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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"How do I jump-start marketing in my region"


Dr Studin: the question you asked me upfront was how can you make the wall street program work in your locale. And I explained to you that the original paradigm for the wall street company has changed based upon advice of counsel who is working with the office of inspector general. And the more stringent regulations that have come down and had been more clearly defined us since we started the program, there are a few wall street firms are working with to control your money and understand how to get paid at a higher level. they're all programs we've talked tracking case percentages, tracking the status of the cases, document flow, all of that stuff. But the reality is how do you get more cases in your door and it comes down to two or three different things. Number one, now you're trauma qualified, correct?

Guest Dr: Yes, sir.

Dr Studin: Are you hospital qualified?

Guest Dr: Not yet, but we're working on it.

Dr Studin: Have you taken any primary spine care course?

Guest Dr: I believe I picked one level of it.

Dr Studin: but that's all you need to be hospital qualified. If you're trauma qualified, take one primary spine care course, you need one more course, which is the interprofessional hospital relations, whatever it's called. Two and a half hours. That's all you need to get hospital qualified. Do that immediately. Then you work on primary spine care after that. Now with that, we are getting hot emergency rooms running after us. Now in Omaha we have one, in the Austin, Texas area we have five. And this company is literally running after our doctors, so what you need to do is work your way up the political chain, usually through a neurosurgeon because they have a lot of Clapton hospitals and you need to get one of the three Cs in the conversation, chief executive officer, chief operating officer, or chief medical officer, one of the three in a conversation based upon your credentials of being trauma qualified. And hospital qualified, you need to get them in a conversation to start the process of getting you to be a direct pipeline of referrals from the local emergency room. And t's a process. It doesn't happen overnight. But what doctors don't understand is the joint commission, which is a federal oversight process, which controls 22,000 healthcare entities just came out with a mandate that ancillary healthcare services must be utilized in facilities approved by them to fight the opiate issues. And chiropractic is one of those, for mechanical spine issues, you cannot have a pharmacological solution for mechanical problems. So they now have a mandate. So in your community, chiropractic is going to be a hospital, I promise you. So we've got to get you involved in that process quickly. So you've got to get a meeting with one of the three CS and you usually do that through a surgeon. The next thing you need to do is you need to start communicating with your local surgeons and letting them know how you potentially can be a solution to their practice. Because typically a surgeon, will evaluate a hundred cases for eight surgeries, the 92 that doesn't mean surgery They're wasting money by not living in an operating room. what you want to do is let them know that you're actually a nurse surgeon without a knife and you need to sit and meet with them and all, you're going to talk about a slice thickness on MRI and how to manage patient. And that matters tremendously. So by doing that, you're going to tell them you have the opportunity to free them up to live in the operating room. And not so much in the clinics or nonsurgical cases where they lose money. Some neurosurgical practices want to keep all of the nonsurgical cases because they're afraid of losing marketing. Others don't care. So you've got to find that balance. So that's another potential Avenue. The next thing is, did you now have an opportunity to go into primary care medical offices and teach continuing medical education In other words, you go in and talk to them about mechanical spine issues. You could give them one CME category, one AMA credit, which they need. And you could teach them in your office. You could do that under our umbrella once your truck qualified, if you are. So you qualify for that. However, why don't you strike that relationship with the medical primary You have to understand that the majority of your cases managed care, Medicare and Medicaid, and you can't cherry pick what you want because if you start saying you only want Matt, only one PI cases, they're going to stop sending everybody because all they know is they want those cases out in their office. So my goal was to give you a practice mix of about, 65% to 70% PI, for me, that would not be a viable solution, but some people don't care. The last thing, and it goes back to the lawyers is you need to do a lawyers seminars and that's where you'll bring in anywhere between 30 and 50 lawyers into a room. You'll work on getting sponsors to pay for everything. Or I come in virtually on the silver screen, but it's a live two way transmission where I will see and hear the people in your audience and they will see him, hear me And I do a three hour presentation of letting the lawyers in your community know that you are the solution to their problem. 100% of the lawyers in the room, we'll say, please come into my office tomorrow and you will start building relationships, the doctors who do the successfully do every six months That's something that your speed, you should absolutely do. So four things. Number one, you're going to get the emergency rooms. Number two, the surgeons. Number three of the lawyers. And number four, if you choose to primary care doctors with the understanding, you're not going to pull a lot of PI out of that, but there's a lot of opportunity. Now, the last thing you could do, which is number five, is educate lawyers over breakfast, get two or three lawyers and teach them one chapter in the book or two chapters in the book with the bimonthly flyers, and you could do that on an ongoing basis as many lawyers as you can get together, with no more than two or three at the time of breakfast. how many years you in practice?

Guest Dr: 25.

Dr Studin: How old are you?

Guest Dr: 55.

Dr Studin: You need to do the lawyer seminar. Just bottom line. need to do this quickly. You don't want to build it organically. You don't have to think about who to adjust and how to treat the spine, you do that and you sleep. You just got to get it done. At our stage, that's what you need to do. Any other questions?

Guest Dr: None at this time.

Dr Studin: If you want to learn about the lawyer seminars, shoot me an email to send you the instructions to have it all laid out and explains everything. Okay?

Guest Dr: I'll get that sent to you later today. 

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