"Educating an inexperienced lawyer"

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From the Desk of Dr. Mark Studin
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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Educating an inexperienced lawyer"


Dr. Studin: Good morning. So, what's going on?

Guest: So I had an attorney coffee meeting this morning, and the attorney and I have a patient in common thing. So, I was just kind of chatting with her about, she had a lot of questions just regarding our documentation and how-to attorney in practice approximately. She has been in practice for four years; however, she has just started doing personal injury and, during our conversation I learned that this was her second case.

Dr. Studin: Let me just share with you, an experience I had and then I'll let you go on. I actually, testified for a lawyer and the lawyer's first case and I was in New York Supreme court. Rockland County. Yeah. And I was on the witness stand. I forgot which Honorable, there's so many of them. And, she was horrible. I mean not asking me the right questions, getting flustered. And then she asked the lawyer, the judge for a sidebar and that's when there's like a whispered conversation off to the side. Sure. And she goes up there and she goes up to the sidebar and whispers, actually, she's screaming, and her whisper is hysterical crying, judge, this is my first case. I don't know what I'm doing. No, I screwed up. What can I do? I need your help. What can I do? The judge everyone in the court? Just like guests, including the pit, the person represented, so I get it…keep going.

Guest: Uh, so, you know, I guess the point of the story is, I'm still going through a lot of the trauma team training, so I'm not, you know, I guess to some degree I'm still agreeing with a lot of this too. So, um, I don't have all of the answers for her yet. Uh, and I knew that obviously working with you, it's going to help continue to expand that. Um, but the big takeaway from today was that, I didn't blow up the meeting.

Dr. Studin: I was on the phone with Aaron Smith from Cedar park, Texas. And, um, Aaron called me. He's the emergency room and I'm the, I'm the medical director and called him in. They have a 10-minute conversation with the six ER docs in that location and that 10 minutes, it's just like a meet and greet, 10 turned into almost an hour conversation. and he said like, you know, it's like they just want to have to get patients to him and there's, there's a reason why I'm telling you this. And he said, it's like everything you said, he picked up this sound bite from this course and this soundbite from that course and this soundbite from young course. And when you put it all together, there's nothing you can't handle from low back pain to stroke, to herniated disc to osteomyelitis, you know, on and on and on. Because these are all the theses trade up. And I said to him, I said, Eric, remember three, four years ago, you and your wife called me. She was to start crying on the phone or of circle, but she was not happy. And you told me you could barely pay your bills and you don't know what to do. And you know, you just stuck with it. I said, she says, yeah. I said so what's your biggest challenge now? You said packed shelters. He says, cause when I go in front of the lawyer it's a no brainer. It's more because I know everything. They need and every course teaches me something else. And he has taken every, he's trauma qualified hospital qualified, You have all the texts. So how you can see, as you said, you didn't blow up. Did you finish doing all?

Guest: Uh, yes.

Dr. Studin: Okay, great. You're, which courses have you taken over?

Guest: All right. I have taken all of the PI bootcamp and I have started with the first MRI. Interpretation.

Dr. Studin: So you're just thinking the TCIs.

Guest: Yes.

Dr. Studin: So again, long days of sleepless nights, I had one young man from Florida, 30 days, he did everything. Okay sir, I need pretty life. Okay. And he said to me, I have two people actually do it in 30 days, some are from Florida and someone from Maryland. And they both said to me, it's like, why should I wait here? If it's a priority, I know I need to get it done. I don't want success to be put on hold. But more importantly, you don't want these relationships, these opportunities for relationships and go through your fingertips. I had someone in Chesapeake, Virginia, David Packer. He said to me, Mark, I am not meeting one lawyer. I am not meeting one medical doctor and I'm not leaving my office until I get at least trauma qualified. Yeah. And build my CV and he did and it took off. It took him six months to get there in six months. He had neurosurgery lawyers in our run yak for him. I mean, he had one law firm, which was bossing his balls, cutting a CS. He reached out to the head, but that, she said that the partner that the head of the law firm, well met him for a cup of coffee, sat with him for 10 minutes and said, Oh my God, your C's never going to be proud anymore. We're going to be working with you. We don't care who you are for us. His practice has exploded. Then the Chesapeake hospital system where they after him because they saw his credentials online and they wanted him when they met with them and now the ERs are running after him. He is court support for third conversations. Look at another one to refer to so it all snowballs and whatever, but the only thing I can tell you is it only takes two things successful. What are those two things? Okay. Long nights and sleepless days are long days, sleepless nights. I want you to remember that. I want you to write on, I want you to write that out as a post it and I want you to put it on your office telephone. I want you to put it on the mirror of your car. I want you to put on your mirror at home. I want you to tell you wife, I love you. I love you, I love you, but for the next 30 to 45 days, I'm not going to be with you with a family of the kids or anybody. Karen, I was going to say why? Well, let me put it to you this way. That's the, that is the key for you. For us. Yep. This is your wife now. Not a professional reason because you want to help your patients, but that's the difference between us doubling our income or not, and unless I do this, it's going to delay that. Do you want less money or more money? What's she going to say to you? Definitely. She will say, we don't care about you. Goodbye. Did I miss anything? Why are you still here talking to me? But you understand the concept long days and sleepless nights or is all it takes. As long as you have a plan, you need to be trauma qualified, hospital qualified, E&M, qualified testifying qualified and primary spine care qualified. Those are the things you need to do, but you start with the trauma qualification and you're going to get hooked. And if you have questions in the middle, you call me. You didn't blow this meeting up, but I would really postpone any further meetings.

Guest: Yeah, you know, back to the experience of the other. You're the doctor you're speaking about. All right. I hesitated to even pursue this meeting just because I had the same kind of hope or expectation for myself that I got through of this before I, it's not done with someone, it was, you know, she's asking questions and yeah. I felt that me ignoring her probably would have blown it up more than me sitting down with her. And I answered the question.

Dr. Studin: What you want to do is you want to call this lawyer back and say, listen, I am right now. I'm being trauma qualified. I'm in the middle of the program. Yeah. And if you would like me to share with you what I'm learning as I go, cause I know you're learning this too, but I, you know, I'm learning how to be trauma qualified, which includes, Marty had a document if you would like to, to meet with me periodically, once a week or so, and I could just feed you the little things I'm learning every week because it will help you also, you know, I'm not looking for anything in return. It'll help me to be able to work calculate it. But it will help you to learn the industry. And we could do it together if you're interested.

Guest: And I kind of mentioned that to her during our coffee break and she seemed, she said, yeah, there's something so that works.

Dr. Studin: Okay, let's go see you're doing great. Two things: long day. Sleepless nights. Never forget that. I will not, it's funny because you know the kids growing up in their friends around them. I used to hire all their friends in my office. And one young man is actually an attorney now, and he's the head of the County parks department and it's a big political job. And I saw him the other day and he said, it only took me two things to get here, Dr. Mark, long days of sleepless nights. And that was like 20 years ago. And I just like, just laughed with it. Well, we laugh and, you know, so proud of it, but it's really applicable anywhere. Alright, good job. Call me if you need more.

Guest: Okay. We'll do.

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