"Easily managing records with lawyers and getting settlement information"

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Preamble: Many of the issues I bring to you are very small, yet each issue is just that, an issue. If you take care of the small issues, then you will be able to build and more importantly, focus on the bigger issues...a larger practice and more family time. -Mark Studin 2006

"Easily managing records with lawyers and getting settlement information"


Dr. Studin: So you had said that the platform that I wanted to do…What percentage is being paid? and your suggestion was to do what?

Guest: Open source it. Make it national or even international.

Dr. Studin: Oh, so this will be gather a lot more statistics. Correct?

Guest: Right.

Dr. Studin: Because you feel the MDs have the same problem we have.

Guest: They do. When I talked to him, the ones that I talked to, yeah.

Dr. Studin: Now, it's my understanding and again, you know, we chatted about this, that a law that a lawyer, we'll be less likely to screw a neurosurgeon than a chiropractor because they feel they need them more. What's your experience?

Guest: Well, I haven't discussed it with neurosurgeon, but I have discussed it with pain management specialists and they, uh, they treat them about the same as they treat us. I mean, any lien holder, in my opinion, from what I see when I talk to these guys, it's kind of a nuisance to the lawyer

Dr. Studin: in what respect?

Guest: They don't want to pay him, didn't want to give the money to them and then they don't want to give them money. They want to keep as much the money from themselves and their client as possible.

Dr. Studin: Pain management. I agree with you because what my experience is the majority of pain management doctors are a horse, I mean they're charging like 30, 40 grand for it, for one epidural. I mean I see that all the time. I mean it's just incredible. And in New Jersey, I can tell you right now, from my perspective, the majority are Rico cases going on. They have, but I've seen lately are against pain management doctors because… in New Jersey I know multiple going on at the moment, because these guys are just whores and lawyers are reacting as well. But an industry, I think that the knee jerk reactions of lawyers offer 50%. That’s what's happening nationally, but the open source, it, you know, and my, my goal when, when we want to do that and we're, we've already started developing the website for it and we already have the URL for it. So it is really to make your Chiros specific to get chiropractic’s statistics. Now the other thing we could do is open it up and ask, you know, and just they take a toggle, are you a DC, are you an MD? Um, are you, or do it by specialty. Um, you know, that's something that could be done also for the future. But we're going to start with Chiro. Now the other thing is I'm working with another company and in New York city called Mighty. And this company developed a website. And tell me if you think this would be beneficial to you. So instead of having to gather and put documents together and mail them or send them over. And in the HIPAA encrypted portal, which is a pain in the butt, they've developed that HIPAA encrypted portal.

And what they found was, is that so when you get a patient and you have John Smith lawyer, so you will call John Smith lawyer and you will tell the attorney that your records are being set up via encrypted portal. Here's the, I'm going to email you the web address. You just go on there and you create a username and password. It's free, it's all encrypted. You first have to upload your record release, your authorization for records, you upload that onto the site. Once it's up there, all the records become visible to you and you could download them, print them, do whatever you want. And as I get records, real time, we're going to constantly upload them into the system and it's free to the attorney.

The other thing is the system prompts the lawyer's office to upload. On a regular status on a regular basis. Change in status of the case. Uh, the cases there is dorms, there's nothing happening. The cases went to deposition. A demand letter was sent. Okay. Case is settled. So this way you could go onto that site, um, on a regular basis. Well, you don't have to call the lawyer's office to say where's the case app hasn't been settled yet. So you know, the status of your money, the lawyers problem is that they'll have five or six providers on every case. They'll have a hundred cases. So, there's five or 600 providers calling them on a regular basis to find out the status of the case. It's a nuisance to the, it's a nuisance to the lawyer. And they don't even want to talk to you because they're so inundated with what's the status of my case.

Now the problem is, or the challenge you would think is to get the lawyer to update the status. So what they've done is they've made a little bit of a game. Dave created, for the paralegals. For every 10 cases you upload, you get a $20 Amazon gift card. So, for every status of the cases you upload and what they're finding is that their success rate is approximately 70% of all status of cases. So think about how much that's worth to you. They charged us the cuts hold them in this amount of time. Yeah. They charge the doctor 10 bucks a case. Fluffy. That's it. And the deal and the deals that I cut with them is they will work with any of our doctors, allow you for free at no charge to upload every one of your old cases prior to today, prior to the day of your joining, you can upload every one of your own cases, free of charge, and then from here forward they get 10 bucks. For every case you put in there, it's the biggest no-brainer in the world.

