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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Educating a non PI Lawyer"


Dr Studin: Share with me your good story.

Guest Dr: I just met with a local attorney in the personal injury world, he's been in immigration and criminal law and just transitioning over to personal injury, I met him through a physical therapist that I refer to and he set up a meeting between myself and the lawyer. So I brought for business cards and pens and a copy of my CV and the accident trauma evidence book, And I laid those down on his desk and he said, I've met with several chiropractors, You come prepared. None of the other guys had any of this stuff, so I think you're going to be my go to guy.

Dr Studin: So you led with clinical excellence. Now, next steps and the entire paradigm is going to be changing over the next 12 months, every year between Christmas and new years, the Lawyer and I get together and do a new course. I don't know if you've done the testifying courses yet.

Guest Dr: I haven't hit that yet.

Dr Studin: You have to do, it'll change everything you do with the lawyer. It'll change your whole narrative with them. It makes it so much easier. But every year we do a course, and this is all going to be our third year in a row, and this year we're going to be how to educate the lawyer and educate the objection of the lawyer. You're not an ortho, you're not a neuro, you're not a neurosurgeon. You're only a Chiro. What's your training? What's your education? I can't do, how can you opine on concussion or MRI? You're only a chiro . How do you get around all that stuff? And then how do you educate the lawyer to avoid Dare, you in court? How to get them to understand all those things. So that's going to be the next step, it's critical cause that's a big hole in the process that we're cleaning up. But the other thing is you're dealing with someone who's just getting into personal injury, here's the mistake that everybody makes. I want to get PI cases. So here's what I want to do. I'm going to find lawyers who were PI lawyers, and that's all they do because they get all these PI cases and I want them, but it's costing us more to treat the best of what they are willing to pay. So therefore you losing money on a case, thank you, but no thank you. And then I started dealing. So then I found 3 other firms that were referring me 40 cases a month, one small, one mid one large firm. And they started feeding me cases And it was all based upon personality because I had a huge practice, I referred cases to them. One of them went out of business. I lost a third of my referrals overnight. The second one moved out of out of town. I lost two thirds of my business. Then I started doing lawyer seminars and I was doing them every two to three months, I would bring in the same lawyers over. I started picking up non PI lawyers, because they came for the CLE credits, because it was a quick three credits. So instead of three firms to refer 40 cases, which is not a good business strategy, I got 40 law firms to refer one case.

Guest Dr: You'd diversified your portfolio.

Dr Studin: Most of them were non PI firms who got PI cases. I got to educate them. I was their teacher, I was their go to person. And until the day I left practice, they were rock solid with me. So what you did was wonderful. You met a non PI lawyer who wants to get into the industry, you will own this person for the rest of your life, for the rest of their career.

Guest Dr: What is the next step?

Dr Studin: find more of them.

Guest Dr: He is in a practice with two other lawyers, he was calling me how buildings his network bring in these cases from other offices.

Dr Studin: that's the key, those other two a locked in, all you need to do, it's find 10 more of this guy and you're done. Because if he refers two or three cases a month, can you really handle more than 20 or 30 PI cases a month?

Guest Dr: It would stress my office.

Dr Studin: It has to bring an associate.

Guest Dr: and probably more stuff.

Dr Studin: So big deal. In my last office, I had a staff at 23, including professionals and non-professionals it was big. I just did the stat for your state. Okay. The article's coming out in February. PICs Nebraska buck $95 a visit. Non PI at the most you're going to get $60 a visit, correct?

Guest Dr: Yeah, that sounds about right.

Dr Studin: say you're seeing a hundred patients a week. You will see the same hundred patients a week and you make four times the amount of money. Anything else?

Guest Dr: next step with this particular guy. I haven't shown him a copy of the narrative. I haven't granular with the studies at all. Should I pick a study or two and talk about them or there's the other meeting and I show him the narrative?

Dr Studin: when are you supposed to meet with him?

Guest Dr: about three weeks.

Dr Studin: The next meeting that you do, you're going to start educating them. Did you give him those books?

Guest Dr: I gave him the evidence-based book.

Dr Studin: You're going to take two chapters out of there. You're going to get research for it, and you're going to teach him, you're going to say, listen, we're sitting down. I just want to show you, I want to start educating you and this is it. here's two chapters, tell him to bring his book with him. Put your paper clips in them. Here's the literature that references. I'd like to teach you two chapters. Bring a sample of your narrative. You don't have to sell them anymore. He's already got it, you can show him a binder with you sample narrative in it, but start teaching them. There's 110 chapters in this book. The next version is coming out shortly, but I have advanced copies of it. So I want to teach you two chapters. I want to teach you two concepts, you're going to need to understand this stuff and if you'd like, we can set an appointment up for the following month and I'll teach you two more chapters. I could do it every week. I could do it every month. Whatever's better for you. And what I strongly suggest is you start teaching your staff this stuff because whoever, paralegals, secretaries, whoever touches this stuff, you've got to start educating because this is what the carriers are educating their staff, their claims adjusters, their lawyers. That's your competition. Your competition isn't so much case law. Your competition is knowledge and how to use the knowledge to make it applicable to case law. Because when there's a summary judgment for dismissal based upon pure susceptive rhetoric, you have to be able to overturn that deceptive rhetoric. It's all intertwined. So you've got to bring your practice just 75 to 80% personal injury. The way to do that, it's to get non PI lawyers who want to convert or smaller PI law firms. You do not want the PI mills.

Guest Dr: There's one like three blocks from my office.

Dr Studin you've got the emergency rooms working for you in Omaha to bring in these cases?

Guest Dr: It's starting…

Dr Studin: But again, the way I did it, you did one lawyer seminar about a year or so ago?

Guest Dr: in April.

Dr Studin: do it Every six months. And just as a final note, remember if you do it once a year, once every 18 months, they have forgotten about you. It's every six months. And I know factually with the people in the emergency rooms and people that run that business, they're happy to sponsor you doing this on an ongoing basis in perpetuity. I've already spoken to them.

Guest Dr: Because they want to contact the lawyers too.

Dr Studin: Yes. They want the business. That's why I could take you guys and position you and have them be your sponsor and I'll talk nice about them, but nothing in the seminars change. All I'm doing is talking about you. And then here's where my relationships lie. Just like we did last time. It doesn't change. We're just adding another player. Instead of talking about X, Y, or Z, neurology and neurosurgery. Now would you like me to call them and talk to them? Set it up, because I could do that in a heartbeat.

Guest Dr: Like how can I say no?

Dr Studin: How old are you?

Guest Dr: 48.

Dr Studin: The next 10 years are your peak earning years. 

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