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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"ER's & Surgeons ran after me"


Dr. Studin: A mom with Dr. Aaron Smith from Cedar park, Texas. Good morning, Erin.

Guest: Morning Mark.

Dr. Studin: So tell me about your meeting. Did you have a meeting this morning or was it yesterday?

Guest: It was this morning.

Dr. Studin: Tell me what happened. Tell everybody yeah, we're going to show up in the mountain tops.

Guest: So, the ER center that we've been approached by to go in and get credential that and be able to take call. Um, the medical director called me after he went through all my application process and she's like, “Hey, stop by and meet me”. So, I stopped by and met him last week and then he's like, next Tuesday morning we're having a staff, like a meeting for our majority of our physicians. So, there was like six ER doctors.

Dr. Studin: Let me just stop you for one second. For one of the things that I negotiated with the owners of the emergency room facility, is that our doctors who are trained, our doctors exclusively are going to be educating the ER staff on how to work. And, then in a primary spine care environment to help lower the opiate use and to help reduce the stress on the emergency room by eradicating repeat visits for back issues, which are one of their number one problem by clog them up. So, they actually then listened, and they reached out to you. And then what happens?

Guest: So then of course we've got everything set up for credentialing at the ER center and then kind of gave them our initial schedules of, you know, the days we'd be available for call. And as he was going through my applications, like, Hey, I want to meet, we met. And what initially was, you know, supposed to be just kind of a brief briefing, kind of brief written meet, turned into probably about a 45 minute conversation. And then he invited me. That wasn't what the owner, I met the CEO prior. This was not the medical director. Um, so this was the head, the head medical director of the emergency room, who is an emergency room physician. And then he in turn invited me to saying, Hey, Tuesday morning at nine, I need you to be there and do a little skill for five to 10 minutes so they can understand, you know, your purpose in us utilizing you and make sure we take advantage of it. The same time he was kinda like, do you want us to call you on stuff? I'm like, sure. You know, I'm like, I wouldn't have signed up for it if I didn't. And so what was initially supposed to be a 10 minute, you know, brief presentation turned into about a 45 minute question and answer where the emergency room doctors kept saying, you know, Hey, you know, it just was a really good learning opportunity for them and me.

Dr. Studin: So what kind of questions do they ask them?

Guest: They wanted to know, like imaging protocols, x-ray versus CT, he's like, you know, what type of cases do we do, we call you on? And then we had a lot of discussion on car accident cases as well, and then, you know, they even shared with me some of their frustrations of ways that they don't feel like, they want to make sure that when patients leave that they're still followed up with. And I'm like, that's where I come in. And, that way you can know that the case is going to be, the patient's going to be managed correctly and triaged appropriately. So they're not going to be back in your ER two days later and saying, Hey, my back.

Dr. Studin: Sure. With that, so they all know how to get you. And I asked you a few moments ago and I'd like you to repeat it. What's happening with your lawyer referrals now in the same region?

Guest: Um, so the word referrals have just been continually steady. Um, you know, I get, I can almost kind of pick and choose. There's certain firms where I'm like, I don't care if I work with this firm again cause I don't, I don't need their crap offers that they're going to take and want me to take pennies on the dollar, on my cases. So, but at the same time, it's still a regular good flow of new patients from attorneys. And then of course, there's probably an equal number of new cases from medical specialists and, you know, neurosurgeon and pain management doctors.

Dr. Studin: and you're ranking them over the last 12 months.

Guest: It's pretty much doubled.

Dr. Studin: There you go. So, the other thing. You know, it only takes two things. And you know what those two things are, don't you?

Guest: I do. Your long days and your long days of sleepless nights.

Dr. Studin: that's all it takes. And you're in. So now we have to start looking at tax shelters for you and all those other fun things because you're fricking living, you're living the dream, and all it took was, you know, education. So. All right. And here's the other thing, just so that you know, you are trauma qualified, your hospital qualified. Did you get, E&M qualified yet? Cause that's relatively new?

Guest: I am, yes.

Dr. Studin: Okay. And uh, did you get, um, expert witness qualified?

Guest: Uh, that one I haven't finished yet.

Dr. Studin: Okay. And then primary spine care qualified?

Guest: Yes. Okay.

Dr. Studin: Once you finish the expert witness qualified, we're going to be creating a new designation when you get all of the qualifications and I'm not quite sure what that is. And then you're also in the fellowship program, is that correct?

Guest: I'm in the fellowship program. Yes.

Dr. Studin: So, um, can you imagine doing any of what you're doing without all of that education behind you? Oh, you couldn't do it at all?

Guest: Like I had a deposition yesterday and there were questions. If I didn't, there was things that I didn't know five years ago that would have made me look a fool in the deposition.

Dr. Studin: And now you're the real deal. Well, good job, Aaron. I'm very proud of you. Um, you know what to tell you why, if we discussed that before, but I won't bring it up again because there are certain people that would blush. But, I'm very, very proud of you and thanks for sharing and I look forward to sharing this with everyone. Have a great day.

Guest: Thank you.

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