Guest Dr: That's very cool. What did the providers and lawyers feedback on this platform?

Dr. Studin: Isn't that cool? 70% of the attorneys are uploading the status of the case. Does that answer your question? Think about it. And lawyer. A lawyer no longer has to spend money just to hire some with the son on the phone to tell you the status of the case. A lawyer doesn't have to spend money anymore to run after records. They spend a tremendous amount of money on those records. They hire companies, they outsource it. And they probably do that because of your office. Just kidding. Um, so I mean, these are, you know, this is what's going, Oh, by the way, um, just to let you know, over the winter, you know how we have a jet both days in the Hamptons? Yeah. Well, we're having, we're going to have a winter each day. If the Hanson's that we're going to bring everyone out, um, you know, we're going to open it up. We're going to crack up the fireplace, make some hot chocolate, put as much rum in as we can get away with, go to Rumba, hang out, talk business all day long. So just, just watch out for that notice. Okay. It'll be, it'll be fun.

Guest: So it'd be cold.

Dr. Studin: You're going to be inside jock. We're not going to jet boating. It's going to be cold. It's going to be cold anyhow. Except if you're in any key West Florida who I can't stand me, calls me every, close me every week. I don't hear from him in the summer, every winter. Um, I'll say it by name. Michael Norman and key West Florida. Chiro calls me every winter, a lot to tell me how warm it is down there. And he's got to say out of the sun sales and get sunburn. And every went through. I tell him what I tell him what the sun don't shine and that I hang up on them. Or I am in the industrial Northeast. That's very short. So with that being said, um, these are really cool and innovative platforms, but I'm going to take your suggestion and open it up to other professions. Here's the platform, here's how we're going to release it. We're going to try to make it so that it's free to work clients. And not, you know, charge for it. So if you're a member of a the doctors PI program or the MD or referral program, and you have a preferred listing on the U S chiropractic directory, it'll be free.

Guest: I think I just checked all three of those boxes, Mark.

Dr. Studin: If you're, if you're not a member…it's only going to be to our members first. I have to be able to control it, get the kinks out. If you're not a member of the U S directory, then it's going to be 35 bucks, which is the cost of being a member of the U S card directory. So, what we're doing is we're really forcing people if they want this program to join the U S chiropractic directory. The reason being is I see the power of that platform. And too many doctors don't understand the power of having their CV posted online. So we're protecting the doctors from their selves by financially inducing them to take that. I mean, it's just like the biggest no brainer out there.

Guest: I don't understand why anybody wouldn't put their CV on there because you know what it is. They haven’t seen the hits the hit counter on their own CV. And there's way you can look at that on there and see how many people have viewed it. Yeah. And I don't know how many thousand people have viewed mine since it has been on there, but, I know It's not all me clicking on it all those times.

Dr. Studin: It's called reputation building. It's about your reputation and your reputation has everything. So, and again, you never know why a lawyer will like you and don't like you and you can't, or, or an MD, any referral source. Um, you know, and by the way, you know, the, I can't begin to tell you we've had so many calls from ERs and we're working this like right now in, three different States, four different States. You know, the ERs are calling and saying, you know, I saw your trauma team list. I went and looked up that Dr’s CV. I mean, it's incredible. And I came back to you because you're the one that manages you teach it. What do you do? And then I sit and explain to them, I mean, one ER system we just got in Texas, the guy called me yesterday, Aaron Smith called yesterday and said, my first morning of being, being involved in the ER, I guess three referrals my first morning that I was involved that yesterday was day one and he called me by noon and he said, I already got three referrals. I mean, that's just incredible. So, these are, these are the things that your reputation does and our reputation as an organization. It's just working, you know, at every level. So, okay. With that being said, I've got nothing else. Oh, by the way, the mighty thing, if you had a mighty.com or you could do it right now and if there is no portal on there for Academy of chiropractic or Dr. Studin, or, uh, lawyers, PI program, if there's no portal on there to sign up for it, call them or email them and tell them that Dr. Studin had spoken to them and they said that it's 10 bucks, but we'll do all our historical stuff for free or your previous stuff. So just make sure.

Guest: All right. Thank you.

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