"Who to Communicate with to get into ER's"

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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Who to Communicate with to get into ER's"


Dr. Studin: So you had called a moment ago, and requested a contact person, or what procedures should you go through in getting into hospitals and emergency rooms because you're working with a local neurosurgeon, who has contacts and you're trying to break into the local hospitals now. What was your procedure up until now? what have you accomplished so far?

Guest Dr: Well, as you recall, you and I, we had a three-way phone call with a neurosurgeon a few weeks ago and so we enlightened him and educated him about our credentials and the process and the program and so forth. And so now, we're trying to get into the ed departments with some of his contacts that he knows of. so it's just formally contacting them and then proceeding forward. So that's kind of where we're at.

Dr. Studin: So we want to bring chiropractic in. I help resolve the mechanical spine issues of the back diagnoses, spinal deformities in the emergency departments. And ed as emergency department, you correctly use that. So the next step is either the chairman of the ED or more likely the COO of the hospital chief operating officer who handles operations. That's usually the next step. Now sometimes they give you marketing people. We're not interested in talking about marketing, public relations, community service. We're not interested in them. That's a waste of time. You need somebody with a C in front of their name, chief medical officer, chief operating officer, or chief executive officer, one of those three CS. We'll get you to the next level for them to start considering the program.

So when you speak to the neurosurgeon who's championing this because he sees chiropractic as a solution for his business, because we're going to, you know, be the neurosurgeons with that knives to screen and triage. So he sees us as being that and he gets it. He's drank the Koolaid. Now he's got to get the hospital to do the same thing. Now there's we certainly have enough contacts right now around the country that we could start, you know, relaying or piggybacking someone's information on. But, the next step is me and letting me speak to the CEO, CMO or COO of the hospital to get them to do it. And thankfully you've got your credentials now, so you got ed, cause I have sold things for you, but go ahead.

Guest Dr: Right. So a neurosurgeon makes contact with one of the cities, one of those peoples, they are interested. We look to set up a three way with them. Neurosurgeon, you and I, it's a four way.

Dr. Studin: Yup. That's it. The other thing is, you're trauma qualified, which is, the only reason you're in this position by the way, because you have the credentials and people recognize that strongly. Your hospital qualified also. Correct?

Guest Dr: I have the program; I just need to go through it.

Dr Studin: You better take it because that's going to be a big, big issue and it's going, it's only a two-and-a-half-hour program because you're right, you've done one primary spine care course, right?

Guest Dr: Yes. Couple of them, actually.

Dr. Studin: all you need is trauma qualified, one primary spine care course and a hospital, interprofessional hospital. Of course, it's like two and a half hours. So that's going to come up faster than you think. Get just get it under your belt. The other thing you want to consider is getting all your qualifications, becoming, E&M qualified, expert witness qualified and Primary Spine Care Qualified and the reason you want all of those is it just lays out nicer. And all of those, by the way, everything answers a different question, and you never know when that question's going to come. So, all of the morning and then obviously given to the fellowship program, the fellowship program, we'll open the door to the hospital faster than anything. We have found that out consistently across the country just faster because you're going to be doing rotations with a lot of different surgeons, not just the nursery, but you're going to be in front of other providers who are inter, you know, intimate in the hospital system.

So you're going to have advocates in there. And that's important. So just a thought and that is your next logical step. But as far as the hospital, it's like, you know, you get to say, Hey, am hospital qualified and that's just in their mind, checks off a box that needs to be checked. And then, you know, it's just one more step of why you are the right person to talk with. But you really got to keep going with the academics. So, you get through the fellowship program and that will make, that will just make life easier. So have them call me, um, or you call them and all you folks have a comment, you know, set up a conference call with me and we'll just make an app. Okay?

Guest Dr: Okay, good. Thank you.

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