a little bit More formal. And I would have to two proofs of submission. I will do certified fax receipt or certified a US mail and an email receipt. But always US mail certified for this. It looks more formal. And on top of that, I just recorded of course without Dan Roger on educating the lawyer. And Dan said, something interesting thing is we're a big firm and often we'll get settlement checks somedays and that's not unusual because we're a big firm and I don't look at every single one, the secretary does it, the bookkeeper does it, the paralegal does it, and then they disperse things and they miss things and they make an error. So it's not like I'm a bad lawyer, he said this is just a mistake and I really need an opportunity to clean it up and if is someone I have a regular relationship I expect them to work with me, not just to immediately drop an ethics complaint against, we've got anything to honor the contract, he has some issues or opinions about that contract that I don't agree with, but I'm not the lawyer and he's giving it to me about his experience in the courts and I'm going to solicit other attorney's opinions. But You have verification that they have your lien, correct?

Guest Dr: No, that's the thing, cause we sent it all through email, but they never funded to our calls.

Dr Studin: Did you get an email receipt that they received your lien? So this is why I always say two forms and one is always US mail. In your email system, it says returned receipt and read receipt. You can click on those and get an email that it was sent and email that it was read and you got a response from you. The other things that I like, which would help resolve this issue as well. Mighty remember that company that delivers records?

Guest Dr: Yes.

Dr Studin: It's free for the lawyer and costs you $10 for a case in perpetuity, which is nothing. Part of that is you're uploading all of your records, If you charge for records, you could send out a bill, they send you a receipt and then you send you a check and you could put those records out. But part of that is you can upload including your records, your lien. Now you have a physical proof that they are waiting for them and if they downloaded the rec, how many lawyers do not download records? Zero. They all download records cause they need your records to win their case. So you include your lean within that. And how you have a very tangible form and proof that they received it and I guarantee you they're going to look at that more than they're going to look at a letter because it's part of the erectors back. I would urge you to use that for every single case. And on top of that, the lawyers are going to post the status of the case.

Guest Dr: how did you get the other attorney to go to that website to download? I mean cause this type of attorney, I don't have a relationship.

Dr Studin: you call the lawyer.

Guest Dr: They don’t return our phone calls.

Dr Studin: You call the secretary and say, can I talk to the attorney? A paralegal on the case of Mary Jones.

Guest Dr: They don't even pick up their phone on purpose. We call them all the time. They never pick up.

Dr Studin: Then you call them, you leave a message and you say, I'm calling about Mary Jones, I have records for you. If you go to and register, it's free on your side. You could download all the records they're waiting for you, lawyer has to get records. do they send you requests for records or nothing?

Guest Dr: no. They said nothing, we have to use this particular attorney It seems to me like on purpose, they're just trying to avoid.

Dr Studin: It's a very least. You want to call them and say, leave a message. that's what I would do and Your assignment is located there. Two forms of assignment. One is always certified return receipt always and fax receipt and email receipt or either of those two. Or is number two, which I would do.

Guest Dr: Yeah, I do pictures. I like how you recommended. I do pictures of the MRIs, particularly with the really big cases, and I circle it. I make a really nice report. It's hard to get that on Facts.

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